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This is the official database of Just Plain Folks Members Music we have in our files. There are over 44,000 CD's included and we receive more every day. All listed CD's are either currently entered or have been entered in previous Just Plain Folks Music Awards.

If you have sent us a CD of your music for the awards and can't find yourself listed here, please contact our Projects Director Linda Berger at JustPlainLin@aol.com and she will assist you. When contacting Linda, please include your name, address, phone number, album title and artist name. All these things are required to be included in the database and are needed for our records.

Before contacting Linda, please be sure to check alternative spellings. We put artists in order by the first letter of their name or band name. If you are Joe Smith, you'll find yourself listed under the J's. If you are "The Joe Smith Band" it is possible you are listed under T for "The" instead. We tried to place people in appropriate alphabetical listings, but often bands and artists use different versions of their own names.

If you want to send your music to Just Plain Folks for future inclusion in this database as well as for consideration for our various programs throughout the year, please mail a copy to Just Plain Folks, 5327 Kit Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46237. Includle ALL contact info on the CD itself and/or the liner notes. This includes full name, email address, mailing address, phone number and website if available. We do not return CD's, but we do keep them on file for future use and opportunities.

Updated 02-20-06

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Just Plain Folks Member Music Database

Artist Title Location
F Bomb F Bomb MA
F. Coulton FA GA
F. Edgar Gilbert Loss of the Golden Rose Lute NM
F. Edgar Gilbert Rosamund NM
F. J. Bennett Always Dreaming PA
F. Vattel Cherry For Those Who Heal MD
F. Vattel Cherry is it because i'm black MD
F.I.R.E. Forever In Righteous Fighting fire with F.I.R.E. GA
F.L.A.T.T.I.E.S The Problem and The Solution SC
F.M. Woody Shudder CA
F.O.B. Forgettin' Ain't Easy KY
F.O.B. (featuring Tanita Gaines) Forgettin' Aint Easy KY
F.O.G. Broken IL
F/stop All in Love is Fair MI
F8 featuring Art Deko Personal References CA
FA There's A Light GA
Fab i didn't choose the mood IL
Fabien Degryse Jazz Belgium
Fabienne No Mad Nomad CA
Fabrizio Dal Borgo MUSIC FOR MOBILE PHONES Italy
Fabrizio Dal Borgo Noir Italy
Fabulous Connections with Kate Into Midnight NJ
Face - Tony Lopacinski's solo Face VA
Face 2 Face with Hanoi*LeRoi We Love Gas Singapore
Face Of the Enemy Failure By Design CA
Face on Straight The Way Things Are CA
Facets Over the Blue Land CT
Facho Daughter of the Promised Land OR
Facial Have A Moist Day NY
Fade To Glory Fade To Glory VA
Faedrus Channels NY
Fahim Sadi and Nefertiti Nefertiti Presents the Best of Belly Dan AZ
Fahrenheit Fringe To Fore Jamaica
Failing Winter Failing Winter WA
Failsafe A New Beginning TX
Failsafe Failsafe TX
Failsafe Leggo My Ego TX
Failsafe Vacate the Proper Life TX
Faint Reality Done with you NC
Faith Lovestruck PA
faith & disease beneath the trees WA
Faith A. Davis Worship...It's A Lifestyle SC
Faith Gibson You Don't Know Me FL
Faith Rivera Wonder CA
Faith2Fist Introduction GA
Faithful Men Quartet Evidence of Grace IL
Faithgroove Faith Rivera Sampler CA
Faithgroove Faithgroove CA
Faithgroove In Search of Faith CA
Fake Brain Department of Our Ways NY
fake brain push NY
Fake Brain So Glad You Came NY
Fake Tourist Taste MN
Falcon Falcon CA
Falcon Jones Falcon Jones PA
faler house of common CA
Fall From Grace Rise From the Ashes WA
Fall With Me The First Days of Forever TN
Fallen Angels Fallen Angels IL
Fallen Isis Arrival AUS
fallen race fallen race WI
Fallen Roadies Fallen Roadies WI
Fallen Roadies Flowering Diesel WI
Fallen Skyward All The Same DC
Falling Rock Falling Rock TX
Falling You Touch VA
Fam 1st For The Fam Pt. 2 GA
Familiar Spirit Call It A Day CA
Family Ritual Saloon Canada
Family Style Why You Wanna IL
famin borrowed time TX
FancYfullMoon Big Band C'est d'un Chic ! France
Fang & The Gang Fang Reveres The Raiders NV
Fangs Fangs WA
Fanta-c Intimate Sessions FL
Fantastapotamus Epic Opi PA
Far Cry Fly 241 CT
far from home New Kind of Love OR
Far From Westfall In The Absence of Warmth PA
Fareal Second Chance HI
Farewood Safely Out Of Reach CT
Fariborz Lachini Golden Autumn 1 CA
Fariborz Lachini Golden Autumn 2 CA
Fariborz Lachini, Manouchehr B Flying CA
