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This is the official database of Just Plain Folks Members Music we have in our files. There are over 44,000 CD's included and we receive more every day. All listed CD's are either currently entered or have been entered in previous Just Plain Folks Music Awards.

If you have sent us a CD of your music for the awards and can't find yourself listed here, please contact our Projects Director Linda Berger at JustPlainLin@aol.com and she will assist you. When contacting Linda, please include your name, address, phone number, album title and artist name. All these things are required to be included in the database and are needed for our records.

Before contacting Linda, please be sure to check alternative spellings. We put artists in order by the first letter of their name or band name. If you are Joe Smith, you'll find yourself listed under the J's. If you are "The Joe Smith Band" it is possible you are listed under T for "The" instead. We tried to place people in appropriate alphabetical listings, but often bands and artists use different versions of their own names.

If you want to send your music to Just Plain Folks for future inclusion in this database as well as for consideration for our various programs throughout the year, please mail a copy to Just Plain Folks, 5327 Kit Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46237. Includle ALL contact info on the CD itself and/or the liner notes. This includes full name, email address, mailing address, phone number and website if available. We do not return CD's, but we do keep them on file for future use and opportunities.

Updated 02-20-06

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Just Plain Folks Member Music Database

Artist Title Location
H Hanson Journey NJ
H Is Orange Be Silent And Know E/p CA
H Man Houston I Remember... IL
H Man Houston I Remember (EP) IL
H. John Wallum A Small Mood Swing TN
H. Lynn Kitchens Rockin' with the Goose TN
H.A.G. Songs from the Pus Cavern CA
h.e. pabst daddy's songs NJ
H.E.R. Ward Oh! How I Praise Thee! VA
H.kumie Dance With Me TX
haas efect journey UK
haas efect phaze UK
Haas Efect New Horizon UK
Habit Of Mine Habit Of Mine CA
Habitat 13 Return To Your Source GA
Hack and the 57s Everythings Cool AZ
Hadara Levin Areddy King O IL
Hadara Levin Areddy Live in Tmuna IL
hadassah chill CA
Hadji The Sheltered Life LA
Hadley Freng Hadley Freng PA
Haegers Bend Atomic Dreamland IL
Haggis Rampant Wee Beastie LA
HAIA Close to you FL
Haile Maskel Papa Africa CA
Hair Of The Dog at The Parting Glass NY
Hair Of The Dog Release The Hounds NY
Hairwide Arecibo CA
Hairwide Sunny and Chair CA
HAITZ Identify CA
Hajb the Mad Poet Homeland Security CA
Haklima Djoss Diabate FL
Hal Benoit Demo MA
Hal Cragin Wet Grassy Ground CA
Hal Cragin Immaculate Contraption CA
Hal Gerard When I'm Around You IN
Hal Hixson A Ten Pound Note OH
Hal L. Singer I Saw Hanukkah Harry Beat Up Santa NV
Hal L. Singer & Georganna Barr EKLEC-TICITY ONE NV
Hal L. Singer, Georganna Barry Political Animals NV
Hal Leath Until. LoveSongs & Worship MI
Hal Savar Hal Savar NV
Hal Schwarze A Libran In Cathexis GA
Hal Shows Lifeboat FL
Hal Shows Native Dancer FL
Hal St. Louis Blues Band Premiere MA
Hal Willis Santa's Clones TN
HalalujaH Jahrejahmen AL
Halalujah Ameracala CA
Halalujah Rezereczion CA
Halcopresents Move It And Lose It !!! FL
Halcyon Separately Together FL
Haley Bonar ...the Size Of Planets MN
Half Man Complete Field Guide For Cynics Sweden
Half Massive Time to Figure Things Out IL
HalfDown Thomas Momentum AL
HalfDown Thomas self-titled AL
HalfLife Imprinting MA
Halfway Farewell To The Fainthearted AUS
Halie Loren Demo OR
Halie Loren Halie Loren OR
Halie Loren Halie Loren TN
Halima Othni-El The Trinity Lives in You PA
Halley DeVestern Superhero Killer NY
Hallie Neill and Theodore Lamb Jeanette MacDonald & Nelson Eddy - The L NY
