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This is the official database of Just Plain Folks Members Music we have in our files. There are over 44,000 CD's included and we receive more every day. All listed CD's are either currently entered or have been entered in previous Just Plain Folks Music Awards.

If you have sent us a CD of your music for the awards and can't find yourself listed here, please contact our Projects Director Linda Berger at JustPlainLin@aol.com and she will assist you. When contacting Linda, please include your name, address, phone number, album title and artist name. All these things are required to be included in the database and are needed for our records.

Before contacting Linda, please be sure to check alternative spellings. We put artists in order by the first letter of their name or band name. If you are Joe Smith, you'll find yourself listed under the J's. If you are "The Joe Smith Band" it is possible you are listed under T for "The" instead. We tried to place people in appropriate alphabetical listings, but often bands and artists use different versions of their own names.

If you want to send your music to Just Plain Folks for future inclusion in this database as well as for consideration for our various programs throughout the year, please mail a copy to Just Plain Folks, 5327 Kit Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46237. Includle ALL contact info on the CD itself and/or the liner notes. This includes full name, email address, mailing address, phone number and website if available. We do not return CD's, but we do keep them on file for future use and opportunities.

Updated 02-20-06

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Just Plain Folks Member Music Database

Artist Title Location
G Mar-Rock The G.O.D. from the C.P.T. CA
G. Bevin Dream like a tree Belgium
G. Lee & Jet Blonde Charm IL
G. Lee & Jet Blonde Crashing Into Your Room IL
G. Mason's Productions Hip-Hop Beats & Instrumentals (Volume#1) TX
G. Mason's Productions Hip-Hop Beats & Instrumentals (Volume#2) TX
G. Mason's Productions R&B Beats & Instrumentals (Volume#1) TX
G. Michael Thomas Mr. Jukebox OK
G. Q. Single' Album for the Y2k Power Move TX
G. Scott Destiny Project FL
G. Van Olek The Ugly Duckling CA
G.A.S. R-U-Ready MO
G.L. Brackett In BIG Trouble NY
G.L.O The Shine UK
G1 Active Duty CA
G13 Kryptonite FL
G2-millennium Men Colorblind NY
G2V 2:23 Totality UK
G3 Rap Still Groovin' MI
G-3 Rap Inner City Groove MI
Gabby Young Free Second Memory UK
Gabe Evens Quartet Mobius NC
Gabe Evens Trio Connection NC
Gabe Lee Haunted Hollowbody CA
Gabie and Holly Lechu V'Nelchah IL
GA-BLA! Edition One Switzerland
Gabriel - Lawrence The Gabriel Lawrence Inventions IL
Gabriel Duffin Loney Streets CA
Gabriel James In the Hands of Fools MN
Gabriel James Dance Songs for the Narcoleptic MN
Gabriel Katona Reflections Reflexiones TN
Gabriel Katona Rumors Have It TN
Gabriel Mann Careen CA
Gabriel Mann Tug Of War CA
Gabriel Positiv Presidente do Planeta Brazil
Gabriel Tavares Cipher NY
Gabriel Vana One Day At A Time Austria
gabriela anders Eclectica (new edition with 2 bonus trac NY
Gabriele Donati All In That Sky NY
Gabrielle Wide NY
Gabrielle Dreamtown NY
Gabrielle Angelique Echo MN
gabrielle riley offerings MA
Gabrielle Roth & The Mirrorrs Bardo NY
Gabrielle Roth & The Mirrors RAVEN: The Classics NY
Gabrielle Roth & The Mirrors Refuge NY
Gabrielle Roth & The Mirrors Totem NY
Gabrielle Roth & The Mirrors Tribe NY
Gaby Jordan A Child is Born NY
Gaetano Letizia All My Brothers OH
Gaetano Letizia Gaetano's Groove OH
Gag Gagged Norway
Gaïa Earth Spirit UK
Gaia Consort Gaia Circles WA
Gaia Consort Secret Voices WA
Gail Chasin The Essential Gail Chasin CA
Gail Erwin Blessings & Lullabyes CA
Gail Jhonson Keep The Music Playing CA
Gail Jo and the Criminals of L Appointment With The Blues CA
Gail Lewis Where the Great Blue Flies TX
Gail Marie It's Just Me LA
Gail Marten & The Clem Ehoff T Beyond the Rainbow MD
Gail Marten & The Clem Ehoff T Pure Joy MD
Gail Marten & The Clem Ehoff Trio Is It Love? MD
Gail Muldrow Cleen Spirit CA
Gail Rodgers Winterhymn NH
Gaingreen Greenhouse Effect GA
Gajan, Edwards & Kammien Box O' Blues WI
Galactic Anthems Galactic Anthems CA
Galaxy The Breath of Life AZ
GALAXY GIRL - Jeannette Claudi no refills FL
Gale Best of Gale Volume 1 NV
Gale Love Me When I'm Gone NV
Galen Kaup Draggin' The Bow FL
Galen Marten Pictures on the Wall OH
Galifea Straight Out Da South GA
Galina Valkova Eyes on Fire CA
Galina Valkova Eyes On Fire CA
Gallery of Souls Expedition WA
Gamepro Commencement IL
Games Unlimited seduction (An Erotic Game for Women) NY
Gametime Entertainment Vol. O.N.E. NV
Gan Bua Gan Bua IL
Gandalf Murphy & The Slambovia A Night At The Puppet House NY
Gandalf Murphy & The Slambovia Flapjacks from The Sky NY
Gandalf Murphy and the S.C.o.D. A Good Thief Tips His Hat NY
Gandhi BIOS (live and studio 2-CD set) FL
Gandhi Ciclos FL
Ganelle Djarlo One Piece Left IA
Ganesh & Kumaresh Sundaram UK
Gannon A Planned Escape CA
Gannon The Golden State CA
Ganymede Euromantique MD
garagecow ensemble Saint Stephen's Dream WV
Garcia y Reyna Baile del Sol TX
Garden Weasels Filler CA
Garet LC Can You Say Love CA
Gareth Evans Thinking out loud UK
Garfan Borrowed Time NE
Garfunkle Splash EP WA
Gargantua Soul The First. The Last. The Tribe. CT
Garikayi Tirikoti MaiDei WA
Garland Burnette and the Cinde Big Dog AL
Garlands Bedroom Music NY
Garlin Hackney Branded Country AZ
garlo Earth Link France
Garlo Vent De Guitares France
Garner and Gina Pruitt Bop Space OR
Garon Richey Healer of my Spirit CA
Garon Richey Tablets of My Heart CA
Garr Lange Crossing the Line WA
Garret Lee Meanwhile Back at the Ranch-Reissue GA
garrett devoe c NY
Garrett Flynn Hidden Passage DE
Garrett J. Gaeta Red Devil PA
Garrett N. Instrumentals and Oddities NM
Garrett Sawyer Anthem IL
Garri Garrincha Kad Garri Nagarri CA
garrick alden stripes and spots MD
Garrick Davis Glass Half Full CA
Garrin Benfield living a dream CA
Garrin Benfield Nowhere is Brighter CA
Garron Bernard Skeleton Key NC
Garry & the Moodswingers Go Fever CT
Garry Gust 2 JAYS CAFE CA
Garry Jackson Fool In the Rain CAN
Garry Jackson Songs Your Mother Never Sang CAN
Garry Judd The Heavens UK
Garry Meziere Born with the Blues OR
Garth Newel Piano Quartet Teresa Ling, violin; Evelyn Grau, viola; VA
Garth Steel Klippert Suisol CA
Garudas Mission Omen in Onyx OR
Gary Alt & friends It's About the Kids NJ
gary bamford jadj UK
Gary Bias 2 B Free CA