Faris Through the Woods OH
Farma Farma CA
Farmer Anthony The Singing Cow Tragically Hick CA
Farpoint First Light SC
Farpoint Grace SC
Farwell Stranded Here IL
Fascinoma preface CA
Fashionably Late Redefining Fashion MD
Fa-sin Elavated NC
Fast & Dirty Live From Our Pants CA
Fast and Loose Wolves in Sheeps Clothing NY
Fast Freddie Fourier and the T Bush of Thorns UK
Fat Can No Stress MA
Fat Cat Voodoo Fat Cat Voodoo NY
Fat Chance Fat Chance WV
Fat Danny & The Hard Tymz Life Behind The 8 Ball CA
Fat Dragon Dream After A Large Lunch NY
Fat Killahz Guess Who's Coming To Dinner MI
Fat Knuckle Jack Tomorrow Sounds Good CO
Fat Money Family For Richer Or Poorer Through Heaven An H NC
Fat Nancy Pure American Muscle, Baby CA
Fat Pappy Fat Pappy's worm farm CO
Fat Vinny & The Wiseguys A Different Kind of blues PA
Fatal Smile Beyond Reality Sweden
Fatang Fatang PA
Fathappy Songs in B Fat WA
Father Jim O'Connor And I Love You So: reflections & songs WV
Father Jim O'Connor You've Got A Friend WV
Father Jim O'Connor A Pledge To America WV
Father Jim O'connor Heavenly Strings: Instrumental Music For WV
Father Jim O'Connor Moments of Grace: music for prayer WV
Father Jim O'Connor Morning Breaks WV
Father Jim O'Connor On The Way WV
Father Jim O'Connor This Gift of Love WV
Father Keith Outlaw Raise Me Up, Lord NY
Father Keith Outlaw Silent Night NY
Father Oblivion Father Oblivion NY
Fatima Santos Nostalgia NJ
Fatima. Ojos Cerrados CA
Fatt Lapp Blues Band Bow Legs and Big Feet MI
Faust And Lewis Classy Trash OR
Fawzia Begum Forever Inspired: Tribute to Neil Diamon CA
Fay Gauthier Comic Strip CA
Fay Gordon When We All Get To Heaven NJ
Fay Victor Lazy Old Sun - Live/Life in the Low Land NY
Fayte My Destiny AK
FBI Dans ton poste France
FC3 / FIRST CHOICE All Because Of You OH
FDX The Future Of Bass Sweden
Fe Estivate NJ
Fear Nuttin Band From outta nowhere MA
Fearless Heart Sure Would Be Nice CA
Fear-Soulstice Soulstice CA
Feathergun Music To Wash To CA
Feathermerchants Unarmed Against the Dark NY
Feature Presentation Your Own Self Portrait IL
Feckless Beast Feckless Beast DC
Federal Reserve Breaking The Bank VA
Federal Tracks Federal Tracks Beat Mixtape Vol.1 NY
Federico Peace Forever NY
Federico A Return To Love NY
Federico Blue Rico NY
Federico Falling Into Love NY
Federico Cordero Los Dos Federico: Recuerdos De Borinquen PR
Feed The Meter Violation NJ
Feedback First Light FL
Feel Love Fury source NC
Feel Music Feel Music (What Is Feel) AR
Feels Like Home Home Cookin' WA
Feels RIGHT/Charles Matthews Feels Right IL
Felice A Place to Rest My Head CA
Felice Felice ID
Felicia Brady Magazine Street MA
Felicia Carter In the Pink & Songs in Blue MD
Felicia Loud & the Soul Here WA
Felipe Fransioli Toque NC
Felisa Sacrificios CO
Felix Old school favorites CA
Felix When I'm Faraway…. OK
Felix and Petra Jarrar Felix and Petra Jarrar's Piano Pieces CT
Felix and the Hurricanes The Feeling PA
Felix Cabrera Pressure Cooker NY
Felix Cabrera w Jimmy Vivino a Cu-Bop Cu-Blues NY
Felix Sarco's Polar Power Mani Who Touches Who PA
Felix u-go and the ebebo Chase dem NY
Fell Boyzs concretedogbicycle WI
Fellaheen Fellaheen NY
Felon U Can Get It/tha Letter AL
Felonious: onelovehiphop The Produce Section: Volume One CA
Felton Offard Rise IL
Fely De Zere Gnan CA
Female Bureau Of Investigation Internal Affairs NY
Female Chauvinist Pigs Shopping Trip CA
Female Chauvinist Pigs So You Think You're a Man CA
Ferenzik House of Boris NJ
Ferenzik Wheel Of Nesh NJ
Ferenzik Zero Points For Zeus NJ
Fergus McCormick Jumping the Gun NY
Fern Kids! Hopping Into Easter With Fern CT
Fernando Ferrer Después de Tanto Tiempo PR
Fernando Holz Minh'alma Nua ( My Nude Soul) MA
Fernando Huergo Jazz Argentino MA
Fernando Jones Stranded IL
Fernando Kabusacki Kabusacki 6.1 - La Maravilla AR
Fernando Martinez del Campo Don't Push Me Mexico
Fernando Martinez del Campo ORIENTED Mexico
Fernando Palacio Fernando Palacio IL
fernando payer/william payer villad'leste Brazil
Fernando Perez Mojo Roots Music Spain
Fernando Rio Our Wedding Day FL
Fernando Sanchez-Gutierrez Fernando Sanchez-Gutierrez IL
Ferocious Daisies Ferocious Daisies CA
Ferron Impressionistic DOUBLE CD WA
Ferron Shadows On A Dime *Found Out Of Print Co WA
Fertile Ground If Not Now... AL
Festival Choir of Madison Celebrate the Season WI
Festive Brass The Festive Brass for All Seasons PA
Fetal Pigs In Brine Fetal Pigs In Brine CA
Fetish Struggle On Vinyl OH
Fetish Lane Time NY
Fetish Lane An Acoustic Brew NY
Fettler Preverb MN
Fev Acrez Shakaz TX
Fevered Dreams The Fallen AZ