Halo First of Many...Proclaim the name CA
Halo's Grace Fallen PA
HaloSik The Rise of Apollyon CA
halovox halovox NJ
Hamber Saga - Miss Nanna and Miss Tiny UK
Hamdouchi Interactive The Ultimate Vacation in Morocco IN
Hamilton Demo CD UK
Hamilton H MA
Hamilton Field Hamilton Field CA
hamilton story hamilton story NY
Hammock Kenotic TN
Hammondbeat Wilson Chance - The Sound of Danger OR
Hampton Avenue All I Want For Christmas CA
Hampton Avenue Everybody Sing CA
Hamrick Songs That Make No Sense CO
Han Gartner Spirit Dance OH
Hana Moment In Time CA
HANDPICKED inspirationally jazzed! GA
hands upon black earth hands upon black earth CA
Handsome 3some QUAB Netherlands
Hani Stempler Hani: from my heart GA
Hank The Power & Beauty MA
Hank and Nancy Webster Gypsy Blood NM
Hank and Nancy Webster Music Man NM
Hank and Nancy Webster Unbranded NM
Hank and Ruth America's Pastime MN
Hank And The Hankstirs It Doesn't Matter CO
Hank Brake Maybe I'd Best Leave Well Enough Alone GA
Hank C. Feldman Tubesia AZ
Hank Decken Another Seven Days NH
Hank Decken Life Around the Edges ME
Hank Feldman and Sly Slipetsky VIDA RICA AZ
Hank Harris FantasyLand SD
Hank Harris Here SD
Hank Harris World Beat Cowboy SD
Hank Hirsh Around and Back OR
Hank Kim Blue Alibi NY
Hank Ochoa The Chosen One IN
Hank Quillen Wings of Freedom TN
Hank Quillen Wings of Freedom TN
Hank Sapoznik and the Youngers The Protocols NY
Hank Sohl Special Thing FL
Hank Stone In A Texas Honky Tonk TX
Hank Wangford Wild Atlantic Sea UK
Hanna Madbak Fuego NY
Hanna Michal Magical Kiss IN
Hanna Song Hanna Song, piano MI
Hanna Yaffe Lullabies from Jerusalem Israel
Hannah Blaylock & Lost & Found Cover Me AR
Hannah Capps Broken Girl to the Side VA
Hannah Lindroth Dangerous Love NY
Hannah Reimann First Songs NJ
Hanneke Cassel My Joy MA
Hanneke Cassel Some Melodious Sonnet MA
Hanneke Cassel and Dave Wiesle Many Happy Returns MA
Hanns Eisler / Bertolt Brecht There's Nothing Quite Like Money NY
Hanoi*LeRoi Lost in Saigon Singapore
Hans Annéllsson One More Time For The World Some More Sweden
Hans Lueke Geliebte Operetten MN
Hans Lueke Mein Mecklenburger Land! MN
Hans Luke Komm wieder mit auf die Reise MN
Hans Storsberg Who's Les Blah? NY
Hans York Sau Gut WA
Hans York Inside Out WA
hansi hansi CA
hansi townaftertown CA
Hap Palmer A Child's World of Lullabies-Multicultur CA
Hap Palmer Early Childhood Classics CA
Hap Palmer Holiday Magic CA
Hap Palmer Peek-A-Boo and Other Songs For Young CA
Hap Palmer Quiet Places CA
Hap Palmer We're On Our Way CA
Haphazard Haphazard NJ
HAPPENING The Opening Of The Eyes UK
Happenstance Happenstance AR
Happiness Factor Avoid Danger OR
happy ashtray big apple IL
Happy Campers Happy Campers NV
Happy Campers Old School EP NV
Happy Hatters Happy Hatters CA
Happy Tongue Happy Tongue CA
Happy Traum I Walk the Road Again NY
HappyFourTwenty Awakening South Africa
Harambe Roots England
Harbor City Roots Sentence CA
HARC Inside Chants NY
Härd Boléro Traces CA
Hard Broccoli Cinderblock & Board Days MD
Hard Drive Glimmer MN
Hard Heads Hard Headed FL
Hard Hittaz Inc. The Harder We Come GA
Hard Knox Any Way But Down MI
Hard Knox Band 1st Day of School VA
Hard Party Life Is A Hard Party NC
Hardhead Manifestations CA
HardHead Enter At Your Own Risk TX
Hardheadzs Hardhead Affiliates CA
HARDWIRED Geographic Anomaly FL
Hardwood Say Goodbye CT
Hariprasad Chaurasia Shikhar UK
Harlan The Contemporay Keyboardist DC
Harland Giesbrecht Love, Harland Canada
Harley Davis Laugh your ass off TX
harley fine hidden drive NY
Harmonic Convergence Live OR
Harmonica Frank Floyd The Missing Link TN
Harmonica Ham Another Side of Ham KS
Harmonica Ham Harmonica Ham KS
Harmonica Willy Finger Lickin' Good MI
Harmonics Steelband Movin' CA
Harmonie Evangelique Esperance IL
Harmonious Wail Gypsy Swing WI
Harmonious Wail Live at the Zelt Music Festival WI
Harmony Central Forum Members BEST OF OPEN JAM 2.2 OR
