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would love to collaborate

Posted By: amynicole

would love to collaborate - 05/03/07 05:29 PM

ASCAP lyricist in orlando. i am trying to branch out on this site and in other states to network/meet other writer/artists who need material. Please listen to my music and let me know if you like what you hear! i also have lyrics here on the lyric boards.
warm regards
Amy Matthew
Posted By: Kayzen21

Re: would love to collaborate - 03/03/15 04:50 AM

Hi Amy,

I am in search of lyrics for my daughter to record her first demo. Must be appropriate for an 11 year old girl to sing.
Christian Worship/Praise

You can check out my daughter's videos
on YouTube right here---->

Lyrics and Melody
Just Lyrics

Please send me any lyrics that you would like to share.

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