Fez Dispenser 3 CA
Fez Tone electroautodance MI
FGS (For God's Sake) In This Moment MN
Fiddlehawk WildLife NY
Fiddlers 3 Encore CAN
Fiddlers 3 Fiddlers 3 Canada
FiddleSticks Return to Nauvoo - Traditional and Old T UT
FiddleSticks Time and Again UT
Fiddlin Joe Shewbridge Fiddlin Joe Shewbridge WV
Field of Vision Field of Vision CA
Fiend Staring Down a Monster NY
Fiends Carnival Of Souls Children Of The Dead GA
Fifteen Minutes Appetite For Attention CA
Fig Preoccupation Blue MI
Fig Monkey Bismuth MA
Fig.Mutant On My Mind (lp) CA
Figbar It's About Time WA
Fight Dirty Making Up Stories CA
Fiidla The State Of Things PA
Fil Campbell Beneath the Calm N. Ireland
Fil Campbell Dreaming UK
Filibuster Deadly Hi-Fi CA
Filigree Right Here Far Away CA
Filipino Prinz Holy Be Thy Name WA
Fillet Of Soul Long Way Home NM
Film …rolling… GA
Film Film Demo GA
Filtered See Straight Through UK
Filtered New Moon UK
Filthy Divine This is Filthy Divine MN
FIN wasting time, building a future CA
Fin Fin IL
Final Approach Second Opinion NJ
Final Frontier Egyptology UK
Final Quest Discovery IL
Finders Keepers Proud Denmark
Fine Mess Rock Ain't Dead NC
Fine, Thank You Love and Lunch NE
Finespun Digging Yourself Deeper NY
Finest Grain One More Shot IN
finger for the moon wasted holiday CA
Finger Lickin Blue Soul Breaks Free MA
Fingerbowl Jumpstart Fingerbowl Jumpstart IL
Fingerprints Fingerprints TX
Fingerprints DNA TX
Fingerprints Summertime Music TX
Fingerprints Of The Wicked Fingerprints Of The Wicked AUS
Fink Son of Finkenstein IN
Finless Brown Live from Cleveland @ WRUW CA
Finless Brown Next Caper CA
Finless Brown The Browntown Ep CA
Finn Coren Lovecloud Norway
Finster Next Season OR
Fintons Who Owns The Sun CO
Fiona Fiona OK
Fiona Joy Hawkins Portrait of a Waterfall AUS
Fiona Lehn Boarder Canada
Fiona Lehn One For Me BC
Fiona Lehn One For Me Canada
Fiona McAllister Echo NC
Fire Bug Footsteps To The Sun CA
Fire Bug Fragile CA
Fire by Night Fire by Night NJ
Fire Engine Red Change CA
Fire Flies Baobabs In The Basement CA
Fire-Dean Gimme-A-Dolla DC
Fire-Dean Custome Deluxe DC
FIREMOUTH Suitable for Vegetarians UK
Firetrucs Hovercraft Lp CA
FIREWORKS The Rite of Spring NY
First Circle First Circle WA
First Name Basis SNAPSHOTS IL
First Night On Earth No One Knows Anything For Sure NC
First of May For Earth and Her People CA
First Stone Nothing To Throw CA
First Time Fallen The Spectacular View from the Ground to CA
Fish Out of Water Tales From the Tank NY
Fish The Boss Phone Scandal Ne. Ant.
Fish the Boss Smell it Neth. Antilles
Fishe The E.P: Moment of Truth MT
Fishe Where I'm From MT
Fishe Moment of Truth MT
Fisher One CA
Fisher Uppers & Downers (2CD) CA
Fisher Music Fisher Music Collection Vol 1 OH
Fishermen Let's Ride MI
Fishermen's Stew Hand to Mouth NY
Fishkill A Change Of Atmosphere PA
Fishkill A Change of Atmosphere WA
Fishkill The Big Purple Sky WA
Fishstick Professional Fishstick PA
Fitch Ambiencellist Ireland
Fitzhugh Jenkins Bedouin Cafe AZ
FitzPatrick The View from 10,000 Days TX
Five a.m. This Morphine Life CA
Five Buck Fiddle Five BuckFiddle AK
Five Crown Niagara and all the pretty landmines CA
Five Day 40 Five Day 40 NH
Five Fifty Get Clean MI
Five Mics Independence Day NY
Five Of Clubs Reflecting WA
Five Star Iris Day In The Sun GA
Five Star Trailer Park Here CA
Five Style Fist Ambient Frequencies CO
Five Style Fist left right in the middle CO
Five to the Face Pain Inside MA
Five Wheel Drive First Gear CA
Five7 Live at the Red Devil Lounge CA
Fix the Human Drift CA
Fixer Fixed at Last GA
Fiya & ice Hood Ready GA
fiz Right Where You Are NY
Fiz Tonight NY
Fizzgig Three Word Title KY
Flagship Flagship WI
Flambeau Feel The Heat WA
Flambeau Fire Politically Hot WI
Flambeau Fire Song for a New Millenium WI
Flambeau Fire Coutry Options WI
Flamin' Records Fire Starters-The Compilation FL
Flaming Red Flaming Red TN
flaminghomosapiens Pompadour & Circumstance CA
FLAN Sweet Cream Butter VT
flanelhed Little Black Dog CA
Flash Music From The Zang Toi Collections NY
Flash Gordon Confessions of a Cowboy Singer TN
Flash Gordon's Adventures Good FL
flash silvermoon Phases Of The Silvermoon FL
Flashback Live At Folsom CA
Flashing Red Airplane My Life as a Frog MA
Flashpoint Cool Heat FL
Flat Cat Bring A Friend IA
Flatfoot The Legend of Big Sid MI
Flatfoot Down in the Cellar MI
Flathead New Old Stock AZ
Flatland To B OR
FLATLINE The Balancing Act IL
Flatline No Way Out TN
Flatwound Midlife Crisis CT
Flavio Cucchi Brouwer / Popular Works CA
Flavor Genuine EP MN
Flavor Genuine EP MN
Flavor Red MN
