Travelling Man.

I was no good at maths
Physics or chemistry
But I was top of the class
At geography,
I knew the world
Like the back of my hand
And I dreamed one day
Id be a travelling man.

When I finished school
My dad got me a job
At a local factory
Making door knobs,
I saved for months
Bought a V W van
Still dreaming one day
Id be a travelling man.

Winter was closing in
I thought its time to go
Maybe head to Texas
And then Mexico,
But things changed
When I met Suzanne
I ditched my dream
To be a travelling man.

Soon we were shopping
For curtains and paint
The price of kids shoes
Nearly made me faint,
Awe but family life
Showed me who I am
I had no desire
To be a travelling man.

Years went whizzing by
The kids left the nest
I lost Suzanne
Doctors did their best,
And then one day
In a traffic jam
My dream came back
To be a travelling man.

Well from the pyramids
To Chinas great wall
The seven wonders
Ive seen them all,
Now a nurse comes in
Clutching a bed pan
Only one journey left
For this travelling man.

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