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Posted By: Fdemetrio

Wallflowers - 12/03/19 06:10 PM

I recently pulled out a cd (yeah Ray, a CD) of Bringing Down the Horse by The Wallflowers, Dylan's son Jakob Dylan was the singer and songwriter.

Funny how it brings you back, I had learned every part of this album, mostly so i could do gigs. I knew this album inside out, loved the album.

For some reason, I didnt follow through with The Wallflowers, I dont know if they made any good albums after that, I lost track.

To me, it seemed it marked the last great album i was gonna hear again. I had Tom Pettys WIldflowers around that time too, there were some good rock bands in the mainstream, Wallflowers, Counting Crows, Gren Day, Foo Fighters, not so much Nirvana, Pearljam....

But this stuff was mainstream, and I think Wallflowers Bringing Down The House was the last great album id heard.

Rock still had a pulse, it was starting to go pop, but still was good with these bands at the helm. Rock has been pushed to the side, its like it barely exists any more, at least you wont hear it regularly.

But what a trip down memory lane. What a killer album.... I remember singing Three Marlenas on electric at a bar, for about 5 people, 3 of which I invited lol. I brought the house down!!!!... actually the vibe of the song lent itself to where I was playing it. Great tune, always thought he stole the riff from Velvet underground Sweet Jane, but whatever

every track was great....
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