Flavour Flavour vs. Eric Nicholas CA
Flavstaf Vie d'ange Switzerland
Flawless Flawless NY
Flawless/ FfaTaZZ Pretty / Ugly CA
FleshDevils FleshDevils UK
Flesh-Resonance The Dark Between The Stars UK
Flesh-Resonance The Feast Of Shadows UK
Fletcher Demonstrations of False Momentum CA
Fletcher Harris Music from the Heart LA
Flexible Flyer Bluegrass Millionaires PA
F'licidade F'licidade MA
F'licidade 2 F'licidade 2 MA
Flight of Mavis Flight of Mavis PA
Flight of Mavis Spools PA
Flin Flon Comp Nashville Off the Record TN
F-line F-line WA
Flint Cavaliers Brand New PA
Flintlock & Batmonk Farmageddon DE
Flip Frisch The Spring Of My Content OR
Flipoff Pirates Trillions of Voices Oneword AR
Flipper Dave Something Simple CT
Flippomusic Ganesh IL
Flipron Fancy Blues and Rustique Novelties UK
Flipside Elegy Start All Over Denmark
Flo Anito Live Demo DC
Flo Anito Flo Anito DC
Flo Bo's Dem Thangz FL
Flo Masters Inc. Flo Masters Vol. 1 CA
Flock of Doug Wish I Were Here MN
Flood Garden of Dreams UK
Flood Inside of Me NY
Flood Damage Underlife ND
Flood Ritual Set Yourself Free IL
Floodgate Hero AL
Floodplane Ready for Takeoff IA
Floor Creak Time Goes Rushing By VA
Flophouse Flophouse ME
Flor de Serena Flor de Serena CA
Flora Reed Settle Down MA
Florence Foxwell Outside The Box CA
Florence Foxwell Open Windows Canada
Florence Guest The Call of the Chrysalis MT
Florez Ep TN
floron thunderstruck UK
Flo's Mellow Mood A Mellow Christmas VA
Flow Love Strong CA
Flowerbed Songbook UK
Flowerpot Better Late Than Never TX
FlowSik Yellow Slums, Vol. 1 NY
Flowtilla Out of the Inside CA
Floyd Antonio WHAT YU GONNA DO-The Answer FL
Floyd Cowger Somewhere Between The Bars And Home WV
Floyd Mercy Floyd Mercy KS
Floyd Tillman The Influence TX
Fluffy Porcupine Pointed Little Quill NM
Fluffy The Pitbull Gabardine Swine CA
Fluid Fluid CA
Fluid The Angelica EP UK
Fluidrive Fistcharm AZ
Flumpa®'s World featuring Wend Flumpa®'s World - Frogs, Rain Forests & TN
Flumpa®'s World featuring Wend Flumpa®'s World - Water, Water Everywher TN
Flumpa®'s World featuring Wend Flumpa®'s World: Out of This World TN
FLUT Puppy4Life CA
Flutations A Patriotic Pageant PA
Flutations A Yuletide Fair PA
Flutations An Afternoon of Classical Favorites PA
Flutations Jazzutes PA
Flutter Toys in Coin Machines IL
Flutter Toys In Coin Machines IL
FLUTTR EFFECT Trithemis Festiva MA
Flux Moonshine NY
Fly Agaric Missing Jimmy Ragtime AUS
Flyer's Fall Letting Go NY
Flying Blind Time To Go CA
Flying Bobbz Small Town Chronicles NY
Flying Burrito Brothers Sons of the Golden West CA
Flying Cows of Ventry Bovine Inspiration VA
Flying Cows of Ventry Celtic Ruminations VA
Flying Venus Wild Heart Girl CA
Flying Venus Wild Heart Girl CA
Flynn On Your Way MA
Flynn Somewhere Inside CA
Fm Five Hooks CA
FM - Faith Massive 2 Edged Sword OK
FM Smith Red Guitar IL
FOB Love's A Woman's Game KY
Foghorn Stringband Weiser Sunrise OR
Fojimoto Don't Let Your Baby Down CA
Fojimoto Just Now Finding Out CA
Fokkewolf Rrrrockus Maximus Ep UK
Folami Moon Soulcry DE
Folk In A Folk In A CA
Folks Together "Live" HomeMade (In-the-Square Coffeehouse) RI
Folksinger (Brian Clauss) Folksinger VA
Folksinger (Brian Clauss) Gypsy Road VA
Folktribe Records Desert Oasis CA
Folktribe Records Live At The Kumbh Mela CA
Folktribe Records Rann Of Kutch CA
Foma icecaves NM
Fomofuiab Fomofuiab CO
Fonda Before And After NY
Fonda Cash I Wanna Be The Light FL
Fonda Rae En2u NY
Fonnmhor Fragment MI
Fooled By April Fooled By April MA
Fooled By April Nice To See You MA
Fooling April Every Good Boy Does Fine PA
Foologic Control 'Ohm' TX
Fools Errand Fools Errand CO
Foot in the Air String Band Tunes We Thought We Knew KY
foot of feathers ...the woes of broken bones and noses CA
Foothill Out Here in the Valley ?
Footlong Breakaway CA
for all I care Nyssa IL
For Christs Sake Look What God Has Done OK
For Christ's Sake Second Coming OK
for the call Child of the King TX
Force Major Fall Out VA
Force of Habit Force of Habit GA
Forced Call Off The Clock CA
ford ford, cross 'n water CAN
Forealious Serendipity Circus OH
Fore-Fote Wonbere OR
Foreign Objects Foreign Objects NY
Foreign Spaces Phaeton Germany
Forensic Restless Souls HI
Forest Glen By FAith PA
Forest Of Witchery Forest of Witchery - Invokation of the IL
Forest Sun For The Story CA
Forest Sun Walk Through Walls CA
Forest Sun Not Afraid CA
Forest Sun Plenty CA
Forever Something to Dream of AL
foreverinmotion self/titled VT
Forgery Forgery CA
Forgiven 5 He Is Alive FL
Forgotten Suns Snooze Portugal
Forgotten Suns Fiction Edge 1 ?
