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Posted By: Ted Martin

HOUSE CONCERTS - 09/17/16 02:36 AM

For all of you that are interested here is an excellent source of information on house concerts.
Posted By: DonnaMarilyn

Re: HOUSE CONCERTS - 10/24/16 10:26 PM

Yes, these are a tremendous way for singer-songwriters to be heard, and to connect to their listeners in a cosy atmosphere.

A friend of mine in Rotterdam hosted a very active American singer-songwriter a few years ago. There were about 22 people present, and - as well as paying a small 'entrance fee' - everyone had brought something to eat and drink (to share). We loved being able to talk to the singer, and to learn about the different kinds of house-concert experiences she had had during her travels, as well as about the inspiration behind some of the songs. It was a wonderful evening.

I hope she'll come back to the Netherlands one day. i've invited her to stay at my home, and to perform here.

Posted By: Brian Austin Whitney

Re: HOUSE CONCERTS - 01/05/18 04:38 AM

There's nothing better than having a world class musician who play all over the world with a Rock Hall of Fame member do a show for your family, friends and neighbors. House concerts are great!
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