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Drum samples

Posted By: djmushi

Drum samples - 12/03/17 01:44 PM

Hi guys I am making , funk electronic music in my FL studio , and looking for someone 4 collab.
I am prefer using samples and drum packs from here
Posted By: djellis

Re: Drum samples - 12/29/17 03:52 PM

Thanks for sharing.
Posted By: SeanMichaels

Re: Drum samples - 02/11/19 05:04 AM

Awesome! I've been using a lot of samples from Splice lately. Great for pop and EDM stuff. I haven't heard of Lucid Samples before, but I'm willing to check it out. For more realistic drum samples, I've been loving Drumforge, GetGood Drums, SSD5, That Sound, and Superior Drummer 3. GetGood Drums is the most versatile in my opinion. I love the way you can route it inside your DAW like you're actually mixing a real kit.
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