Gary Boriero I Feel This Way CA
Gary Boyle Country at Heart CA
Gary Braaten I Will MN
Gary Brockhoff Higher Purpose GA
Gary Brocks One Beat at a Time NY
Gary Brown A Dream For Christmas LA
Gary Brown Doin It Live LA
Gary Brown Loves From The Heart LA
Gary Brown More Love LA
Gary Brown Ms. Magic LA
Gary Brown The Key LA
gary bruce langberg flickering flame OR
Gary C. Huff Show Me NY
Gary Callihan (Everett Adams) After the Rain Canada
Gary Clark Simply Grand FL
Gary Clark Simply Grand 2 FL
Gary Clark Gary Clark Christmas FL
Gary David Never Laugh At Stars CA
Gary DiBenedetto A Drop in the Bucket NJ
Gary DiBenedetto Season of Adjustment NJ
Gary Doles This Man's Heart FL
Gary Dupuis Phases WI
Gary Edwards Demo Tape ID
Gary Farr Fresh Brew CA
Gary Farr Lost CA
Gary Farr The Gentle Awakening CA
Gary Farrar Love Is All That Matters MO
Gary Fieldman 'Field Effect' The Gary Fieldman Quartet MA
Gary Fraser Another War CA
Gary Fuston Unwind OK
Gary G. In the House NY
Gary Girouard The Naked Piano MA
Gary Glenwood Gary Glenwood TN
Gary Gray Gotta Have Love NY
Gary Greenfield Mr. Romantic UK
Gary Grimes Star and Visions OH
Gary Gullbergh Crossing the Line TN
Gary Hamlin Ridin' Against The Odds TN
Gary Hirstius Down River LA
Gary Hirstius and Day Seven Temporary Secret LA
Gary Hurt Plenty for Everyone IN
Gary Jennings and Crossfyre Looking Back CA
Gary Jess Castles WA
Gary Jess Christmas Memories WA
Gary Jess Columbia River Gorge WA
Gary Jess Love Note WA
Gary Jess Mount St. Helen's WA
Gary Jess Northwest Trilogy WA
Gary Jess Returning Home WA
Gary Johnston Blue Suite, Voices & Memory NY
Gary Jules Trading Snakeoil for Wolftickets CA
Gary Kaplan Shepherd My People KS
Gary Kendall Dusty & Pearl CA
Gary Kuchenbecker 3 Sessions in 1 WI
Gary Kuchenbecker's Old Lager On A Musical Trek WI
Gary L. Wyatt 25 Years Later WA
Gary L. Wyatt I Do Love you WA
Gary Lapow Food 'N Fun CA
Gary Lapow Strong, Smart and Free CA
Gary Lapow All Kinds Of People CA
Gary Lapow Food N' Fun CA
Gary Laymon I Am The Way TX
Gary Lee Morris Let's Do It Again Bermuda
Gary Lee Vincent 100 PERCENT WV
Gary Lee Vincent Passion, Pleasure, & Pain WV
Gary Leek Sequoia CA
Gary Lenaire The Lost Years CA
Gary Lowden Side Tracked OR
Gary Lowder Lead Us On MN
Gary Lowry Music For Guitar Lovers OR
Gary Lyn Rebel Rose AL
Gary Lynn Burt I'm on a Journey MN
Gary M Hall / The Occupants Colonel Pecker's Homely Parts Club Orche CO
Gary M Hall / The Occupants Occuparadise CO
Gary Matthews Baby I'm Back from Iraq CO
Gary Matthews Heavenly Pageant CO
Gary Matthews Lord You Did It Again CO
Gary Matthews The Healer CO
Gary Matthews The world's Greatest Poets 2005 CO
Gary Matthews Gary Matthews Pop And More IL
Gary Mayes & Nu Era The N.E.X-perience Vol.1 TX
Gary McCormack My Secret Place ID
Gary McInnis Star of Bethlehem MI
Gary McMullen Friend of Sinners WV
Gary Michael Graves TIME CA
Gary Moon Orion NY
Gary Morgan & PanAmericana! Live at Birdland NY
Gary Morrison Demo Tape IN
Gary Nichols Gary Nichols TN
GARY NICHOLS and The Ballistic 'Tis the Season TN
Gary Nicholson The Sky Is Not The Limit TN
Gary Norman Outside In AUS
Gary Packard Taming The Terror IL
Gary Paul Bryant Imaginary Piano WA
Gary Paul Bryant Just a Word WA
Gary Paul Bryant Midnight Clear WA
Gary Paul Bryant Take Home Music WA
Gary Pozner Quest For King Arthur NY
Gary Pozner Russia:Land of the Tsars NY
Gary Pozner The French Revolution NY
Gary Rea Things Remembered OK
Gary Rex Tanner Black Coffee CA
Gary Rex Tanner Reel The Heat CA
gary reynolds & the brides of instant happiness WA
Gary Richard The High Road NY
Gary Richards Pass It On PA
Gary Rosen Teddy Bears' Picnic VT
Gary Sandusky Simple Man ID
Gary Seiler Living On Dreams CA
Gary Sellers Young Man With the Blues NY
Gary Sephira Echoes Of The Ancients CA
Gary Sephira The Attunement CA
Gary Sephira Tropic Call CA
Gary Sephira World Of Our Own CA
Gary Sill Restless Hearts AB
Gary Sredzienski & The Serfs Cruisin' the Creek ME
Gary Stadler & Wendy Rule Deep Within A Faerie Forest CA
Gary Stadler with Stephannie Fairy Heart Magic CA
Gary Szymik Wings of An Eagle MO
Gary Tackett Full Moon Rude CA
Gary Talley Guitar Instruction TN
Gary Tanin Sublime Nation WI
Gary Trinklein Love Is Sacred CA
Gary Wayne Young Life Times TN
Gary Whitworth Sometimes I Think About You MS
Gary Winkler Laugh a little larger WI
Gary Wright And The Roadkill B Goin' Home TX
Gary Yamane Voices in the Wind NM
gary-antonio gary's jack fruit urban funk CA
Gas Huffer, The Gits, Hammerbo Bobbing for Pavement, The Rathouse WA
GasHead LandSpeedRecord CO
gaskit Saturation IL
Gaslight District GD CA
Gaslight District Sleep Deprivation CA
Gasoline Rainbows Time Bomb IL
Gastrocity Music Christmas in the Air CA
Gate 18 Gate 18 NY
GATE of the TRANCE What Happens Behind There France
Gates Of Valhalla dEmEnTed sHaPe IL
Gathering A Holiday Celebration CA
Gavin Conner moving on to a new disaster VA
Gavin Coyle Gentle Christmas IL
Gavin Coyle Half a Chance IL
Gavin Elder Demo MD
Gavin Elder Egg Noggin MD
Gavin Elder Egg Noggin MD
Gavin Elder and The Devil's Dozen Live Sampler MD
Gavin Gregory He's A Millionaire GA
Gavin Maxfield Dreams UK
Gavin Maxfield I Laugh At Myself Now.. UK
Gaye Albright -Rock Mountains PA
Gayla Gumbo Rodeo LA
Gayla Joie de Vivre LA
Gayla Drake Paul A Woman's Touch IA
Gayla Drake Paul Gayla Drake Paul IA
Gayla Drake Paul How Can I Keep From Singing? IA
Gayla Drake Paul I Know This Road IA
Gayla Drake Paul Restless IA
Gayla Drake Paul Waiting For The Spark IA
Gayla Drake Paul Retrospective 1982-2002 IA
Gayle Calling Back the Sun CA
Gayle Chapman Gayle Chapman ID
Gayle Schmitt Toodala - Front Porch Favorites CA
Gaylynn Robinson Anthology: Songs By A West Texas Songstr TX
Gaza A long Way to Lhasa NY
Gazpacho Bravo Norway
Gazz Gazz EP CA
Gbenga Owoeye-wise colorful NY
Gbm Ep/single Called 'can It Be? Uncondition UK
GBM Can It Be Unconditional UK
G-Boyz T.H.U.G.S. TX
GC and Soul Mafia GC and Soul Mafia NY
Gearhead Dynaflow MA
Gearhead Torqued MA
Gearing Odditory Art TN
Gebah & Maudeline Swaray We Want Peace NJ
Gee Davey Dear Theo NY
Gee Ray A Revolution Of The Mind CA
Gee Ray Deep Thoughts CA
Gee Ray/Big D/ Papa Bear Cali Way/The Struggle CA
Geeray Aquarian 2001 CA
Geeta Boyz Street Anthemz TX
Geir Tommerdal Geir Tommerdal Norway
geisa dutra El Ultimo Tango (Six Tangos by Astor Pia WA
Geko Join My Pretty World CA
Gelatin Boys Beware of the Gelatin Boys NY
Geller Judas Sweden
Gemie Mr Walker - Single Sweden
Gemie Summer Has Just Begun "Single" Sweden
Gemini A Feast of Song MI
Gemini Gemini ?
