Member Marilynn Manfra
On one of the best start to finish albums in any genre, Marilynn Manfra impressed me with her versatility, not only in song style, lyric writing and powerful vocal performance, but also in her producing skills on this well conceived and delivered solo masterpiece. From sultry torch songs like "In the Shadows" to emotional ballads like "One Last Look" Marilynn can pull heartstrings and seduce with ease. My favorite song, which I think is both a hit and an anthem for social acceptance is the pop radio ready "Ruben's Girls." I had the pleasure of staying with Marilynn and her family in Rhode Island during last years East Coast Roadtrip, and I am especially pleased to hear so much talent coming from such a nice and down to earth person. Marilynn, one of the good guys, has certainly made good!
Listen to some of Marilynn Manfra's songs
1. Ruben's Girl
2. Wistful Mourning
3. One Last Look