Harmony Central Open Jam Forum BEST OF OPEN JAM 2004 OR
Harmony Keeney This Time It's Love NC
Harmonytryx All Purpose A Cappella (Limited Edition) NJ
Harold "Jukebox" Robinson Love Is As Love Does AL
Harold Crosby The Traditional Train TX
Harold Crosby and E. A. Decker The Legend and The Lady TX
Harold Day Harold Day CA
Harold Hill Harold Hill TN
Harold Morton Carolina Roots NC
Harold Payne Love Songs CA
Harold Payne Christmas at the Isthmus CA
Harold Payne Demo CA
Harold Payne/Gravity Pass It On CA
Harold Payne/Gravity The Power of Positive Music (Sampler) CA
Harold Rippy Country Originals TN
Harold Rippy rock originals TN
Harpin' Jonny Harpin' Around CA
HarpSong Noel OR
HarpSong Sean's Dance OR
HarpSong The River OR
Harri Wolf Maker of Love NM
Harrier Angel Cassandra von Braun MA
Harriet Ames Teach Me To Fly TX
Harriet Goldberg Ocean of Dreams MA
Harriet Goldberg Bring Back the Moonlight MA
harriet reynolds a better life TX
Harriet Reynolds Full Tide TX
Harriet Schock LIVE: From Fairfax To Pasadena NM
Harriet Schock Rosebud CA
Harrigan Logan Harrigan Logan CA
Harris Shapeshifting UK
Harris & Hill Teach Me To Breathe WA
Harrisen Agave Serenade EP NY
Harrison and Druitt Goldfish and Friends PR
Harrison Edwards Parallel Path PA
Harrison Edwards Spirit of the Mountain PA
harrison gradwell slater NIGHTMUSIC: Mozart MA
Harry Adams This Life,For You TX
Harry Ayizan Sanon Kay la Boule MA
Harry Becker The Great Mandala MA
Harry Bolick and Friends Carroll County, Mississippi NY
Harry Francis Here in the Underground PA
Harry Francis Hi-Fi Virgin PA
Harry Hewlett World Class Dirty Old Man KS
Harry Ingerick Coldwater Bay AZ
Harry Jackson Demo FL
Harry L. Joseph Exotic Scenery NY
Harry Lucas and the Lowdown Don't Give Up! MI
Harry Lucas and the Lowdown Junkyard Dog MI
Harry Manx Road Ragas - LIVE CA
Harry Manx West Eats Meet CA
Harry Martin Black Lace In Blue CA
Harry Salzberg Tiger Bay NJ
Harry Smith Call Up Australia
Harry T Harry T CT
Harry Williams I Still Dream UK
Harry Wilson Str8up VA
Harrydash Momentum FL
Harryman Smith Harryman Smith KY
HarryMo Runaway Slave CO
Harshmellow Harshmellow Split 7 TN
Haruno Kira Breath Japan
Harvest Blue Anonymous Now MO
Harvette Harvette CA
Harvey Still Bard - Limited Edition EP NJ
Harvey Arden My Life Is My Sun Dance DC
Harvey Band Green Flats Road NY
Harvey Derrick and Friends Harvey Derrick and Friends OK
Harvey Keene Best That Money Can Buy MA
Harvey Keene Casual Heroes MA
Harvey Keene & The Last Stop C Happy Fathers Day MA
Harvey Lee, Harold Van Combs, September 911 CA
Harvey Moon Project Brown Eyed Girl NJ
Harvey Sid Fisher Astrology Songs CA
Harvey Sid Fisher Battle of the Sexes CA
Harvey Sid Fisher Bonga Chong CA
Hasan Welcome To My World GA
Hasani Lateef For What It's Worth MD
Hashbrown Hb3 FL
Hashbrown Miles To Go FL
Haske How to Fly CA
Hass Show You How NY
Hastings Cold December NY
Hasu Patel Gayaki Sitar OH
Hat Trikk I'll Be Good To Your Daughter IN
Hates Greatest Hates TX
Hatinokot Hatinokot IL
Haunted Honkies Honkie Talk NC
Haven Cease To Be CA
Haven Haven CA
Haves And Haves Haves And Haves UK
Havis Concrete & Cotton CA
Havoc Razor As Above So Below CA
Hawai'I Island Performing Artists We Are 'Ohana: Songs of Hope HI
Hawk Hawk Denmark
Hawk Hurst Drifting Away: A Musical Celebration of SC
Hawk LittleJohn Native Blues NC
Hawk Younger Hawk Younger TN
Hayden Live At Convocation Hall (2 Cd) CA
Hayden Skyscraper National Park CA
Hayk Mihranian Armenian Pop Melodies CA
Hayman White Acoustic MD
Hayseed Melic FL
Hayseed Prophets Future Looks Bright MA
Hayward Williams Uphill/Downhill WI
Hazard County Girls Never No More LA
Hazel Ketchum Big As The World SC
Hazel Lord Venus in the Street CA
Hazel Stultz/Sharon Englehart Mountain Ladies/ Memories CA
HAZERFAN Lost Nowhere CA
Hazie Maze Bring Us Together MA
Hazie Maze Tangled Web MA
Hb & Young Kazz Hb & Young Kazz TX
H-Bomb Ferguson Wiggin' Out IL
HC Derksen Miracles IA
