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$1K Folk Song Grants Available

Posted By: John O'Hara

$1K Folk Song Grants Available - 04/01/18 01:48 AM

I am a musician, and Patron of the Performing Arts. My Charitable Fund supports veterans, and mid-stage singer-songwriters who are 1) currently performing, and 2) have released a well-written folk song (single, part of EP, or LP). Grants are unrestricted, $1k cash. This is for real, no entry fees, etc, but the songs must be of very high quality.


J. John O'Hara $1K Folk Song Grants
Posted By: Brian Austin Whitney

Re: $1K Folk Song Grants Available - 04/02/18 04:48 PM


Thanks for sharing your offer. Once someone wins, what happens beyond them getting the money? Are they required to give use of that song for some purpose? Or is it just free money to further support the work of the writer with no strings attached? If that is the case, you should also post this on the "Just Plain Folks on Facebook" group page as well as the facebook Just Plain Folks home page at There's about 2500 hundred writers between those two boards including about half of this year's music awards nominees. If you don't find the quality you want/need, then let me know and I can directly contact some top notch Folk writers (of course depending on what you consider Folk, we have New Folk and Traditional Folk (original) as well as Folk Covers, Americana, Roots, Bluegrass, Male and Female Singer songwriter and even many ethnic folk songs such as Celtic, Polka, Asian, African, Latin, European, World etc. Any number of songs or writers in those genres have music that many would consider Folk music.

Let me know,


Posted By: Perry Neal Crawford

Re: $1K Folk Song Grants Available - 07/09/18 07:10 PM

I am a veteran (Army) and have been writing stories and songs for Brent Lewis. He performs my Celtic Folk piece with his daughter at
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