Gemini The Best of Gemini MI
Gemini The Orchestra is Here to Play MI
Gemini With You MI
Gemini Piano Trio Ives and Brahms TX
Gemma Moon Secret NY
Gene Arnold Through The Eyes Of Love TX
Gene Back Next Train Out NY
Gene Bertoncini Body and Soul CT
Gene Bertoncini & Others The Good Stuff - A Tribute to Charlie By DE
Gene Bush Made In Mississippi TN
Gene Carrington 14 CD's Of Singles IL
Gene Cook Unpredictable TN
Gene Ess Sandbox and Sanctum - Song Cycle for Qua NY
Gene Ess Sunrise Falling NY
Gene Griessman Lessons From Legends GA
Gene Griessman, Ph.D. 99 Ways To Get More Out Of Every Day GA
Gene Hilbert The Dark Horse GA
Gene Jessup A Brighter Day FL
Gene Jessup Dr. Feelgood FL
Gene Jones Steel-guitar OK
Gene Keller Every Song the Mockingbird Knows TX
Gene Kezer The Country Squires 1965 WI
Gene Kress Demo IN
Gene LaFond Geno MN
Gene LaFond The Wild Unknown MN
Gene Michael Best Real AZ
Gene Miller Dream With Me Tonight Vol. 2 TN
Gene Mitchell Vacation FL
Gene Mitchell Down Island Way FL
Gene Mitchell Caribbean Cowboy FL
Gene Mitchell and The Big Coco Tropical Jazz FL
Gene Moore I Give Up NY
Gene Newton Elemental Suite OR
Gene Newton Tarot: Music For Readings OR
Gene Newton Celestial Plea OR
Gene Patrick South of West BC
Gene Paul McCahill Stirring MD
Gene Pistilli I Still Get Dressed On Sundays TN
Gene Pool, B.C. Drown FL
Gene Pratt Shake Somethin DC
Gene Redden Jazzbrazz Orchestra NV
Gene Strasser Dear Little Soldier KS
Gene Travis Sometimes I Feel Like A Nut TN
Gene V. Taylor Country Concepts TN
Gene Viale A Light To This World CA
Genelle Tennant Christmas All Year Long OK
Genelle Tennant This Heart OK
Genelle Tennant Victory Ground OK
Genelle Tennant What Part Of Love OK
General McArthur Hambrick Chosen Generation WY
General/Sunchild Soul of Matrix Vol.1 Back to the Roots of House NJ
Generation Gap ? Homosassa FL
Generation Gap ? Montessori Kids FL
Generation Gap? Jessica FL
Generation Gap? Thank You Soldier ... you are in our tho FL
Generation Gap? Happy Trails FL
Generations Generations Live at the Loft ME
Generations 3 Life Is All About Kids UT
Generations II Revealed MD
Genesis The 21st Cenutry GA
Genesys Undeniable SC
Geneve's Journey Geneve's Journey AZ
Geneviève Neuville Verglas et Soleil CA
Genie Genie - Complete 4 CD Set TN
Genie Higher Than The Heavens TN
Genie Wildflowers TN
Genie Attitude UK
Genie & the Beast State of the Union FL
Genie Webster Walk the Dream NV
Genius Girl Happy Moon CA
Gennaro Gennaro...from Cool to Hot NY
Geno Struggle II Survive AZ
Geno B Geno-B Presents......The Chronicles GA
Geno K The Human Geno Project NY
Gentle Thunder Awakening Remembrance CA
Gentle Thunder Winds of the Heart CA
Gentlemaniac Secrets of the Megaliths NC
Gentlemaniac This is Fun, Vol. 1 NC
Gentry Bronson Tranquillo CA
Gentry Laine Dow Another Journey PA
Geof Johnson Yes! GA
Geof Johnson Animal Songs GA
Geof Johnson Good Habits GA
Geof Johnson Songs From The Big Hat GA
Geof Johnson The Sea, Beach and Summer Stuff GA
Geoff Achison Chasing My Tail GA
Geoff Achison Gettin' Evil GA
Geoff B. Platt Demo CA
Geoff Baker Know the Rain Here CA
Geoff Baker Patriot Acts CA
Geoff Beran Geoff Songs IL
Geoff Earley Albumnito OH
Geoff Earley It's Not All Bad OH
Geoff Earley Worth the Taste OH
Geoff Ereth Sleepwalking [EP] CA
Geoff Mattoon Unity NY
Geoff Pearlman Anything at All CA
Geoff Peterkin & The Breakers Smile Australia
Geoff Thurman The Unseen Child NY
Geoffrey Allen, Derek Strahan Autumn Rhapsody AUS
Geoffrey Armes Spirit Dwelling NY
Geoffrey Armes Elemental Red NY
Geoffrey Dorfman Busoni•Beethoven•Bach•Rachmaninov TX
Geoffrey Esty The Guidence of Love MI
Geoffrey Lee The Guitar Diaspora FL
Geoffrey Lee Jical FL
Geoffrey Mays Journeys Within & Afar OR
Geoffrey Wakefield Sonic Dreamtime CA
Geoffrey Welchman Comfort Noise MD
Geordie Keitt Transcendy VA
George A. Seman Call Me Home PA
George A. Seman First Light PA
George Avaloz The Highest Mountain MN
George Bettinger George Bettinger's Mom & Pop Variety Sho FL
George Britt Another Shot GA
George Carver / Papa Mali Down at the Zoo TX
George Colligan Mad Science NY
George Davidson With Love FL
George Dickens & The Gospel Di Determined TX
George Doscher Arizona Moon AZ
George Doscher Wild Heart AZ
George Durham Passages FL
George E.A. Michaelis Into the Night NM
George Earth Love Songs CA
George Finizio Something That Is Deep Inside CA
George Fryer Decaf CA
George Fryer Combo Melodica CA
George Fryer Combo Meow CA
George Gamez Between 2 Worlds CA
George Gamez Lightning Strikes Again CA
George Gamez Rhythms of the Heart CA
George Gee Big Band Settin' the Pace NY
George Gnap Instrumental Journey NJ
George Goodridge George Goodridge FL
George Griffin The Time Has Come CA
George Griggs A Midsummer Night's Dream NY
George Griggs Heat Lightning NY
George Gusman Ready to Strike TX
George Harb Tell Me How Much NY
George Hughes If it's alright with you... AZ
George Jay Con Amor TX
George Johnson Yo Yo Girl CO
George Johnson As Sweet As It Gets CO
George Kahn Conscious Dreams CA
George Kahn Freedom Vessel CA
George Kahn Out Of Time CA
George Kelly Lucid Intervals MI
George Kharabadze Second Vision CA
George Kiriakis The Echoes 1959/1960 CT
George Leduc Full Circle IA
George Lee Networking ?
