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Posted By: Spanky9

Hello - 02/04/20 07:15 PM

I'm looking for boys and girls 18 to 39 to be song writing with me I was to write country pop Christian music. I want to write hit songs for other singers. I'm 35 years old lives in Cincinnati Ohio.
Posted By: Marc Barnette

Re: Hello - 02/05/20 05:15 PM


The best method you are going to be able to have is to actually go to where people you are looking for actually congregate. Churches, areas where those types of music is done. Also colleges, coffeehouses, places where that type of music is done and the people interested congregate. It's one of the problems songwriters have had over the past few years, depending on the Internet to develop all relationships. The Internet has turned into such a weird place,and most people doing music are so self focused. However you do need to include it in your search. Do "google" searches on Facebook, Twitter, and other areas in songwriting and artists you are interested in. You are going to have to seek them out as they rarely go looking for anyone.

For many years, I worked with the Cincinatti NSAI (Nashville songwriters Association International) group. They had regular meetings, shows, workshops, in Batavia, Ohio, on the outskirts of Cincinatti. So make sure you include some physical searching in your efforts.

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