HCK Worship To The Promised Land HI
HDS-hijos de sancho HDS-hijos de sancho CA
HE Stay In His Power GA
Head Case Radio Not Dead WA
Head Chemists Bittersweet Melody PA
Headbone Headbone WV
Headless Household post-Polka CA
Headpets Headpets ON
Headstraight Buried MD
Headtrip Superstar Beautiful CA
Headz Up S.N.A.G. MO
Healamonster & Tarsier 0:00:01 NY
Healer Awakening CA
Healing Songs Healing Songs LA
Hearn - Plato Guitar Duo Latin Styles for Guitar Duo CA
Hearn Gadbois Joinery NY
Hearse Of (old) Me's Untitled NY
Heart 2 Heart Irresistible GA
Heart And Stone Love 4 Rock N Roll CA
Heart And Stone Eternity ON
Heart Full of Dirt American Road WA
Heart Strings Traditions FL
heart:heart Multidimensional reality Germany
Heartifacts Boatmen waiting on the wind LA
Heartifacts The Icicle Man LA
Heartour Three CT
heartscore straight to the brain DE
Heartsounds Nothing Separates Us IN
Heat Fahrenheit AZ
Heat Tru Playaz AZ
Heath Brandon Introduction NY
Heath Brandon Songs From The After Hours NY
Heather Abrahams Heather Abrahams RI
Heather Anne Oliver The Sacred Day PA
Heather Baker The Faith of the Crucified Child CA
Heather Bambrick It's About Time CA
Heather Clemens My Ideal CA
heather gold nosh ep CA
Heather Greene Five Dollar Dress NY
Heather Hill Listen CA
Heather Kropf Sky PA
Heather Larkin Heather Larkin NY
Heather Leigh West Sampler NY
Heather Lev Reason For Rain NY
Heather Mac Rae Songs for My Father NY
Heather Marie Paschoal Tranquility CA
Heather Moran Heatherland IL
Heather Murphy Another Way MN
Heather Pierson We All Have A Song ME
Heather Richards Take A Chance On Me… NY
Heather Robberson-Workman Power Beyond FL
Heather Shayne Blakeslee Bones NY
Heather Stevenson Golden CA
Heather Styka A Little More Time IL
Heather Waters Shadow of You CA
Heather Zir Undefined CA
Heathers Gone New Beginning CA
Heathers Gone Vague Apology CA
Heathrow The Listening Class WI
Heaven Bound Travelers I'm connected MO
Heaven Street Drink and the Devil MA
Heavenly Child Heavenly Child NY
Heavenly Lullabies Heavenly Lullabies NY
Heavenly Voices Music & Meditations FL
heavenlykiss I'll Never Tell CA
Heaven's Burning Heaven's Burning CA
HeavensDust [seven sins] Japan
HeavensDust Before I Die Japan
HeavensDust Higher Than Heaven, Louder Than God Japan
Heavensgate Decello UK
Heavy Influence Addicts & Anthems TX
Heavy Metal Jazz Concepts Heavy Metal Jazz Concepts AB
Heavy Scrillas The Valley of The Uknown AL
Heavyhead Mr. Possum & Other Tales WV
Hecate's Angels Hidden Persuader CA
Hectik A War Of Words NY
Hector Bitch, Bitch, Bitch CA
Hector Destructika Canada
Hector Coris NOT ME: A Musical Revue For Unknown Acto NY
Hector Hidalgo Beyond The Endless Universe NY
Hed Shotz S.O.S. OH
Heiarii Dance! CA
Heiðdís Norðfjörð Dolli Dropi Iceland
Heidi Dreamtime NC
heidi poetry, essence & romance NC
Heidi Speed of ME TN
Heidi Crocini Heidi Crocini CAN
Heidi Eger Souza Berceuse and Friends; Lullabies, Night P NC
Heidi Eger Souza Heidi Plays Debussy NC
Heidi Eger Souza Souza Plays Joplin NC
Heidi Hepler & Michele Ramo Felicitá NY
Heidi Howe Nature of My Wrongs KY
Heidi Little Live In A Shu Box CA
Heidi Spencer Matches and Valentines WI
Heidi Swan Plain Words MT
Heidi, Stef, & Bow Triplets One Spot On Earth TX
Heikatsu Take Me Away UK
Heiner Stadler Retrospection NY
Heinrich Alterna Rush, songs of herps NM
Heirs to the Throne Running Out Of Time IL
Heist A Shopkeeper Will Not Appear UK
Heitor Castro Spiritual Jazz Brazil
Helaine Karlin Don't Quit Your Night Job IL
Helder Carvalheira, Manuel Esc Noites nas Sete Colinas CA
Helen & Maria Demo NJ
Helen Allen Piano Mix 1 WI
Helen Avakian Vanishing Point NY
Helen Avakian Vanishing Point NY
Helen Beedle When the Galop was the Rage PA
Helen Chaya Over The Underpass CA
Helen Donovan Forever Favorites IL
Helen Hart How Great Thou Art FL
Helen Hart Lila FL
Helen Mead I'm Dreamin' CA
Helen Merrill Christmas Song Book NY
Helen Merrill Mixes NY