George Lee Jr. Latest In Line MO
George Lee Jr. Welcome to Hip Hop Country MO
George Lee Jr. & The Crazed Damn! It feels good to be a cowboy MO
George M. You Are My Everything AL
George M. Mancini Dominican Nights FL
George Mann and Julius Margoli Hail to the Thief! Songs for the Bush Ye NY
George Mann and Julius Margoli Just A Few Bad Apples NY
George Mann and Julius Margoli Miles to Go Before We Sleep NY
George Marsh and W. A. Mathieu Game / No Game CA
George Martha The New Era MI
George Martinovich A Christmas Carol CA
George McClellan ...And Then I Wrote... CA
George McClellan That's Ragtime, by George !! CA
George McClure Champagne Saturday (Alien Love) TN
George McCorkle American Street SC
George Padgett & Rhythmfish Things Left Behind TX
George Pappas Sligo Creek MD
George Pedro George Pedro MA
George Pegula A Very Good Year PA
George Robinson Into the Light WA
George Robinson The Awakening WA
George Robinson Refuge WA
George Scherer The Election Year Waltz AL
George Scherer Scherersongs AL
George Schricker George's Brother IN
George Scott Where Are You Now MN
George Sheffield Crucify Him! GA
George Stetten Awake at the Wheel PA
George Terry Guitar Drive FL
George Tossan Second Life AZ
George W. Russell, Jr. Communion, Vol. I MA
George W. Russell, Jr. Communion, Vol. II, Hymns Plus MA
George W. Russell, Jr. Schlickness MA
George W. Russell, Jr. Worship in the Style of "G" MA
George Wallace Passion Play AK
George Walters-Sleyon Hold On-You will Survive MA
george whitsell what's the problem CA
George Wythe Wayne Every Song Is a Story VA
George Zarou Can't Stay This Way NY
George2 Feeling Good About Christmas CA
Georgette Atsedes Are You Ready? TN
Georgette Atsedes Heartcry TN
Georgette Dashiell Daffodils In Winter ID
Georgi Over Home, Sneedville, TN TN
Georgi Streetman Georgi Streetman CA
Georgi Yanev & Orkestar "Orfei" Oriental Dances for Soul Bulgaria
Georgia Middleman Unchanged TN
Georgian Contemporary Unit The View You Never Get GA
Georgie Bonds Sometimes I Wonder PA
Georgie Jessup American Holocaust MD
Georgie Jessup Woman in a Man's Suit - Sampler MD
Georgie Star Labor Hall NV
Geovanni Arencibia Bakete Oba Oba NJ
GEQ Here. . . Put This On MI
Gerald Boy My New Guitar CA
Gerald Boy The Colours of Life CA
Gerald Boy Medieval Cottage Songs Canada
Gerald McClendon Choose Love IL
Gerald White You'll Always Remember CA
Gerald White You'll Always Remember CA
Gerald&Betty Purify He Has Changed My Life CA
Geraldine Pure Bastard Rock IL
Gerard Carelli Beautiful Dancer NY
Gerard Carelli Lucky to Be Me NY
Gerard Schwarz conducting the De Falla / Musically Speaking / Nights i CA
Gerard Schwarz conducting the Handel / Musically Speaking / The Water CA
Gerard Schwarz, conducting the Haydn / Musically Speaking / Cello Conce CA
Gerard Schwarz, conducting the Mozart / Musically Speaking / Symphony N CA
Gerard Schwarz, conducting the Schubert / Musically Speaking / Smphony CA
Gerard Slooven 12 Significant Others Netherlands
Gergana Velinova Because of Love NY
Geri Time, Life & Love NM
Geri Mingori Band Dreams 2 Hold On 2 NJ
Geri Ryder Out of the Blue NJ
Gerri DiMaggio Comes Love WI
Gerri Dimaggio Comes Love WI
Gerri Gribi Home For Christmas WI
Gerri Gribi The Womansong Collection WI
Gerry Beaudoin And The Boston A Sentimental Christmas MA
Gerry Beaudoin Trio Live At The Rendezvous MA
Gerry Beaudoin Trio Swing Cafe MA
Gerry Beaudoin Trio with David Just Among Friends MA
Gerry Glombecki 49 & Holding AZ
Gerry Harrington and Nancy Con The Fiddle, The Voice OR
Gerry Hobday Strange World UK
Gerry Langley Streets Of Belfast UK
Gerry Murphy Gerry Murphy sings Bob Dylan UK
Gerry O'Beirne Half Moon Bay TN
Gerry Tully Grist For The Mill Ireland
Gerry Walker ….soft 'g' CA
Gershon Veroba Impressions NY
Gershon Veroba Turn It Around NY
Gertrude Gertrude IL
Gertrude Rough Demos IL
Gery Tinkelenberg Clear Music for a Distorted World CA
Get 2 You Different That Way Sweden
Get Big Averytown VA
Gezoleen Black Spaces Between Stars AL
Gfire And Govinda Electric Sadhana TX
GG HILL Bulbs in Times Square NY
GG Hill The Tallest Girl NY
GGP (George Gesner Project) Water from the Moon NY
Gha'il Rhodes Benjamin Spiritual Eclipse/Sacred moments on a st NY
Ghetto Invaders Ghetto Bible CA
Ghost For Your Soul CA
Ghost (AKA Shane Trace) Ghost... Proof IL
ghost 7 New Directions In Static CA
Ghost Fleet Conspiracy Theory IL
Ghost in the Machine The Repo Session WI
Ghost in the Machine Embrace Maxi-single WI
Ghost in the Machine The Haunting Begins... WI
Ghost of Science [safe] CA
Ghost Riders Any Time, Any Place, Anywhere NY
Ghost Town Swing Reveries WV
Ghost Train The Club of Cowtown TN
Ghosthouse Devotion CA
Ghosthouse Devotion CA
ghostnote ghostnote WA
GHOSTOWNE This Is The Place... UT
Ghostriders Soulmate Netherlands
Ghunsmok Ghunsmok NC
Giacomo Fiore Tones from an Open Heart Italy
Gian Carlo Buscaglia La Caída MA
Gian Wiegner Hangin' with M MA
Gianfranco Benedetti & Simona Profondi Come Il Mare Italy
Gianluca Sturiale Group I wish you England
Gianmarc Time to Breathe PA
Gianna Abondolo Gianna - De'j`a Vu CA
Gianni Lenoci Agenda Italy
Gianni Monti A Napoli Con Affetto NY
Gianni Monti Cantando Con Voi NY
Gianni Monti The Best of Gianni Monti NY
Gianni Monti & Lisetta Brivido NY
Gibbs Brothers New Breed IA
Gibson The Many Struggles OK
Gibson & Mileti 3 Song Demo TN
Gibson and Mileti with the S. Gibson and Mileti with the Schmoozers TN
Gideon Watson Christmas With Gideon OH
gidgets ga ga don't boris IL
gidgets ga ga dreamer IL
Gidgets Ga Ga Self titled IL
Gidgets Ga-Ga Christmas Wish IL
Gidi Gidi Maji Maji Ismarwa WA
GidiGidi MajiMaji Unbwogable WA
Gien Songs for a troubled time CA
Gift Unrapped CA
giggling while walking Nouveau PA
gigi Gigi NC
GiGi Demo NY
Gigi Love Turning to Gold UT
Gil G. Living Las Vegas CA
Gil Magno A Tapestry of Love FL
Gil Magno To You, My Imaginary Friend FL
Gil Selinger Deconstructing Haydn NY
Gilbert Gilbert GA
Gilbert Kaneda Gilbert Kaneda GA
Gilberto Gonzalez Equilibrio CA
