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Hello? Boston Artists? Hello?

Posted By: spiritual

Hello? Boston Artists? Hello? - 09/19/05 01:32 AM

Are there any Boston artists that want to network or talk with another BOSTON artist? I see Boston hasn't posted in a awhile. Life as a Bostonian is really busy. I don't know if that has anything to do with it. I know I'm getting hammered between full time work and a part time college schedule. If you Boston folks have any time, it would be nice to meet you.
Posted By: Garfield Josephs

Re: Hello? Boston Artists? Hello? - 02/17/06 12:33 AM

Hey Stanley if you are still out there I would like to meet and talk.

My wife info is up cdbaby or at
loking forward to hearing from you.


Posted By: Pop Superhero

Re: Hello? Boston Artists? Hello? - 06/05/06 11:27 PM

1 Pop Superhero, alive & kicking!
I'm new to the area... just moved to Ipswich. Would love to network with Mass Musicians! Looking for a new lead guitarist, and to expand by adding keyboards to my band too... Know anyone looking for a leg-up in the biz?

JULIAN AKA Cookie Cutter Girl

"Girl Power POP with a PUNCH" on 500+ TV & Radio Stations!
Posted By: Skip Johnson

Re: Hello? Boston Artists? Hello? - 06/09/06 06:43 AM

Hello Boston,

We've just moved to Stoneham, a mere 10 miles north of downtown. I'm interested in meeting songwriters and lyricists here in the area. My email is: <>. If anyone's out there, drop me a line.

Skip Johnson
Posted By: Todd Cody

Re: Hello? Boston Artists? Hello? - 06/10/06 12:19 AM

Hi everyone!

I'm a songwriter living in Brockton. I write mostly country songs (traditional and contemporary) and I'd love to talk to and meet other musicians and songwriters.


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Posted By: Greg Pospiel

Re: Hello? Boston Artists? Hello? *DELETED* *DELETED* - 10/15/07 05:18 AM

Post deleted by gpsongwriter
Posted By: spiritual

Re: Hello? Boston Artists? Hello? - 11/30/07 10:47 PM

I'm definitely interested in the New England Songwriter's group.
I'll shoot you an email soon.

Posted By: georgekaye

Re: Hello? Boston Artists? Hello? - 10/24/08 06:40 AM

Hi Stanley, My name is George Kaye from Whitman ,Ma. I assist,organize,produce,and perform at varioue charitable events in the greater Boston area. Some of my websites include: . I'm a Lyricist songwriter,M.C. Host,singer,voice over announcer,music manager,music and artist activist (scout),a true fanatic of music. Let's chat sometime. email: Have a musical day and life. Peace, George Kaye
Posted By: georgekaye

Re: Hello? Boston Artists? Hello? - 10/24/08 08:31 AM

Hey GPSONGWRITER, I do many benefits please tell me how to get in touch with you. George Kaye .email:
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