Helena Barrington Songs For Life Chapter 1 FL
Helenagay Souvenirs MA
Helenbeth Demo CO
Helene Attia The Eyes of Love CA
Helene Cronin In the Company of Angels TX
Helene Engel Ay Lu Lu QC
Helene Zindarsian A Mother's Love CA
Helge Corneliussen Juvet Norway
Helium3 Primary Position EP CA
Hell Yeeeeah The Beginning... NY
Hellbilly RoadShow Thanks fer listenin' IN
Helliphino Nothing AZ
Hello Dave West IL
Hello From Waveland Strangeways WA
Hello Swindon Pioneer Ten AZ
Hell's Kitchen City Streets NY
Heloise Love Song for the Mira CA
Hematovore Untitled AL
Hemmit What You See (Is What You Get) OR
Hen House Studios Anthology 4, Hen House Studios Anthology 4, 2004 CA
Hen House Studios Anthology V1 Hen House Studios Anthology V1 IL
Hen House Studios Anthology V2 Hen House Studios Anthology V2 IL
Hen House Studios Anthology V3 Hen House Studios Anthology V3 IL
Henderson Almost There IN
Hendrik Meurkens A View From Manhattan NJ
Hendrik Meurkens New York Nights NJ
Hendrik Meurkens Poema Brasileiro NJ
Hendrik Meurkens Sambahia NJ
HeneC Da ProduC The Priviledge NY
Hennie Bekker Spring Rain CA
Hennie Bekker Temba CA
Henri Cross En Trance OR
Henri Ferguson Missing The Boat Hong Kong
Henry P. Middlebrook The wingmakers.net will be shut down NE
Henry Allen blue hawaii HI
Henry Allen hawaii to you HI
Henry Allen magic of steel guitar HI
Henry and the Sea Hawks Song For The Sun TN
Henry Conner Seed TX
Henry Correy & The Correydors Heat Of The Moment AUS
Henry Cramer Henry Cramer SD
Henry Dool Makossa Potomac MD
Henry Doss Floating Islands MI
Henry Doss Remnants Of A Conversation MI
Henry Doss & Emma Rugg Two Songs MI
Henry Elsesser Henry NY
Henry Gross I'm Hearing Things TN
Henry Hsu Demo Canada
Henry Irvin and Friends Now that you mention it CA
Henry Kaleialoha Allen Equinox HI
Henry Kaleialoha Allen Europa HI
Henry Lee Have A Nice Day CA
Henry Morgan & The High Grass Hunting PA
Henry P. Middlebrook Roberto And Wingmakers Board Questions T NE
Henry P. Middlebrook Samantha the Psychic! NE
Henry Pleas Cantata IL
Henry Pleas Deep River: A Spiritual Journey IL
Henry Small Time BC
Henry Smith Hello DJ UK
Henry Smith Welcome To My World UK
Henry Soul Listen With An Open Mind UK
Henry Taylor Jr. Phases Of Life IL
Henryboy Big Brother Needs Some Lovin' Tonite New Zealand
Henson-Level Project Henson-Level Project TN
Henwae Right Wing PA
Her Love Filled the Room Grady Lives on Planet Grady EP VA
Her Love Filled the Room Love, Hate & Dignity VA
Her Name In Lights Into the Light Again AUS
Herb Upstreet Gangsta vol.1 CA
Herb Eimerman & I You IL
Herb Eimerman Same Wish IL
Herb Gardner Groundhog's Day NY
Herb Pomeroy & Billy Novick This Is Always MA
Herb Silverstein Fridays with Maury Just Because FL
Herb Silverstein, Richard Drex Beach Walker FL
Herbal Rich Moons Herbal Rich Moons NY
Herbert Kaltwasser Wolkenschiffe Germany
Herbieman Little Boy FL
Here & Now Jam The Way You Wanna IN
Here & Now Jam The Way You Wanna' IN
Here Comes Everybody Submarines OR
Here Comes Everybody Astronauts OR
Here Comes Everybody Once More With Feeling OR
Heritage O.P. Heritage NY
Heritage O.P. Universal Healing NY
Heritage O.P. When I start to play NY
Heritage String Band Campfire Songs and Letters From Long, Lo MA
Herman Grimme Salad Days Netherlands
Herman Lammers Meyer Rose of the Mountains Germany
Hermann Bühler / Lisa Moskow Sojourn Switzerland
Hermes Sending A Message NV
HERMIT Behind the Veil CA
Heroes of the Alamo 98 to 1 NY
Heth Clean NY
Heuristics Inc. Your domestic problems are completely so MD
Hevewae Duh F.a.t . Beast The Underground Beast: Bammas Don't Know MD
Hewlett, Anderson & Waslousky That's What I Heard PA
Hex Game On Twist CA
Hey Stevie The World's A Better Place CA
Heydevils New Reality NY
Heywood Through the Hidden Gates SD
Hezy Levy The Return Of The Troubadour IL
Hi Tide Begin Again Cayman Islands
Hi Tide Change Cayman Islands
Hi Tide Unplugged Classics Cayman Islands