Forms of Things Unknown Cross Purposes CA
Formula Private World PA
Formula Time Of Day PA
Forrest Jourdan Forrest Jourdan TX
Forrest Jourdan The Family Farm TX
Forrest McDonald Colorblind GA
Forrest McDonald Finger Lickin' Blues GA
Forrest McDonald Spirit of the Blues GA
Forrest McDonald What's It Gonna Take? GA
Forrest Whitlow Patch of Blue MO
Fortaleza En Concierto CA
Fortaleza Gran Felicidad CA
Fortaleza Quiero Caminar Contigo CA
forte tell the world NC
Forte' Here I AM CA
FORTRESS Hands in the Till ~ CD-R FL
Fortress Madonna Estonian Female Snipers EP AUS
Fortress Madonna One Hundred Beacons AUS
Fortuity Senka's Joy FL
FORTUNE And the Winners are..... NY
Fortune Vinson Cruse Undercover DE
Forward Motion To'Nite T'Nite NV
Forwardhead Elevate MD
Fossill The Stoned Age SC
Foster Kings Butterfly Road TN
Fougerousse Dr. Zoom's Lone Star Good Time Band TX
Foundation Foundation AZ
Foundry World Rattles 'Round NY
Four Color Track Spoon FL
Four Deep Bruthas From Anutha Mutha MI
Four Fodder Fod4der ND
Four Men Walking The Life We Have To Live TX
Four Piece Suit Spirito MA
Four Piece Suit Matinee Idylls MA
Four Toed Willy Hosed MI
Four Trips Ahead 39th Street Lullabies NY
Four Trips Ahead The 505 Sessions NY
Four Wilson Drive Four Wilson Drive NY
Four Year Bender Lucky CA
FOUR19 Malice In Wonderland EP-Vol.I CA
Four24 A Higher Place PA
Four24 Libre / Free PA
Fourplusone Real Love CA
Fourteen space_ CA
Fourth Arts Block East of Broadway: A benefit for Fourth A NY
Fourth Dimension Around the World FL
Fourth Estate Demo (Finesse & Fury) CO
Fourth Estate Dustbuster Demos CO
Fourth Estate Finesse and Fury CO
Fourton/Geissendoerfer/Norkin Bridging the Gap NY
Fox and Branch Bootlegger's Blues WI
Fox and Branch Mama Don't Allow WI
Foxglove Foxglove CA
Foxtrot November Rush the Clock GA
Foxy Moon Baby The Out of Blue PA
FPCC Worship Band Prayed In Full CA
Fragile Fragile DE
Fragile Jack National Bag WA
Fragile Jack Thirsty Work WA
Fraglen The Power Of The Dogs VA
Fragrance Something Different NC
Frail Watching You Fall NY
Frain/Dunlap Pull The Shades MA
Fran Archer God, Guns 'N Cigarettes MA
Fran Archer The Jaws of Love MA
Fran Archer / Tom Bell Santa Got a Pink Slip for Christmas [ An MA
Fran Avni I'm All Ears:Sing Into Reading CA
Fran Lucci Fran Lucci CA
Fran Lucci Mandays CA
Fran M Ellison Honey, Be My Honeybee! MO
Fran M Ellison Take Care of Your Love MO
Fran Mandeville Precarious MA
Fran Mandeville I Have Walked With Angels MA
Fran McKendree Via Transforma NC
Fran Smith Jr. and The Ten Cen Man Meets Machine NJ
Fran Snyder Five Little Monkeys TX
Franc Aledia Franc Aledia OH
Frances Busby Far Away From You CA
Frances Mai-Ling Awakening IL
Francesca Ancarola Sons of the Same Sun NM
Francesca Battistelli just a breath FL
Francesca Gramm Instant Gratification NY
Francesca Gramm Secrets Of My Heart NY
Francesco Guaiana Trio Nojaz Italy
Francie Dillon The Toy Box CA
Francie Kelley Wake Up and Go To Sleep CA
Francine Calo Francine Calo ME
Francine Carr Loving You CA
Francine Feldmann / Burgess Me Secret Of The Webbing Purple CA
Francine Wheeler Come Sit Beside Me NY
Francis Inspirational Jazz NC
Francis Doughty Among Trees MA
Francis Doughty Under the Sky MA
Francis Kim Francis Kim MA
Francis Kim Francis Kim Demo MA
Francis Kim Industrial Canvas MA
Francis Mbappe Celebration NY
Francis McGrath No Less Days TX
Francis Schulte Motoring Stars CA
Francisco Javier Herrera La Fuerza de la Raiz CA
Franck Junior Flores Razones Para Soñar NY
Franco Callous Kush Unite 2 FCK U 2 Caught Ya Sleepin' CA
Franco Mayo Poema FL
Franco Morone Italian Fingerstyle Guitar CA
Franco Scanga Franco Scanga Canada
Francois Brisson Fragile Canada
Francois Didier Bouvet Left Turn On Spanish Highway CA
Francois Elie Roulin Parade France
Frani Armed NJ
Frani Frani NJ
Frank Ace Cry u out of my heart AZ
Frank Adkins Till You Came Along WV
Frank and Steve Plain Brown Wrapper NJ
Frank Arricale DOWN . . . but not out PA
Frank Ayers Back To The Country PA
Frank Bango Fugitive Girls NY
Frank Bango The Unstudied Sea NY
Frank Bard Harmonica from the Heartland OH
Frank Brown Out of the Blue PA
Frank Cadillac Magic Of Love NY
Frank Carlier Born Again SC
Frank Cosentino Open Up And Say Wah! ?