Gilberto Gonzalez Gilberto Gonzalez CA
Gilding the Lily Fruits of Apathy NY
Gilead Baptist Church Give Me Jesus MI
GILES blood from a stone UK
Giles blue funk UK
GILES coming home UK
Gilles Chiasson Slow Down NY
Gilles Obermayer Dedicaces NY
Gilli Moon ExtraOrdinary Life CA
Gilli Moon Temperamental Angel Australia
Gilli Moon Woman CA
Gilli Moon Woman CA
Gillian Palette Featuring Fran This Love Of Mine NY
Gillotine Battles Of Life MA
Gillotine Gun Law MA
Gilman's Crossing Living In A Dream MN
Gimbo Product CA
Gin House Jed and Monday was... MN
Gina Alston Metamorphosis CA
Gina Custer Dreams Really Do Come True WA
Gina Cutillo For the Love of C... NY
Gina French Of Rapture UT
Gina French Sacred Ground UT
Gina Gonzalez Dream IL
Gina Gonzalez A Letter Home IL
Gina Green Changes CA
Gina Holsopple Drop Of Water NY
Gina Holsopple Gina Holsopple NY
Gina Holsopple Rain Princess NY
Gina Howell Allie and Gus CA
Gina Kaz Decipher PA
Gina Lee Where Ya Been? NE
Gina Leishman Bed Time NY
Gina Lenee' From The Heart CA
Gina Livingston Beneath The Raging Water CA
Gina Lorenzo Goin' Home CA
Gina M. Paoni Water To Wine NY
Gina Marie First To Last MI
Gina Rocco and the Rockettes Sea Tulip New Zealand
Gina Scipione Destino NJ
Gina Sohl Brown Calling WA
Gina Venturini Gina Venturini CA
Gina Venturini Gina Venturini CA
Gina Villalobos Rock N Roll Pony CA
Gina Yowell Just Gina NJ
Ginger Berglund Haven't We Met? CA
Ginger Boatwright Sipsey AK
Ginger Commodore Merry Christmas... With Love MN
Ginger Hustlers Pulse OR
Ginger Jackson Ghetto-Bourgeois CA
Ginger Mackenzie Kismet TX
Ginger On Sax A Change Has Come Over Me MD
Ginger Sling Room EP CA
Gini Dodds Mellowdrama MN
Gini Dodds & The Dahlias Good Medicine MN
Gini Wilson The San Francisco ChamberJazz Quartet/SF CA
Ginnie Rosenthal Demo NY
Ginny Frazier with Circles & A Adopted Strangers OH
Ginny Johnston Scrapbook NJ
Ginny Johnston TRUE NJ
Ginny Wilder 40 Days and 40 Nights NC
Ginny Wilder Lessons in Life and Love NC
Gino Federici Italy Swings NV
Gino Federici Serenata NV
Giocoso Giocoso CA
Giorgio Koukl Drops of Light GA
Giorgio Koukl musica vocale GA
Giovanni Feast for the Boogeyman CA
Giovanni Andolina Suoni di Venezia WA
Giovanni Moltoni Openground MA
GipsyMenco No Boundaries CA
GipsyMenco Perfection CA
Girair Bozoghlian For A Day's Rest CA
Girdles of Rhyme Blackouts of Time NH
Girl Church Symmetry IL
Girl for Samson 12 MO
Girls On Top Ovulater UK
Girls Say Yes To Boys Who Say No OR
Girly Freak Show 4 Songs CA
Giuliano Belotti Alma del Sur Spain
Giuliano Belotti & Armando Cor Hawa Spain
Giuseppe Milici & Mauro Schiavone Beatles Jazz Tribute Italy
Give Without Expectations CA
giving the table a name goby stuck between the nodal point(s) NY
Giza Time Heals WA
Gizzard Denise! GA
Gizzarelli! Diamond Plate Asylum CA
GL to da J They Love Me CA
Glad To Be Me Productions Sampler CA
Gladiator Records Minnesota Regiment MN
Gladly Playe Wyth Stryngs Words & Whistles PA
Gladly Playe Wyth Stryngs 228 PA
Gladstone Barfly KY
Gladstone Gladstone KY
Gladys Jones Merry Christmas NC
Gladys Jones Power In A Song NC
Gladys Jones The Unsung Heroes NC
Gladyz E. Thomas My Place PA
Glampire The Soft White Ghetto NY
Glaserbeam Glaserbeam CA
Glaserbeam Three Videos CA
Glass The Fool Of Hearts AUS
Glass On The Offensive OR
Glass Candle Grenade Glass Candle Grenade GA
Glass Candle Grenade This Is Rocket Science GA
Glass House Questions CA
Glassbrick Boulevard A Simple Dream CA
Glasshouse Drama bones PA
Glazer Family Lover Lover (Dowg) FL
Gleek Crash ep CA
Glen Closer Glen Closer NJ
Glen Closer Pine View Grocery NJ
Glen Eddy Band Fire Storm MI
Glen Fisher Con Alma As Is CA
Glen Fisher Con Alma Gomango Groovin' On The Mainland CA
Glen Fisher Con Alma The Widow of Romero CA
Glen King Bet Your Heart On Me VA
Glen King Words From The King VA
Glen Oliver-Dee Meese Etched In Stone NY
Glen Road Round the Bend TX
Glen Stovall Play A Song CA
Glen Tarachow Waterclock NY
Glenda Rae Another Day CA
Glenda Rush Calzado One Week in Havana CA
Glenn Alan Man on a Mission OH
Glenn Alves Blue Collar Smooth OH
Glenn Cannon Leverage AUS
Glenn Cardier Rattle The Cage AUS
Glenn Green Made to Praise TX
Glenn Hoffman Amuse FL
Glenn Jordan Demo CA
Glenn Kepley Just Lose Reality FL
Glenn Meganck Lost In Austin FL
Glenn Naftchi Journey CA
Glenn Naftchi Song for Mom CA
Glenn Pattison One Road CA
Glenn Shambroom Include Me Out MA
Glenn Shambroom Make Room for Snappy MA
Glenn Strauss Soli deo Gloria, the Music of Bach and O CA
Glenn Strauss Encanto de la Cancion NM
Glenn Strauss, guitar Encanto de los Classicos CA
Glenn Strickland In Praise Of You NE
Glenn Swan So Personal NY
Glenn Wollman, Terry Wollman Sleep Suite CA
Glenn Zervas Grace Notes NJ
Glenna Bell Face This World TX
Glenna Rhea Bowman Which Way Wayz West TX
Glenna Rhea Bowman Keeping Our Eyes On God TX
Glenn-N-Glenn 1st Exposure IA
Glennon Rhoades Riverbed MA
Glenys Rogers goatskinwishes LA
Glick & Phillips (Sorta Live !) Volume One - Laughter VA
Glick & Phillips (Sorta Live!) Volume Two - Rock VA
Glideascope With Strings Attached EP UK
Glimmer Kids Glimmer Kids CA
Glimpse Into My Hands WA
Glinda's Bubble The Other Side of Now OH
Global Entertainment The Corner Pt. 3 NC
Global Funk Council Keep On Pushin' CA
Gloria Allende Feel Good NJ
Gloria D'Arezzo & Friends Lil' Bit O' Jazz TX
Gloria Deluxe Accidental Nostalgia NY
Gloria Deluxe Alas Alack NY
Gloria Jean * Live NY
Gloria La Nina Rivera & Robin Cantar Tambor Bailar -To Sing To Drum T MN
Gloria Larson All That I Have Is In Jesus FL
Gloria Maiolini The Jungle PA
Gloria Rusch Tightrope CA
Gloria Sapp The Way, The Truth and The Life NV
Gloria Sapp You Are My God, My Strength NV
Gloria Sapp Can you Reach My Friend NV
Gloria Yousha Dreamer on the 18th Floor FL
Gloria Yousha I Have Dreamed FL
Gloria Yousha SugarLoaf FL
Glorious Dregs Nothing New TX
Glory Train December 98 John 3:16 TN
Glory Train July 99 Jeremiah 33:3 TN
Glowstrand Into The Glow MN
Glue Puppet Glue Puppet NJ
Glued For Thought Twist A Fatty ?
