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Streaming for Gospel music

Posted By: Everett Adams

Streaming for Gospel music - 11/08/17 12:18 PM

Is there any music streaming service out there specializing in Gospel music only?
Posted By: Dave Rice

Re: Streaming for Gospel music - 11/08/17 06:42 PM

Hi Everett:

I did a search and noticed the Gospel Music Association. They claim to offer streaming services. The website looks professional but I have no idea regarding costs and legitimacy. Do a Google or other search-engine look-up and you will see several others that might work for you. As always, caution should be a significant factor in dealing with any source or service you don't have a working relationship with. If you have Gospel Genre Songwriting or Performing friends, ask them for good sources.

I'm still a "holdout" on streaming due to ASCAP's constant negative articles about this practice and the poor record of payouts.

I do not know these folks (GMA) but have heard of them.

All the best,

Posted By: Everett Adams

Re: Streaming for Gospel music - 11/09/17 01:53 PM

Thanks Dave, I'm looking into it.
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