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Active Chicago Chapter?

Posted By: onehandsomedog

Active Chicago Chapter? - 12/28/13 06:37 PM

Hey Y'all!
I am very interested in connecting with JPF members in the Chicago area. Based on the forums, it seems the community here may not be very active. Anyone interested in getting a ball rolling in Chicago?
Posted By: beechnut79

Re: Active Chicago Chapter? - 05/16/17 06:46 PM

I was just wondering if any of the local chapters are still active being that there have been no posts on any of them in over three years.
Posted By: Brian Austin Whitney

Re: Active Chicago Chapter? - 05/17/17 09:13 PM

We put a hold on all the chapters in 2013 due to my health issues. I am not sure if we'll restart them as times have changed and it's a LOT of work to get one going and keep it going.

A chapter is only as good as it's coordinator and often it starts strong but fades. We had over 100 at one time going in 2010... and that's when I had a year and a half in an out of hospitals and completely disengaged with them. By the time I got back to them in 2012, only a handful were still going and we shut the last one down in 2013. We may try to reinvent them in some way as I think meeting face to face is really valuable for all sorts of reasons. But I won't really look at it until after this year and the music awards are done. So we'll see in 2018.

Posted By: beechnut79

Re: Active Chicago Chapter? - 08/17/17 05:18 PM

If you aren't going to restart the local chapters, why not just delete them all and save space?
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