Gm Paterson Overdrive ON
Gman Gman: The Jazzman Vol.2 NJ
G-Man Grin Groove CA
Gnappy ....is this a machine? TX
Gnation Under Rated TX
Gneiss Work On Holiday AL
Gnomusy (David Caballero) Ethereality CA
Gnu Discover in You the Spirit of... Switzerland
Gnu Milky Way Switzerland
Go Go Galaxion Great Attractor CA
Go To Zero The Mean Season MI
Goad Dark Virgin Italy
Goad Raomen Italy
Goat Bleeder Mutilation PA
God Bless Street Gospel-The Way, The Truth, The L" DE
God C.o.r.p. The Now Testament! NC
God Fearing Man God Fearing Man MA
God Is Love God Is Love FL
God Tv Surfing The Remote Controls OK
Goddess Gaia Goddess Gaia CA
Goddess of Arno Balkan Dance Party!! NM
godfather mc the last man cd single MI
Godonu Kofi Srigboh Emefa West Africa
Godren Prayer for Tre' MO
Gods Chocolate Gods Chocolate… CA
God's Choice Double For Your Trouble TX
God's Country God's Country FL
Gods Law Forever Thankful MI
God's Little Soldiers, Salt of God's Little Soldiers International With MI
Gods 'n' Gurus SMASHING! NV
God's New Perfection Thy Will Be Done (Volume II) Double Port MO
God's Sons Ghetto Gospel MS
Godspeed Godspeed NY
Godwin Carmona You Save Me MD
Go-GO Fightmaster Go-GO Fightmaster CA
Going Some Place Offering CA
Golana Lone Pine Canyon CA
Golana' Moon Of First Snow CA
Golana' Feather On The Wind CA
Gold Box Kingdom Heavy & Light CA
Gold Coast Latitudes CA
Gold Coast Refuse Yours From Ascentia IL
Gold Hill Gold Hill CA
Gold Mind Squad The Plague of Popularity MD
Golda Solomon / Po'Jazz Takin' it to the Hollow NY
Goldee heart Chapter 3 VA
Goldee Heart Point Of View VA
Goldee Heart Promises VA
Golden Boy Give It Up TX
Golden Ratio I Am Lord Of The Starfields Ireland
Golden Reef Out of the forest Austria
Golden Shoulders Friendship Is Deep CA
Golden Shoulders Let My Burden Be CA
Golden Ticket Imaginary Stars CA
Goldenboy Blue Swan Orchestra CA
Goldenseal Goldenseal 1 NJ
goldenstate seconds CA
GOLPE JUSTO Hecho en Puerto Rico PR
Golpe Justo Revolucion en la Evolucion PR
GoManGo Surf This! NJ
Gomer Hendrix What, Me Experienced?! CA
Gondwana Time To Move MN
Gonzalo Silva Busker MA
Good Brother Earl Love and Freedom PA
Good Brother Earl Up Against a Worldwide Illusion PA
Good Enough Dakota Plains KY
good evening i saw the sun explode (EP.1) NY
Good Face For Radio Good Face For Radio WA
Good Humor Band Good Humor Band NC
Good Morning Doris Calling AUS
Good Night City You Are Almost There - Single Sampler GA
Good Paper Peep MS
Good-bye Blue Monday Not The Same AZ
Goodbye Girl Friday Silver or Gold NY
Goodbye Girl Friday Mr. and Mrs. NY
Goodbye Sons Endings With No Story TN
Goodcake Goodcake MO
Gooding 3X CA
Gooding Angel/Devil CA
Goodman County Dead-Ends and Transits MS
GoodNight City You Are Almost There GA
Goodnight Kiss Music Compilation: Vol 1 CA
Goodnight Kiss Music Scene Stealer Music CA
goodpeople goodpeople CT
Goodpeople We Are CT
Goose Vargis Goose Vargis WA
Goosebread Crisp and Snug OH
Gor Mkhitarian Godfather Tom: Music from the Armenian U MA
Gor Mkhitarian Yeraz MA
Gordo Gringo everybody loves the party NY
Gordon Beck Reflections PA
Gordon Beck Quartet Experiments With Pops PA
Gordon Beck Trio Not The Last Waltz PA
Gordon Ellis Memory Machine TN
Gordon Ellis One God TN
Gordon Johnson Trios V.2 MN
Gordon Ondis Novangelus New Englander RI
Gordon Titcomb THE LAST TRAIN CT
Gordon Towell & Steven Snyder Sketch Pad KY
Gordon Vincent You Should Know TN
gordonhalleck zumzum FL
Gorgeous Gorgeous CA
Gorilla Vodoo Under the Thumb of the Man Smiling ON
Goshorn Brothers Life OH
Goshorn Brothers Live at Tommy's OH
Gospel Crusaders Gospel Crusaders OK
Gospel R.A.G.S. Awake my heart to Thy still small voice NY
Gospo and The Gospel Kids! Sing Unto The Lord A New Song! CA
Gossamer Fate The Art Of CA
GotDaMighty Music Sing With The Spirit Volume 2 NY
Governor Davis & The Blues Amb LIVE IN
governortea governortea CA
GP From Birth 2 Dirt TX
Gp The Beast Smashin N The Game CA
G-Quest For Better For Worse (New Album) CA
Grabfast Something Better WY
Grace God's Grace NJ
Grace Grace CA
Grace Simply NY
Grace Cloutier, Harpist Radiant CT
Grace Darling Imaginary Lover LA
Gracie Cherry Come See A Man FL
Gracie Holcombe New Rules CA
Graciella Zogbi Daivi Shakti IA
Gradymusic Angels On Holiday AZ
Gradymusic Beautiful AZ
Gradymusic Love Will Find You AZ
Gradymusic Beautiful AZ
Graeme Campbell Breaking Out the BlueDay UK
Graffiti Tribe Graffiti Tribe CO
Graham Cochrane Pipe Dreams VA
Graham Bishop Once Upon A Moment AUS
Graham Brown Stand Your Ground CA
Graham Flett Forgotten Sheep Songs ON
Graham Perry Perryphernalia TN
Graham Walker Jumpety Jump CA
Grain Leave the Light On FL
Grain Grain PA
Grain The Bad Years PA
Grakoth Overdosing On The American Dream AZ
Gramophone Gramophone UK
Grampas Grass These Are The Days CA
Gran Fury Sunnyday EP CT
Gran Paw The Paw Project Vol. 1 NY
Gran Paw: The Paw Project Vol The paw project vol 1 NY
Gran Torino One TN
Granary Blues All-Stars AGAIN CA
Granati Brothers The Continuing Adventures Of The Granati PA
Grand River Crossing Grand River Crossing IA
Grand Spark Grand Spark CA
Grand Unified Theory Grand Unified Theory MA
Grandaddy Souf The Bootleg(The Unauthorized Mixtape) FL
Grande Burn Within MI
Grandevolution Covered in Roses (single) MA
grandfabric Orphan Age PA
Grandon Gray Take A Step NC
Grandscale Records Rhyme Expedition CA
Granger Smith Pockets of Pesos TX
Granian On My Own Two Feet NJ
Granian Hang Around NJ
Granian Live Sessions NJ
Granian Without Change NJ
Grant & Sally Hollenbach Find Your Voice OH
Grant & Sally Hollenbach Love Comes Back CA
Grant Bentley Where I Was CA
Grant Carrington with J.R. Robusto Songs Without Wisdom MD
Grant Clarkson Epistle CA
Grant Cook Loop 323 Blues TX
Grant Daniels Hiding Place CA
Grant Davidson Freestyle Walking CA
Grant Dermody Crossing That River WA
Grant Heckman From Saints' Rest Canada
Grant Hinkson Introspection AR
Grant King Bodies Of Water NY
Grant Langston All This And Pecan Pie CA
Grant Langston Chinese Fire Drill CA
Grant Livingston Let Me Off the Leash FL
Grant Lyle and Brotherhood Blu Brotherhood ?
Grant Lyle and Brotherhood Blu It's Worth It ?
