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Songs of Colorado

Posted By: Larry W. Jones

Songs of Colorado - 11/24/12 12:08 AM

Songs of Colorado-Lyrics by Larry W Jones

Greetings Colorado JPF Chapter members,

I relocated from Texas to Longmont Colorado. These song lyrics need your music and singing. Just list Larry W Jones as the lyrics writer. Send me an MP3 of your recordings for possible submission in my third (Public Radio Exchange) one-hour radio program.

1. Colorado Valley Cowgirl (BMI work #8544830)

2. On The Cattle Trail To Colorado (BMI work #8618989)

3. Rocky Mountain Howdy (BMI work #13331904)

4. Colorado Stoker (BMI work #13331908)

5. Like A Song Of Colorado (BMI work #13364650)

6. On Mountains In Colorado (BMI work #13742832)

7. High Colorado Home (BMI work #14774533)

Posted By: Jim Colyer

Re: Songs of Colorado - 05/13/13 08:04 PM

I am planning a trip to Colorado in August. Hope to see Denver, Rocky Mountain National Park, Dinosaur National Monument, and Pike's Peak.

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