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Bestbuy to stop selling CDs

Posted By: RonnieDean

Bestbuy to stop selling CDs - 02/07/18 03:17 PM

Posted By: Ray E. Strode

Re: Bestbuy to stop selling CDs - 02/07/18 03:25 PM

I think the Last CD's I bought in a store was Wal-Mart. I do buy CD's out of the Catalogs from time to time. We used to have a Music Store here in the Mall but they are no longer in business. I get Music Catalogs all the time so the CD is far from dead and practically all the music from the past is available somewhere.
Posted By: RonnieDean

Re: Bestbuy to stop selling CDs - 02/07/18 05:59 PM

The CD pressing factories (Is that the right term?) must be crestfallen.

If we ever loose the internet it will be like a Twilight Zone episode.

I do my song checks on CD after CD. I can navigate them while still focusing on my driving.
If I loose the ability to burn a CD, due to lack of blanks, watch out I'm trying to play it again from my phone.
Posted By: Brian Austin Whitney

Re: Bestbuy to stop selling CDs - 02/08/18 07:10 AM


You have a great point. One major Sun burp and all electronic data and machines may be gone in a blink losing anything not on a preserved hard copy forever. We're moving into a dicey age where too much dependence on a source that is ever changing and sadly ever more under govt control is threatening to erase our history as surely as the many lost civilizations from pre-Sumeria are being denied and banned from being taught or even written about in many countries. I've been learning, often FIRST HAND with my own eyes on ancient sites and artifacts that we've long been lied to about nearly everything. We've all heard the victors write the history, but I am blessed to have researches among my friends with direct evidence that disputes many of the historical canon BS that are being taught to us all our lives. And it isn't remotely hard to imagine our entire existence being long forgotten by survivors of the future who restart this whole sad process again. The worst is so much of these fragments of history either WERE available and destroyed on purpose or still ARE available, but under lock and key of those in power. It has weighed heavily on me since having my eyes opened to so much of it in the past few years. I spent so many years in ignorant bliss, just working hard and going about my life without awareness and I am most others are the worse for it.

Posted By: Brian Austin Whitney

Re: Bestbuy to stop selling CDs - 02/08/18 07:14 AM

By the way, the great irony here is that Best Buy is almost single handedly responsible for killing commercial music earnings than any other entity. Like Amazon has done to almost all other stores, big and small, they undercut pricing until everyone else had to do the same until they died off one after another and the market for music never recovered. And it was so weakened by Best Buy's loss leader strategies that when file sharing hit back to back with it, it was over. This brief window of time where music creators and makers for the only time in history could make a living at their craft was over. It was less than a single lifetime.
Posted By: Marc Barnette

Re: Bestbuy to stop selling CDs - 02/08/18 10:56 PM

Actually STREAMING and CELL PHONES killed CD sales. And both were what ended the ability of songwriters to be paid. When you could get endless supply of music on your phone, right at your fingertips, the storage capacity of stores to stock CD's (just like years before in Vinyl) as well as people wanting to store those big bulky things in their houses or cars, the CD was mostly done. And while Vinyl has made a comeback, it will never replace the conveinece of streaming (or the ability to get it free).

The vast majority of the listening public are NOT audiofiles, or could care less about artwork, liner notes, or the plight of songwriters. They think we are all rich any way. There is a complete disconnect between the creators of the music and the listening public. It's always been there for them, always will be there for them.

But streaming killed the CD star, just like video killed the radio star.
Posted By: RonnieDean

Re: Bestbuy to stop selling CDs - 02/09/18 02:25 AM

Kids today.
Posted By: Brian Austin Whitney

Re: Bestbuy to stop selling CDs - 04/13/18 07:30 AM

Originally Posted by RonnieDean
Kids today.

Not kids... just a society with no interest in the past or how they go to lead such easy lives... but someday they'll realize they're lost and won't know how to save themselves.
Posted By: Dave Rice

Re: Bestbuy to stop selling CDs - 04/13/18 03:11 PM

Opportunity knocks. Let's open up a small, private chain of "Record Stores" selling CD's. Probably best done on-line 'cause the monthly rent and utilities would consume all profits until the biz model takes off... if it really is a workable plan. LOL! Stinking streamers! ----Dave
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