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VA Beach busking

Posted By: DeMoni

VA Beach busking - 02/13/20 12:34 AM

Hey everyone, I'm looking to save up enough money to afford the gas to get down to Virginia Beach from Roanoke and wondered if any of you knew some good spots to busk, I imagine along the beach would be good but I've never been down there before so I can't really think of any other spots that would have the same kind of promise. Thanks!
Posted By: Gary E. Andrews

Re: VA Beach busking - 05/01/20 09:36 PM

Wherever there is people traffic, public transportation spots, people coming and going, lunchtime crowd coming out of office buildings.
Just guessing.

I hope these venues will still be ready to play soon.
North Shore Point House Concerts. 757-451-2434.
The NorVa. or The Backstage Cafe'.
Virginia Arts Festival.
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