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Color me grateful!

Posted By: Bob Cushing

Color me grateful! - 10/28/20 12:11 AM

I'm honored to be nominated in twice for the JPF awards. "C'mon Big Brother" --Best political commentary. "Somehow We Survived it all"--Rock ballad. I'm VERY appreciative!
Posted By: John W. Selleck

Re: Color me grateful! - 10/28/20 04:04 AM

Hi Bob,
Great to hear from you again. I haven't seen you here since I came back on!
Posted By: Bob Cushing

Re: Color me grateful! - 10/28/20 06:28 AM

I'm going try to show my face around here more often.
Posted By: Brian Austin Whitney

Re: Color me grateful! - 11/05/20 08:56 AM

We would love to have you!
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