Hi Tide Harris The Hey Day of Hi Tide Harris CA
Hibiscus Shoreline Amity OR
Hiccup Road The Time Of Disappearing NY
Hickory Project Icy Roads PA
Hickory Project Travelin' On PA
Hid Alienopoly WA
Hidden Symmetry Something About The Sun... CT
Hide From Cleo Chapter One MI
Hiding in Public Silent Exchange UK
Hieroglyph The Whole Truth... CT
Hifidelic Burning In Color CA
hi-five hi-five CA
High Clazz Productions Matters Of The Heart NY
High Cotton High Cotton GA
High Council All Rise NJ
High Council PROJECT S.C.A.R. FL
High Five Moondance MD
High Five Drive Service Engine Soon CA
High Noon Starting from Scratch MN
High Rolla Records The Compilation VA
Higher Ground Called On Some Friends NY
Higher Ground Mass Choir Higher Ground PA
Higher Power Evangelistic NJ
Higher Powered Harmonies Higher Powered Harmonies IA
Higher than i Higher than i NE
Higher Than Why Bear vs Shark TX
Highest Place First Sight CA
Highest Praise He Reigns Antigua
Highland Drive Highland Drive NY
Highland Fling Highland Fling NC
Highruallahz The Go Figure IL
Highway Face Doin' It All CA
Highway J Pieces IL
Hijos del Sol Vive CA
Hiker Northern Drawl MA
Hila J. Whyte Into The Light CA
Hilarie Burhans Put On the Skillet OH
Hilary Scott Come In, Come IN: LIVE MO
Hilary Scott Out of the Wilderness MO
Hilary Scott Out of the Wilderness MO
Hilary Scott The Floating World MO
Hilda E. Ward Images VA
HiLites Music Ministries New A Project One SC
Hillary Epstein Where I've Been NY
Hillary Kay Embrace The Morning CA
Hillbilly Hellcats Our Brand CO
Hillbilly Hellcats Rev it up with Taz CO
Hillboyz Strong Ones Break Thru GA
Hillrod Bad Behavior AR
Hillstomp One Word OR
Hillyer/Fore Spirit To Spirit TX
Hillz Just The Beginning FL
Hiltzik-Buscema-Porée Thoughts Of Home CA
Himalayan Project Wince at the Sun CA
Himalayan Voices Echo Of The Big Bang CT
Himalayan Voices Journeys CT
HIP A Time For All Things IN
Hip Graffiti This Is CA
Hip Mo' Toast Uptown Tight AUS
Hip Mo' Toast Big Band Mischievous Girl AUS
Hip Ripper Let's Go Out NY
Hip Tanaka Le Jihad MA
Hip Tanaka The Sky is Smaller than the Sea MA
hIPNOSTIC Dissolve Me CA
hippies & pilots One Boy's Dream FL
HIPSHOCK Hollywood Babylon CA
Hired Hands Stuff That Works CO
His Divine Creation God is Love OH
His House Band All About You LA
His Resonance Wherever This Road Goes TX
His Voice God Can NY
Hisayo Tominaga Now and Yesterdays NY
Hit the Wall Convergence CA
HITCH Trails Are Ablaze Belgium
Hitchcock's Regret Her Life In Reverse AUS
Hitman Blues Band Angel In The Shadows NY
Hitoast Happy Hour TX
Hjortur Chandni Denmark
Hjortur Electric Music Denmark
Hjortur Harp Denmark
Hjortur Humanize Denmark
Hjortur Piano Denmark
Hjortur Pop Songs Denmark
Hjortur to my future Denmark
Hjörtur (Hjortur) Keen Sabid Denmark
Hkb Check My Style OH
Hkb One Mo Go At It OH
HL Tapley Something Different MI
HML Video Video HI
Hobart Earle & the Odessa PH 2002 New Year's Concert NJ
Hobbit All For The One TX
Hobbit Rockin' The Shire TX
Hobbit Two Feet Tall TX
Hod The God The Music Room UK
Hoeck Hoeck FL
Hog Whitman Not Sold In Stores OR
Hoggtoven seven talents CA
Hogmolly Hickadelic Jazzgrass MO
Hoi Convinced CA
Hokaha Hokaha MA
Holcombe Waller Advertising Space CA
Holcombe Waller Extravagant Gesture CA
Holding Mercury Holding Mercury IL
Hollienea Ascending Souls CA
Hollienea Vision of the Grail CA
Hollis Illuminated Shadows LA
Hollis Gentry, III For The Record CA
Hollis Resnik Make Someone Happy IL
Hollow Merry-Go-Round MA
Hollow Heart Dip & Slide CA
Hollowbody Hollowbody-Five CO
Hollowpoint Dust & Blood FL
Holly Conlan Holly Conlan CA
Holly Figueroa Dream in Red WA
Holly Figueroa How It Is WA
Holly Figueroa Band Three Chord Plea WA
Holly Gornik Gabriel's Oboe UT
Holly Jean Cosner Holly Jean Cosner NY
Holly Light Beautiful World CA
Holly Morrison Can't Find My Way Home IL
Holly Ortego Holly Ortego LA
Holly Palmer I Confess CA
Holly Palmer Tender Hooks CA