Frank Critelli Rear View Mirror CT
Frank Critelli Reunion CT
Frank Critelli Two In The Afternoon CT
Frank D. Jonez Eclectic Avenue IN
Frank D. Jonez Lifesavior IN
Frank D'Agostino Cold As Ice NJ
Frank D'Agostino& Marieann Mer Vivianna NJ
Frank Dain I Thought About You NY
Frank Dalton The Songs of Frank Dalton Canada
Frank Danna Dimensional Visions AZ
Frank Dicker Demo CA
Frank Donlan The Emotive Guitar and New Age Sounds of VA
Frank Dycus Horny Frank & the Tennessee Shitkickers GA
Frank Emerson There's a Story Told VA
Frank Emerson Dear Sarah featuring The Flag of Our Fat VA
Frank Emerson Safe in the Harbour VA
Frank Fabio Guitar For Lovers NV
Frank Feldman and Roni Kohen-- Recuerdo NY
Frank French The Well Tempered Caliver CA
Frank French Buon Ritmo, Sempre Marcato CA
Frank French &The Phantom Band Carnavalesca CA
Frank Gambino If Ignorance Is Bliss... How Come You're NY
Frank Glaz 01.01.00 The Low Tech Man's Revenge NY
Frank Glaz Low Tech Man NY
Frank Glaz My Computer Is Broke NJ
Frank Glaz The Low-Tech Chronicles NJ
Frank Glaz Wherever You Go NJ
Frank Glover POLITICO IN
Frank Glover Siamese Twins IN
Frank Goodman All The Way Down TN
Frank Goodman Morning Boy TN
Frank Grimaldi Balance NY
Frank Grimaldi Walking Backward NY
Frank Hopkins Jack Of All Trades Master Of None ME
Frank Hosford, Rich Hughes, Pa Blues For George NE
Frank Ian The Blue Rider OH
Frank Jackson I Should Care CA
Frank Jackson New York After Dark CA
Frank Jackson Swingin' And All Dressed To Go CA
Frank Jackson A Backslider's Prayer MD
Frank James Just a Man and His Music SC
frank johnson jr he died FL
Frank Jordan Decoy CA
Frank Klepacki Morphscape NV
Frank L. Th' Road to Recovery KY
Frank Lamonea Building Bridges CA
Frank Lamonea Badldog CA
Frank Lamphere Ain't Love A Kick - The Unforgettable IL
Frank Lee Artseen NC
Frank Lee & Adam Tanner Two Mules NC
Frank LeGree My Life IL
Frank Macchia The Galapagos Suite CA
Frank Maraday Reflections NY
Frank Maraday Times Remembered NY
Frank Marocco Appassionato CA
Frank Mead Shout It Out DE
Frank Moravcik Polka Music Oooh Boy! OH
Frank Morey Cold In Hand MA
Frank Morey Father John's Medicine MA
Frank Morey The Delmark Sessions MA
Frank Pete For tha Love of the Art IL
Frank Porcelli Idyllic Vision NJ
Frank Porcelli 2 Song Demo NJ
Frank Porter Alive and So Alone PA
Frank Porter Frank Border PA
Frank Porter Rolling Down the Road in the Big Yellow Bus PA
Frank Porter The Yellow Bus Lives in Our Dreams PA
Frank Primeggia Simply Frank NY
Frank Rose this is now that was then CA
Frank Schwartz Things Have A Way Of Working Out CT
Frank Singer Generations String Quartet PA
Frank Singer Off The Top: Standards 1 PA
Frank Smith Assemblance Of Rings WA
Frank Smith I'm Coming Over WA
Frank Southecorvo Anthem NC
Frank Southecorvo Chelsea Bridge NC
Frank Thewes Starts With A Step NJ
Frank Thomson Bake-A-Cake PA
Frank Thomson Demo PA
Frank Tinari If I Ask NJ
Frank Tribes By All Means IL
Frank Tuma Island Vibrations FL
Frank Vassallo Mixed Media NY
Frank Vassallo/Softkrome Alternatives NY
Frank Wagner (The Singing Serv Home is Where You Dig It IL
Frank Wallace Frank Wallace NH
Frank Wiafe Mention The Name NY
Frank Wiafe The Power Of Praise NY
Frank Wilkins [piano], Leonard The 12th Annual John Coltrane Memorial C NY
Frank Williamson Under The Circumstances CA
Franki Baaz the marriage of Sex and Lies CA
Franki Baaz Wisdom CA
Frankie Frankie UK
Frankie C. Get Off The Cross CA
Frankie Cendejas Del Pasado Al Presente CA
Frankie Hart & The FarAway Ens. Hitotsu Japan
Frankie Kelly, clarinetist Tapestry: Music From The America CA
Frankie Moreno Miracles NV
Franklin & Stapleton Wicked KY
Franklin A. Vassallo Digressions NY
Franklin Moore Motive Force NC
Franklin Taggart Falling All The Way MD
Frankojazz Frankojazz Live! DC
Frank's Sister Frank's Sister CT
Franky Metamorphisis Bahamas
Franky Dee I Like To Rock CA
Franky Suarez Tradicion Navideña PR
Franky The Genius I'm Just Such A Genius va
Franky the Genius Raw Skill, No Tricks, No Gimmicks va
Frankye Kelly My Life More Than It Is, Not Just The Bl CA
Franny Hall Take You Home IN
Frantic Radio Beings Unearthed TN
Franze Down By the River NY
FRATTA grandeSEXitos Mexico
Frauke Rotwein Shamanic Journey Drumming Volume II NY
Fraz Hear Canada
freak juice juicemaker CA
Freak Mountain Ramblers Freak Mountain Ramblers III OR
Freak of the Day Sinister NJ
Freak Power Ticket Freak Power Ticket CA
Freak the Jones Ohm GA
Fred & Charles Amie The Amie Boys Now NV
FRED and ETHEL Can You See The Future? WI
Fred Armand Serenescapes FL
Fred Atkins My Great Loss Today LA
Fred Bacher Major Statement Man ON
Fred Blankenburg Penny and the PineCone People PA
Fred Caporale with Melissa Cur HOMECOMING NY
Fred Clark Living in Dakin's Neighborhood LA
Fred Deaguero, Jr. Nocturnal Tides CO
