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Posted By: R&M

Distribution Sites - 01/07/18 08:02 AM

What are the thoughts on sites like Broadjam or Spotify and financial transactions. I posted ep's at Songcast that have been picked up at other distribution sites. Mainly as a more secure place for certain recordings I picked a distribution site. I recieved a postcard about collecting money from Spotify. I don't suspect that I sold anything. What would the members here do?
Posted By: Brian Austin Whitney

Re: Distribution Sites - 04/12/18 12:12 AM

Sign up for CD Baby, and then use them to get you distributed to all the sites that sell music and that play music (such as spotify which is a player, not a seller). Almost no one buys CD's anymore, but if they are looking, it will be CD Baby and the sites they distribute to. They don't promote you, you must create your own demand. If you want to be promoted, get a record deal, otherwise you're on your own to create interest, either via a clever video on Youtube which can pay you if you get a lot of plays.

It is a tough go out there, but if you have good material and you learn about the various platforms and how they pay and you work hard, thats the only path.

Posted By: Bill Lord

Re: Distribution Sites - 05/30/18 11:56 AM

Brian, don't know if you have heard about this new business model:

Interesting. I am very curious to see how it rolls out and is managed. I like several things about the model. It gives the artist potential visibility while allowing them to receive 100% royalties. Amuse benefits from the distributor/musician relationship via data mining. Pretty innovative. Can anyone see a downside with this model that I am missing?

Something new has to break for how artists are heard, discovered, and paid. I am hoping this is a move in the right direction.

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