Hollys Glasses Short NY
Hollywood Goes Wild Hollywood Goes Wild MA
Hollywood Joe Jack of Hearts CA
Hollywood Killers Million Miles UK
Hollywood Klezmer From L.A. to Odessa CA
holocene final destination NY
Holy Frog Blue Banana Ep MO
Holy Frog My By Self MO
Holy Rock Temple A Lasting Peace PA
Holy Vessels The Only Way MD
Holy Zoo Holy Zoo CA
HomBru Ingredients TX
Home Free A Tribute to America Home Free A Tribute to American Veterans OH
Homebredsoul Stoked UK
Homegrown String Band Rock Hollow NY
Homeless Bluez Band Smokin Bluez From The Heart UT
Homer Short Stories TX
Homer Erotic Homerica The Beautiul NY
Homer Erotic Yield NY
Homeward Destiny NY
Honchie Deathfists of Rage TX
Honest D and The Steel Reserve Present Horseradish Rag and Other Songs MI
Honest Pod Seven On My Side IL
Honest Touch Honest Touch Greece
Honestly Ghosts of a Brilliant Past GA
HONEY BLO Love And Alcohol Just Don't Mix IL
Honey Brown Honey Brown GA
Honey Davis Prince of the Blues CA
Honey Pig Clueless You CA
Honey Roy 40 oz of Funk KY
Honey Tongue Take Me Anywhere WA
Honey White My Band Rocks CA
HoneyChile Songs from Balance DC
Honeyflood More Earthly Designs DC
Honeyroot Sound Echo Location UK
Honky Mofo Honky Mofo TX
Honky Tonk Chateau Walk in the Sun MO
Honky Tonk Chateau Walk In The Sun CO
Honky Tonk Heart Never Hear It Again TX
HONKYSTOMP California Love CA
Honkystomp Feel The Stomp CA
Honourable Jah Blessing UK
Honsi Adams Treasure OH
Hoo Wut Y Neck Stop CA
Hood Hykers Rhyme Hustler Vol. 1 FL
Hood Life Money Hood Scenes DC
Hook The Temple EP DC
hooked4life hooked4life TX
Hookslide Original Spin CA
Hooligan Give'm Hell IN
HOONOSE If You Know And I Know And I Know That Y UK
HOONOSE Man Made Butterflies UK
Hoopy Frood Psychonaut UK
Hooshere Provenance NY
Hoosier Bob Playing for Keeps AZ
Hoot Gibson My Way or the Highway TN
Hoover's G-String CRACK VA
Hope Alane Pink Sky Blue MA
Hope and Suicide / Emmanuel.7 split CD CT
Hope Child 1000 Open Windows CA
Hope Clayburn's 2nd Booty Batt Report 4 Booty TN
Hope Diamond Dark Augury MI
hope in ghosts e.p. CA
Hope Inspirators GOD IS LOVE CA
Hope Inspirators Hold On CA
Hope Inspirators When Jesus Comes CA
Hope Inspirators When Jesus Comes The Remix CA
Hope Street Music Group 202 Hope Street - Compilation disc NM
Hope Through Clarity burns my eyes MN
Hophead Bad Daze TN
Hoppers13 Ultrapop PA
Hoppy Summer's Daughter NC
Horace Godwink Thrift Shop CA
Horace Riley Horns Of Praise FL
Horatio With the World at My Back NJ
Horizon Blue Shades of Blue CT
Horse Crazy Hittin' the Trail WA
Horse Crazy Cowboy Rhythm WA
Hoserod In Transition NE
Hospital 16 Endings ma
Hosty Duo Hosty Duo's Golden Country Hits OK
Hot Buttered Rhythm BlackSoundSploitation TX
Hot Buttered Rum String Band Live at the Freight and Salvage CA
Hot Caribbean Miziks Hot Caribbean Miziks France
Hot Club of Cowtown Continental Stomp CA
Hot Club Of New Orleans Eponymous LA
Hot Honey Magnet 2001 Songs in Progress MD
Hot Honey Magnet Sparklingly Few MD
Hot Honey Magnet New Songs 1 MD
Hot Honey Magnet New Songs 2 MD
Hot Honey Magnet Sparklingly Few MD
Hot Honey Magnet The Story of C MD
Hot Mic After Words OR
Hot Mic North First Avenue Just Before It Turns OR
Hot Monkey Love Primate Blues NY
Hot Monkey Love Demo Tape HI
Hot Rod Street Banga Ent. Vol. 1 PA
hot skates 3000 (billie ray ma no brakes on my rollerskates new remixes UK
Hot Souse Say When OH
Hot Tea Mood Swings CA
Hotpoint Stringband Steppin' On Cords OH
Hotpoint Stringband The Road to Burhania OH
HotSocky HotSocky NY
Hot-Toe-Mitty Hollow Near the Spring MI
Hound The Basement Sings CO
Hourglass No Time Left TN
HourGlass What do you see? MA
House According to the Gospel I'm Happy featuring "ekud" & "fliz" NJ
House of Jordan Entertainment Around the World in 60 Minutes IN
House Of Soul Slammin' PA
Housefly Army Housefly Army TX
Household Names The Trouble With Being Nice TX
Houseman Let Go's Roll AZ
housewife The Malaise of Modern Living TX