Fred Drake Twice Shy CA
Fred Forsh In God's Hands GA
Fred Forsh In the Company of Believers GA
Fred Gillen Jr. Grace NY
Fred Gillum and Debby Holder Sing Along Child Songs MD
Fred Gosbee The Ballad of Cappy John & Other Songs o ME
Fred Gosbee & Julia Lane Tapestry IV - Gentlemen ME
Fred Groce Dreams IN
Fred Groce Season's Wind IN
Fred Holstein Remembering Fred - A Tribute to Fred Hol IL
Fred Holstein Fred Holstein: A Collection IL
Fred Ide Demo Tape NY
Fred Jackson Moving On NC
Fred Jacobs Time Change NY
Fred Leonard In My Own Words OH
Fred Moolten Moonlit River PA
Fred Moolton the way we are MA
Fred Moore Back To The Old School IN
Fred Niznik The Renaissance LP NJ
Fred Pineau and The Ghost Flam 2 pickups, 6 strings, and an attitude MA
Fred Randolph Learning Curve CA
Fred Scott Unknown Soul MI
Fred Stamps I Rest In You CA
Fred Steffen The Apartment Tapes (2 x cd) OH
Fred Stickley All About Horses OR
Fred Sturm American Rags, Brazilian Tangos, Afrocub NM
Fred Sturm Brazilian Soul - Piano music of Villa-Lo NM
Fred Sturm Piano Music of Ginastera and Villa-lobos NM
Fred Walker & Friends Blues in a Red Dress MO
Fred Wilhelm Amidlife TN
Fred Williams Lighthouse Dawn CO
Fred Wolf Lasting Love CA
Freddie Beyah A new Begining GA
Freddie Brown Freddie Brown & Night Crow TN
Freddie Brown & Night Crow IT'S CHRISTMAS TN
Freddie Brown And Night Crow Phases TN
Freddie Eskridge Demo TX
Freddie G. Brown Nashville Cat TN
Freddie G. Tha General The Invasion IN
Freddie Leon Moments FL
Freddie Long It's Only Just Begun MD
Freddie Stevenson EP UK
Freddie Weber Love - It's All Right Here! CA
Freddie Weber NOW CA
Freddie Weber We're All One CA
Freddy Things You Never Thought I'd Say CA
Freddy G It's All About Love CA
Freddy Powers The Country Jazz Singer Collectors Editi TX
Frederic Buchet Pyjama Party NY
Frederic Michot / ilymusic My Music Box CD vol1 CA
Frederic Michot / ilymusic Odyssey 1497 CA
Frederic Michot / ilymusic Dream Party CA
Frederic Michot / ilymusic Space 1 CA
Frederick "THABITI" Trice The Colour of Music MO
Frederick Groce & Sue Helton-G Simple Times IN
Fredericka King A Born Pianist... MA
Frederico Domondon Frederico, the Artist CA
Fredette, Knill & Lynch Cruisin' on Angel Oil CA
Fredric Zimmerman Be-Sleep-Dream CA
Fredric Zimmerman Piano 4 Playtime CA
Fredric Zimmerman Quartet '96: Watercolors CA
Fredric Zimmerman/Alex Zepeda Duets volume I: standards and Volume II: CA
Fredrick Hoffer CD 17 Help Celebrate My 80th Year NY
Fredrick Hoffer CD 19 Electric Piano Suite, Number one NY
Fredrick Hoffer CD 5, Piano Suite Number Four NY
Fredrick Hoffer CD 6 Piano Suite Number Five NY
Fredrick Hoffer CD 7, Piano Suite Number Six NY
Fredrick Hoffer CD 9, Piano Suite Number 7 NY
Fredrick Hoffer CD#3, Piano Suite #2 NY
Fredrick Hoffer CD4 Piano Suite 3 NY
Fredrick Hoffer Piano Music From The Summer of '01, Part 1 NY
Fredrick Hoffer Piano Music From The Summer of '01, Part 2 NY
Fredrick Hoffer Piano Music From The Summer of '01, Part 3 NY
Fredrick Hoffer Piano Music From The Summer of '01, Part 4 NY
Fredrick Hoffer Piano Suite Number One NY
Fredrick Hoffer Piano Suite, Number Eight NY
Fredrick Hoffer Suite For Wind Instruments, #1 NY
Fredrik Rixman 7 Minor Songs On Major Issues Sweden
Free Agentz The Beginning OH
Free Clinic Every Day Has It's Dog IL
fREe deLIVEry fREe deLIVEry KY
fREe deLIVEry No Evil EP KY
Free Planet Radio New Bedouin Dance NC
Free Range Pickin' Free Range Pickin' MN
Free Range Pickin' From The Other Side Of The Fence MN
Free Rein Easy Loving You VA
Free Rein Free Rein VA
Free Sol 11:11 TN
Free South Band Free South Project TN
Free Treats Solar Show NH
Free Verse Inventing An Archetype WA
Free Verse Mierda / Aerosol (CD Single) WA
Free Weed Free Weed IL
FreeAudioPlayer FAP Compilation Volume I NJ
Freebo Before The Separation CA
Freebo Dog People CA
Freebo The End of the Beginning CA
free'dem free'dem GA
Freedom Southern Stars FL
Freedom and Whiskey Freedom and Whiskey IN
Freedom Blues South African Jazz Under Apartheid AZ
Freedom Fellowship Freedom Worship Live TX
Freedom Fighters Make Me Go Redda France
Freedom Funk Ensemble Hard BopHop OR
Freedom of Existence Desensitize AZ
Freedom Under X-Ray American Damage CA
Freedrum Bush Party CA
Freefall Blue Evening CA
Freefall EP MA
FreeFall ...Flying CT
Freelance Bishops Freelance Bishops MA
Freelance Johnson thedopestopus CA
Free-Life Shashana & Rolando GARDEN MUSIC VA
FreeLoader Time has come UK
Freeman Conscious Rap NY
Freeman L. Semons, Jr. Spiritual Jazzman WI
Freestyle Nation freeversation GA
Freight Train Riders of Americ Freight Train Riders of America CA
Fremont John TIMELINE FL
Fremont John Acoustic Thunder FL
Fremont John & Acoustic Thunde Lightning Strikes The Bull - Live In Key FL
Frenzy Free Your Mind GA