Grant MacDonald A Billion Bucks Canada
Grant Simpson Stride and True CA
Grant Tilly Before My Eyes CA
Grant Van Leuven RiverTown Warning PA
Grantham Road Desperate Times PA
Grant-Lee Phillips Ladies Love Oracle CA
Grant-Lee Phillips Mobilize CA
Graphic Recliner Air Borneo OR
Graphic Recliner Hot House 200 OR
Graphic Recliner Strange Arson OR
Grasshead presentz My High'z & My Low'z FL
Grasshopper Takeover Elephant Dreams NE
Gravel Road Gravel Road WA
Graveyard Soldjas 3 X Losers GA
Gravity Demo CA
Gravity Crush Gravity Crush IA
Gravity Willing Requia CA
Gray Gray NY
Gray City Angels Full Circle IL
Gray Lee Four for the Road NY
Grayco Say My Name See My Face NJ
GrayMedium GrayMedium Presents... CA
Grayson Dale I Gotta Thing For YOu CA
Grayson Wells China: Meditations of the Orient TN
Grayson Wells Eternal Egypt TN
Grayson Wells Tranquility Base TN
Grayson Wray Picasso's Dream CA
Grayson Wray Tales Of Mystery And Loneliness CA
Grayson Wray Tales of Mystery and Loneliness CA
Grayson Wray Picasso's Dream CA
Grayson Wray Road To Paradise CA
Grazyna Auguscik Past Forward IL
Grazyna Auguscik River IL
Grazyna Auguscik The Light IL
great Big noise You're Only As Big As The Noise You Make IL
Great Caesar's Ghost with G.E. Great Caesar's Ghost with G.E. Smith: Li NY
Great City Earth Dreams CA
Great Girls Blouse 147471 MN
Great Girls Blouse Save That Song MN
Great Mutant Skywheel Glimpse at the Reflecting Pool MD
Greed City Of Angels CA
Greedwell Miserly Roadside Tales CT
Greedy Jew & Fafetti Yay Area Reps CA
Green Multiheaded Heart CA
Green and Root Down That Road CA
Green Eggs and Sam Supersize MD
Green Flash Society Huge Bean WI
Green Inside Red CT
Green Lake Presbyterian Artist A Record of the Worship Community DC
Green Light My Experiments With Groove NC
Green Man Green Man CA
Green Man lovedeathbeauty CA
Green Rode Shotgun Persistence Of Youth TN
Green Tea All Ages WI
Green Theory Green Theory KY
Green To Think Sundays Were Made For This NJ
Green To Think Fireworks On The Grass NJ
Green to Think Sundays Were Made For This NJ
Green Velvet Walk In Love IL
Greenbrier Records Ten Soft Country, Two Rock & Roll From MD
GreenerBlue It's All Grass WA
GreenFire At The Brink OR
Greenhouse Head Ease SD
Greenlaw Ave Time and Energy CA
Greenlight Is This What I Am Here For? IL
Greenstreet Let's Talk About Some Music MI
GreenWade Represent Yo Hood TN
Greg & Junko MacDonald Sweet Dreaming HI
Greg Aaron Rings in Spaces NY
Greg Alexander Other Ways NY
Greg Allen Hey Mr Shadow KS
Greg and Gemma Dayton Into the Night MA
Greg and Ken Songs Among Friends OK
greg arenz beginning to never end WI
Greg Austin Greg Austin SC
Greg Austin Daddy Was a Blues Man TN
Greg Austin If You Ever Come Back Home TN
Greg Barnhill No Chaser TN
Greg Benedetto River of Life OH
Greg Bond Funny Day Saturday CA
Greg Bonin Just for You RI
Greg Bowman Blue Roses SC
Greg Brooks Live in Santa Barbara CA
Greg Brown Private Moments TX
Greg Brown, Pete Heitzman, Gar Live At The Black Sheep NY
Greg Chako Integration I Japan
Greg Chako Integration II Japan
Greg Chako Where We Find Ourselves Japan
Greg Cherone Five Song E.P. MA
Greg Clinton Essays & Contemplations GA
Greg Cooney Won'tcha Get Off The Couch? RI
Greg Darling Music Is My Ministry NJ
Greg Dean These Pages, This Story CA
Greg Dean The Subtle Art Of Distraction CA
Greg Dunkailo I Am the Verb CA
Greg Federico Live To Love, Love To Live NJ
Greg Federico Purity NJ
Greg Foresman Hymns and Devil Music TN
Greg George Remembrance NY
Greg Grant Jupiter Watches MT
Greg Grant After The Crash MT
Greg Grant Bisbe Street MT
Greg Grant Musth MT
Greg Guidry SOUL'D OUT TN
Greg Hall Six one way, half dozen the other TN
Greg Hobbs Drake Motel Canada
Greg Hobbs Drake Motel ON
Greg Hyde Testing The Water CA
Greg Hyslop Greg Hyslop Trio NC
Greg Jacobs Look At Love OK
Greg Jacobs Reclining With Age OK
Greg Jacobs South of Muskogee Tenn OK
Greg Johnson Greg Johnson CA
Greg Jones String Theory OH
Greg Klyma In The Meantime NY
Greg Klyma New Clothes NY
Greg Lamboy Every Drop of the Good CA
Greg London and the Los Angele Song of America CA
Greg Lucas Full Circle MT
Greg Madden Driving Till Morning OH
Greg Maroney Harmony Grove PA
Greg Maroney The Copper Hat PA
Greg Maroney Wind Chimes PA
Greg Maroney Sentinel PA
Greg McLeod Guns into Guitars Switzerland
Greg Meckes Moments of Clarity Part I NY
Greg Murphy Let's Get Started NJ
Greg Nicholson The High Trapeze CA
Greg Osgood Hustle Yo' Booty MS
Greg Osgood The Good Is In The Man MS
Greg Pagel Plastic Machine Music WI
Greg Panfile Inferno MA
Greg Parent From Boobies to Columbine MO
Greg Parker Christmas Eclectic CA
Greg Parker On The Break TN
Greg Percy Songs in the Key of Art Volume 3 WI
Greg Porée The Night Before CA
Greg Rapaport Azrael Block NY
Greg Rapaport Wyrd NY
Greg Ribot &Cumbia del Norte The International Conspiracy NJ
Greg Roller Ancient Sky MO
Greg Roller With Your Spoken Word MO
Greg Scheer The Greg Scheer Song Book FL
Greg Shrader Identity DE
Greg Shrader Thys Functional Family DE
Greg Siegle Vessels PA
Greg Spradlin Outfit ... and Twiced as Gone AR
Greg Talbert Brand New Day TX
Greg Tamblyn How Could Life Be Better Than This MO
Greg Tamblyn Saving The World From Whiny Victim… MO
Greg Tamblyn The Grand Design MO
Greg Tannen Coney Island NY
Greg Tannen Roam NY
Greg Tannen The 2nd Album (rough mixes) NY
Greg Thelen Love Will Light Your Way OR
Greg Trafidlo Co-Writers In Disguise VA
Greg Trafidlo Old Dog-New Tracks VA
Greg Trafidlo/Trifolkal Tao From The Mountian VA
Greg Trafildo Folk Singular VA
Greg Utech SPANK MI
Greg Vickers Not Quite There VA
Greg Walker Straight From The Source 1 UK
Greg Walker Never Better CA
Greg Walsh The Order of Things NY
Greg Wells Slingshot CO
Greg Whitfield GW TX
Greg Wilson Take It Slow GA
Greg Wilson Forgetting to Remember GA
Greg Wilson Take It Slow GA
Greg Winkler Road to Mountains WI
Greg Young Itinerant Poet TX
Greg Ziesemer The National Road IN
Greg Ziesemer Baptism of Fire IN
Greg'g Wicked Little Things OR
Gregg Aranda Outlaw Blue OH
Gregg August Late August NY
Gregg Burns Head CA
Gregg Coyle Moondog UK
Gregg Gordon Romanticide TX
Gregg Harris And Shatano Cruz Yohimbe Trance AZ
Gregg Krupa Walkin' Into warrendale PA
Gregg Krupa and Brett P Traveler PA
Gregg Krupa and Dirty Pool Premium Brewed PA
Gregg Krupa and the Boogie M. Hi-Waiian State of Mind PA
Gregg Plummer Many Souls CA
Gregg Rose Shadows In The Rain NY
Gregg Smith Gregg Smith Greatest Hits TX
Gregg Thomas Wind On The Water WI
Gregg Won & The Wet Dreams LIVE!-EXCESSIVE DOUSHE BAGGAGE (A Live c CA
Gregg Wright Lightning Strike!!! CA
Gregorio J. Jesús OH
Gregoris I Love You Cyprus
Gregory Abbott Eyes, Whispers, Rhythm, Sex... NJ
Gregory Alan Essential NC
gregory alan isakov rust colored stones CO
gregory becker Nobody Thinks TN
Gregory Boyce The Good Life CA
Gregory Cross A Baritone Christmas CA
Gregory Cross Baritone on Broadway ON
Gregory Douglass Teeter VT
Gregory James Ananda CA
Gregory Keena Gregory Keena CO
Gregory Lang Sanctuary WA
Gregory Lipscomb Folk Portraits PA
Gregory Lygon UnEarthly Passions VA
Gregory Moseley Tools Of The Trade NC
Gregory P. Aubuchon Slide MO
Gregory Paul Aubuchon a muse MO
Gregory Q. Jenkins Julie's Song (CD-Single) (Enhanced) NY
Gregory Scott The Waking Hour CA
Gregory Simmons Signs of Life NY
Gregory Stickroth Demo CA
Gregory Wilburn Amerind Late Boomer AZ
Grenwich Meantime Grenwich Meantime CA
Greta In The Dark Of The Night NY
Greta Ehrig singersongwriterpoet MD
Greta Gertler The Baby that Brought Bad Weather NY
Greta Gertler & Peccadillo Nervous Breakthroughs NY
Greta Rose Angels Of The Lullaby Zone CA
Gretchen & Rebecca Koehler Parallel Lines Celtic Fiddles MA
Gretchen Anderson Looking Glass MO
Gretchen Harris Christmas Joy CA
Gretchen Harris Hope for Tomorrow CA
Gretchen Harris Sign of Love CA
Gretchen Harris Sing of Mary CA
Gretchen Peters The Secret of Life TN
Gretchen Richie...Jazz Cabaret Close Your Eyes MD
Gretchen Witt Gretchen Witt (Demo) NY
Gretchen Witt Demo NY
Gretchen Yanover Bow and Cello WA
Grey Anamnesis OK
Grey Colours OK
Grey Rock and Pop OK
Grey Larsen & André Marchand Les Marionnettes IN
Grey Larsen & André Marchand The Orange Tree IN
Grey Larsen & Paddy League Dark of the Moon IN
Grey Room Buck Up Lil' Camper IL
Greyhounds Liberty TX
Greystar The New Dawn ME
Greywolf Directions TX
grflint Can I Pretend CO
Grief How We Used to Live ?
