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UK Songwriting Contest winner

Posted By: Chris_SD

UK Songwriting Contest winner - 09/07/17 05:19 AM


We're really proud of Susan Odella for winning the UK Songwriting Contest in the electronic category last year. We produced her song "I'll Be There" in our online recording studio. Susan ended up getting a licensing deal from the exposure she got from the win, so we can't help but recommend song contests to get your music out there. They are accepting entries now for 2017, good luck!


Posted By: Germain Brunet

Re: UK Songwriting Contest winner - 03/10/18 07:54 PM

Congrats to Susan!
Posted By: Brian Austin Whitney

Re: UK Songwriting Contest winner - 04/15/18 09:52 AM

So did she make anything from her deal?
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