Housewives on Prozac Housewives on Prozac NY
Houston Old School IL
Houston Jones Three Crow Town CA
hover Haunted World CA
Hover Chamber Choir of Armenia SIX FABLES- based on the writings of var MA
Hover Chamber Choir of Armenia Armenian Voices MA
hoverBoy Stuck in my Earthsuit Canada
How Birds Work Live at the Artists' Quarter MN
How To Win At Life EP CA
Howard "Guitar" Luedtke & Blue Face to Face with the Blues WI
Howard Cowles A Mothers Garden CA
Howard Fishman LOOK AT ALL THIS! NY
Howard Gladstone Sunflowers Light The Room Canada
Howard Gladstone Sunflowers Light The Room ON
Howard Isaacson Dream World NJ
Howard Leshaw Bronx Volume II: Yiddish On The Edge NY
howard markman symptom recital MD
Howard Parker Howard Parker and his Hot Take-Out Band NJ
Howard Roshaven We Are The Church FL
Howard Shapiro Ka `Aina (The Land) HI
Howe Howe NY
Howie and The Hillcats Howie and The Hillcats MO
Howie Campbell Thank You VA
Howie Damron & Karisa Damron Share The Feelin' OH
Howling Brothers Away From The Pack NC
Hp The Vet Listen Up! DC
Hristo Popov - violin, Per Enf Strauss & Enescu - Violin Sonatas OH
Hsia-Jung Chang Chopin Complete Préludes NY
HTD Healing Through Distortion MD
Hubcap Between The Rails NY
Hubcap Thieves Rewarding Misbehavior TN
HUBERT TEMBA Five Years In Paradise MN
Hubert Temba Flyin' High In Ecstacy MN
Hubert Temba Let Me And My Guitars Rock And Roll You MN
Hubert Temba Rhythms Of Love MN
Hubert Temba Songs From The Driver's Seat MN
Huckleberry James Something Qingting This Way Comes WA
Huckster Huckster NJ
Hudis James The Magic of Hudis James OR
Hug McKinney Pages of Love PA
Hugh Never been before CA
Hugh Burns Mindwash UK
Hugh Burns Synchromatic UK
Hugh Feeley &Talk is Cheap Cool Shoes Power Blues MD
Hugh Ferguson The Jungle CA
Hugh James Black & White World CA
Hugh Morrison Feet to the Floor TX
Hugo Universal Carnival CA
Hugo Feeding ahhs FL
Hugo Velvet Playground FL
Hugo Duarte Another Day In Paradise NC
Hugo Duarte Places Along the Road NC
Hula Monsters the Zen of Hula CA
Hullabaloo One CA
Hullabaloo Two CA
Hum and the Quick Like...This MA
Hum and the Quick Peek And Other Stuffers MA
Hum Static Hum Static TN
Human Human NS
Human Cropcircles Tiananmen Square MO
Human Factor Human Factor MD
Human Factor Insomnia VA
Human Race Popsongs Norway
HUMANWINE for burning cities present CA
Humanworkshop Compilation 1 Netherlands
humanzee rockus-humanzis CA
Humble Grumble Rockstar Belgium
humboogie airsong Finland
Humming Wire Humming Wire CA
Humphrey and Hartman On Solid Ground WA
Hundred Year Flood Cavalier NM
Hungry Lucy To Kill a King OH
Hungry Lucy Glo OH
Hungry March Band Critical Brass NY
Hungry Mob 3 Days of Darkness OR
Hunter Here And Now CA
Hunter Harvey Good Morning Sunshine CA
Hunter Payne NAILED CA
Hunter Payne Nailed CA
Hunter Payne 1 Last Chance CA
Hunter Perrin Hunter Perrin CA
Hunter Perrin Subtitles CA
Hurricaine? Stressed KS
Hurricane Mason It's Only Miles OK
HurricaneEye The Global Storm MA
Hurts to Purr 5 Songs from Laurel Street TX
HusH Something's Wrong with Me FL
Hushh Are You Down For The Cause? CT
HUTCH Turn It Around CA
Hutch Simon Project Out of the Shadow AZ
Hutchinson Andrew Trio Lost But Not Forgotten CA
Huxsie Scott The Best From The Right Side Of The Cros GA
hwreckit devices.for.crisis PA
Hy80 Hy80 NJ
HYB It's Only the Beginning IL
Hybrid Glitch Hybrid Glitch IN
Hydraulic Woman Hydraulic Woman MN
Hydrophonic Orbits MI
Hyim Hyim And The Fat Foakland Orchestra CA
HYIM Let Out A Little Peace CA
Hypercube Hypercube CA
Hyperplush Hyperplush CA
Hypertension Release Dr. Georgina Cannon ON
Hypnofugue Laugh At The World IL
Hypnofugue All Over You IL
Hypnotic Clambake Mayonnaise NY
Hypnotic Clambake Frozen Live, Vol. 1 NY
Hypnotic Clambake Kent the Zen Master NY
Hypnotic Clambake Square Dance Messiah NY
Hypnotic Clambake Varicose Brain NY

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