Grief Society Time Travel EP UK
Grief Society Universal Misunderstanding UK
Griffin Turn the Light On MI
Griffin Rogers Jabberwocky (Stuff and Nonsense) IL
Grift Grift KY
Grigaitis, Tijunelis, Venslova Zuikis Puikis - Lithuanian Children's So IL
Grind Ring Grind Ring WA
Griot Drum Ensemble The Griot's Drum IN
Gritty When the Grit Gets GRITTY KS
Groov' La Live FL
Groove Addiction ...For All Intent & Purposes TN
Groove Addiction Temporal Bliss TN
Groove Bucket Groovieous Maximus MS
Groove Foundation Leaving Home CA
Groove Foundation Singles CA
Groove Moon Captured Moments FL
Groove Pigs Ravin' for Jesus CA
Groove Pocket Everything's Whatever NJ
Groove Society Groove Society CO
GrooveCamp Conundrum CA
GrooveLily Are we there yet? NY
GrooveLily Little Light (Back Issue Series) NY
Groovestone Groovestone CA
Groove-tube Plugged In OH
Groovski Groovski NJ
Groovy Judy Groovy Judy CA
Groovy Mondays Live At Holy Joe's CA
Groovy Times in Babylon The Smallness That We Are WA
Gross National Happiness Gross National Happiness CA
Grotto North Silence Broken MI
Ground Floor Weep No More NJ
Ground Level Sound Will Work For Food AL
Group 1 Allstars second string FL
Group Prodagy Renaissance II The Wide-Awakeness MI
Group Therapy Sessions Canada
gROUSe We Want To Be Loved CA
Grovur Just an Echo WI
grown Raven Thoughts CA
Grrrls With Guitars Compilation Vol. 1 CA
Grrrls with Guitars Compilation Vol. 2 CA
Grubstake Dynamite & Other Inventions PA
Grubstake Ghosts of Arkadelphia MA
Grumpy* Pissed-off & Horny FL
Grundman We Are The Forthcoming Past, Take Care O CA
Grupo Ain Karim Mater, peregrina hoy PR
Grupo Caribe Un Congo Me Dio La Letra NY
Grupo Cha Cha Direcciones IL
Grupo Fiesta Grupo Fiesta NY
Grupo Fiesta Sueno NY
Grupo Fuego Grupo Fuego OH
Grupo Germinal Grupo Germinal: Folklore Latinamericano CA
Grupo Sabor Sabor de Urbano CA
Gryn Our New Earth TX
GSG Homeless In America TX
G-Spot Experience The Pleasure NY
G-Staka 3 Futuristic Rhymes GA
GT Live It All UK
GT Silent Dancing UK
GT It's Halloween CA
GTB Explicitly Christian CA
Guadalupe Divina Ahora si TX
Guano Boys Guano Happens VA
Guapolinda Barely Much Costa Rica
Guaranteed Katch In a Sumptuous Brown Gravy MA
Guaranteed Katch Steak Bomb MA
Guarneri Underground Wander This World WA
Guerra & Rosa Freitas Angola: Um Pais Fabuloso No Mundo IL
Guidance Trust IL
Guided By Grace Lord, Bring it on AR
Guido Freddi Taranta Steps NY
Guido's Hand Ictus SC
Guiguine Guiguine NJ
Guilford Weak MA
Guillaume Traverse UK
Guillermo Figueroa Bela Bartok: The Three Violin Sonatas NM
Guillermo Y Yanixa Chiscull Busca al Señor FL
Guilty Extenuating Circumstances IL
Guilty Wilson Guilty Wilson NM
Guitar Jack Losin' Hand CA
Guitar Jack & No Slack Recorded Live at B.B. King CA
Guitar Masters : Paul Santa Ma Invention FL
Guitar Ray Live at the Nix Netherlands
Guitarist Charles David Smart Acoustic Christmas Cards KS
Guitarist Charles David Smart Acoustic Christmas Cards 2 KS
Guitarist Charles David Smart At Long Last Light KS
Gumbae Culture Black Africa NY
Gumbino & Fallen Angel Day By Day TX
Gun Street Radio A Fine Line Between NY
Gun Street Radio Pirate Radio EP NY
Gundula Mueller Songs of the Soul NY
Gunnar Madsen Ants in My Pants CA
Gunnar Madsen Spinning World CA
Gunnar Madsen The Power of a Hat CA
Gunnar Mossblad Convergence PA
Gunner Planetary Sound CA
GunnRunners Band License to Carry FL
Gunther Tautenhahn Music From Two Millenniums CA
Gurdecha Brothers Darshan UK
Gurufish Mohair Supreme GA
Guruvi Guruvi NJ
Gus Brett Simplified AZ
Gus Hardin I'm Dancing As Fast As I Can CA
Gus Lambros and Electric Mud Bad Gamble OH
Gus Mancini The Way of the Candy Store NY
Gus McKay Grinn AUS
Gus Stagg Recipe For the Blues IL
Gus Verstraten Inner Journey CA
Gustavo Jobim Round Mi Brazil
Gustavo Oliveira Fusion Brazil CA
GUTA Rhythm Central NC
Gutter Swans Foolishness Meets Vision CA
Gutterstar In Transit NJ
Guv Papercut RI
Guy River Of Years England
Guy Archer Jacob's Trouble OH
Guy Bergeron Last of the Hip White Boys MA
Guy Bergeron Livin in the Valley MA
Guy budd Band Woke Up Dreaming CA
Guy G. Faux Sweet Dreams NJ
Guy Kark & Between Times Canaan Israel
Guy Leroux A Cowboy Doing Country CA
Guy Leroux Slice Of Life CA
Guy Leroux You Only Rent The Beer CA
Guy Madison War And Other Things WA
Guy Malone Orbs North CT
Guy Malone Spook The Pigeons CT
Guy Mendilow Soar Away Home NJ
Guy Michetti All In My Mind NY
Guy Michetti Headin' For The Crossroads NY
Guy Ridley Burning My Cashmere OR
Guy Robert Jean Si MD
Guy Van Duser & Billy Novick Guy & Billy MA
Guy Walker Drive Safe FL
Guy-Michael Grande So Much Of What I Wanted CT
Guy-Michael Grande familiar strangers CT
Guytare Bergeron Volume 1 1996 Canada
GWA Hard Rock Candy Sandwich TX
Gwen Avery Sugar Mama CA
Gwen Howard Bathe Me in Candlelight TX
Gwen Hughes Lost & Found GA
Gwen Hughes & The Retro Jazz K The Misplaced Martini GA
Gwen Jennier You've Got To Believe VA
Gwen Knighton Box of Fairies GA
Gwen Laster Sneak Preview NY
Gwen Renee Chasing Waves WA
Gwendolyn M. Smith Faithful CA
GWYN ASHTON Beg, Borrow & Steel UK
Gwyneth Baillie Same Same But Different CA
Gyle Waddy Composite Belgium
Gyle Waddy I've Been Thinkin' Bout You Belgium
Gyle Waddy Strangest Night Belgium
Gyle Waddy Wha'Cha Been Doin'...? Belgium
Gypsies of Rajasthan Desert Charm UK
Gypsophilia Occidentally on Purpose PA
Gypsophilia The Bible PA
Gypsophilia with Voces Novae e when we remembered you PA
Gypsy Chamber of Dreams FL
Gypsy Back Door A Better View NJ
Gypsy Back Door Information Overload NJ
Gypsy Caravan Awakening OR
Gypsy Caravan Migration OR
gypsy caravan Quest OR
Gypsy Fly Pink Lavender IL
Gypsy Jive Band Dance Me Canada
Gypsy Rose Give It Up TX
Gypsy Soul Superstition Highway WA
Gypsy Wranglers St. Tropez Cowboy MA
GypsyFoot GypsyFoot ND
Gypzy Blvd Hollywood Girls MO
Gypzy Blvd Hollywood Girls MO
Gzowski Gziganes CA

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