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Delinquent Submissions From Nominees

Posted By: Perry Neal Crawford

Delinquent Submissions From Nominees - 09/12/17 04:40 AM

I don't understand nominees that aren't keeping close track of the process themselves to participate and communicate. The JPF site is for them and available 24/7 with information and a chance to ask questions and contribute to the sharing and learning that is so much more than awards. If the list of delinquent nominations is posted, the nominees can be responsible for checking the list and taking action. A deadline would be appropriate.

Yack Back!
Posted By: Brian Austin Whitney

Re: Delinquent Submissions From Nominees - 10/06/17 12:50 PM


I don't want to "out" someone who may be innocent of doing anything wrong. From people having passed away (8 already) to the uselessness of email and social media to communicate (right now the average read rate industry wide of legit (as opposed to spam) email even being opened in 24%. JPF (who I bummed out about frankly) is twice as good with 49% of members opening our emails. But that still means we totally miss 50% on any issue. And of those that OPEN an email, rarely does anything read more than a paragraph. Usually they see the first point, fill in the blanks in their head about what the rest must say, and act accordingly. It's sad. It also explains that even when people respond to a request, only half of the half who respond follow even the most simplistic instructions. It's not just us, we're doing twice as good as the world, but even that makes it impossible to operate when we need nearly 100% compliance to make things happen on a shoestring budget using only volunteers.

We'll keep trying, but time keeps rushing by. I can only do what I can do.

Posted By: maccharles

Re: Delinquent Submissions From Nominees - 10/13/17 08:10 PM

And thanks for what you do Brian, you're a brave man.

I took a few serious life hits in the last two years, my lfe was quickly knocked back and shredded, but I still managed to find time to respond. Who knows what holds people back from doing as such, one can never really know.
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