Frequency db Blue Down Where the Diver Goes OR
Frequency Fall Resensitize CA
Fresh Flesh Fresh Flesh CO
Freshet Freshet WA
Fret Knot Fret Knot CO
Freyed Mulligan Dirty Dishes NY
FREYjA The Siren's Odyssey Australia
Freylach Time! Freylach Time! The Klezmer Dance Band NC
Friction Bailey The Silent Night CA
Friction Bailey Tengo Yellow Pedal CA
Friction Farm Choose Red For The Sky FL
Friedman & Johnson Lessons NV
Friedrich Lips CINEMA WI
Friedrich Lips Encore WI
Friedrich Lips Russian and Trepak WI
Friedrich Lips Russian Bells WI
Friend Of Howard Friend Of Howard IL
friendben Waking . . . PA
friendben Life & Song in Progress CT
Friendly No One The Cleveland Specials MN
Friends & Consequences Your Big Night Out WI
friends of gravity thankful LA
Friends of Jabu First Offering LA
Friends of Lizzy Perfect Little Pieces TX
friends of lizzy the answer TX
Friends of Mild7 Songs We Learned in Texas MD
Friends of the Ann Marie Home Safe Inside of Me WI
Friends Of The Heart I Owe You The Praise NJ
Friends of Your Mother Assuming the Best CO
Fries, Ryan & Valega Live@147 NY
Friktion Fricktion SD
Frilly Lizard Dancin' on the Water NJ
Frisky Lizards Frisky Lizards WI
Frisky London Thank You Lady OH
fritter mockery MA
Fritz & the Freeloaders Street Music, Vol. 1 WA
Fritz Doddy The Feeling of Far NJ
Fritz Steinegger Piano - Fritz Steinegger AZ
FRITZ'S POLKA BAND A Taste of Switzerland NY
FRITZ'S POLKA BAND The Party Continues NY
Frizzl County Boy MO
Frode Holm FrodoCPU CA
Frodo Vermicelli and the Dot B How Should I Make Love? NY
Frog Holler Adams Hotel Road PA
Frog Holler Idiots PA
Frog Holler Railings PA
Froggman Soundtrack From The Movie Froggman AUS
From A Secret Place Billion Piece Puzzle TX
From Here To There From Here To There WA
From Out Of The Sky From Out Of The Sky FL
From The Bridge 9 Views From The Bridge NY
From the Icy Coast End of the Line WA
From The Inside Current Address ?
from these stones worship songs live EP CA
Front Line (Brian Wilkinson) My Element ID
Front Porch Swingin' Liquor Pi Halfcocked and Fully Loaded MN
Front Range Artists Wheeeeeeeeee CO
Front Royale Your Everything Outfit MA
Frontline/made Mafia Warzone NY
Frontrunners Game-Over MD
Frøy Aagre / Offbeat Katalyze Norway
Frozen Feet Under The Table OH
Frozen Smile Power Pop CA
Frozen Tears Filme do soul dilemma PR
Frozen Tundra Repin Midwest WI
Fruit of the Spirit Worship=Relationship NC
Frumious Bandersnatch The Studio Outtakes CA
FTR (Feed The Rhino) I Like It NY
FTW Panty Raid Siren TX
Fugitive Glue Mateo TN
Fugitive Poets The Day The Radio Died NJ
Fugitive Poets Notice NJ
Fulbone Halt OH
FULL Desperandum WA
FULL Dimstar WA
Full Blown Kirk Zero Day OH
Full Effect Atlantis ?
Full Frontal Folk Storming the Castle PA
Full Gospel Ensemble/Minister They that wait upon the Lord VA
Full Moon Blanket Another First AL
Full of Stars Full of Stars NC
Full Out Freak Full Out Freak NJ
Full Throttle Stocking Stuffers CA
Full Tilt The Endless Smokebreak IN
FullEclipse This Is Me PA
FULLER get this started FL
Fully Funktional No Frills UK
FulmAr Rethink Rubbish MO
Fulton Train Everyone's Stupid OH
fumble fingers Look Mom! No Hands!! CA
Fumitaka Anzai Exclusive Sequences Japan
Fumitaka Anzai Kyrie : Canto Cybernetico Japan
FUNdamentals of Music and Move Let's Pretend CA
Funhouse Silver Lining Canada
Funk Butchers Prime Cuts UK
Funk Dub Division the Hits CA
Funk Me Fester We The People WV
Funk Shui TRUE CO
Funkdaddy In Tha Mix WA
Funkiphino Lovin' Life CO
Funkmatixx Smoke and Mirrors DC
funkUs free FL
funkUs flavour FL
funkUs strobe light FL
Funky Blues Messiahs Lost in Mississippi FL
Funky Brewster Funky Brewster EP TX
Funky Stella Debutiful ME
Fun-Loving Jack Demo IL
Funny Face Lust UK
Fur Lined Volcanoes Odd Flower NC
Fur Mina ghost in the machine OH
Furbucket Fetal CA
Furious Glow Before we were Calloused KS
Furious Slugs Better Late Than Never CA
Furley Dragon and Phoenix NY
Furman j. Meggett Eklectic CA
Fuse 5 The Big L CT
Fusebox Funk The Solution FL
Fusion Band Demo FL
Fussy Surely Like The Rain MN
Future Art Aquatrance Chapter 1: Voyage Into Spirit TX
Future Art Dreams Come True TX
Future Art Explorations of Sound TX
Future Art I.A.: Intelligent Artificiality TX
Future Driven Mettle VA
Future Freedom Ensemble Avant Groove NY
Future Lisa No Head For You MN
Future of Music Census 2000 ?
Future of Music Video Video ?
Future X Selam DE
Future X Music For The Apocalypse GA
FutureBLU Painstainedface CA
Futureretro Organic Machines AUS
Future-X Rough Mixes 2/17/01 IN
Futyle Resistance Is... CA
Fuze DiG MI
Fuze Blistz Gemini Chronicles MD
Fuzz Beloved Fuzz Beloved CA
Fuzz-Huzzi rock n roll ain't easy CA
Fuzzy Good Lovin CA
Fuzzy Comets Dream Tiger PA
Fydolla Ho Untied CA

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