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Everything is Fine.

Posted By: MFB III

Everything is Fine. - 12/01/20 03:41 AM

Do not weep for what's lost
such wailings are long overdue
you should have wept
for the sweet love
that we both once knew........................."

Everything is fine
now that you are
out of my mind
and I am resigned
to leaving you far behind
it is long past time

All these cutting words
from your sharp tongue,
fall harmless past my heart.
your sneering, jeering lips
twisting in the exact opposite
of your kiss
that I no longer miss

I am cocooned in
the Novocain of apathy,
totally numb I
cannot succumb
to the denial of how
we were once one.
so Rant on with
your loco-motives
I will not fall
beneath your runaway
train of thoughts
and I will not lie strapped
to the steel path
of your endless rails
and your vehement angst.

Love perished months ago,
its light fading from your eyes
all its hopes aborted
severed like an umbilical cord,
as its nourishments parted,
I stand orphaned
from what sired it.
I am solo now
subtracted from two

I am a massive
ancient head
Like those balanced on
Easter island
full of silent musings.
struck mute
by the truth
that I cannot dispute
my stance
on our long lost romance
Deeply embedded
in the fallow
soil where our love
once bloomed
where our love
once bloomed

Offering only my
rock hard gaze,
staring out beyond,
your palms waving
frantically in my face,
your cold shoulders
emitting Freon
with nothing left
that we can agree on
your lips uttering curses
against the odds
against the Gods.

Everything is fine
now that you are
out of my mind
and I am resigned
to leaving you far behind
it is long past time

Contented with
a comforting
knowledge that the
distant waters lying
before me hold,
many other lovely
fish in the

that's just how it's got to be.......
that's just how it's got to be.......

Phenomenal Music Played &
composed by-J.A Prod. Beat--2020
vocals and Lyrics sung & written by-
Matthew F. Blowers III--2020
Posted By: niteshift

Re: Everything is Fine. - 12/01/20 07:33 AM

Hey MFB,

Really interesting tune. The lyrics also fit very well. Problem ? There is quite a pitching issue here which needs to be resolved. How about hiring a pro vocalist, and this track will really shine. Another suggestion is a second vocalist to do call and response in the breaks. Keep working on it.

cheers, niteshift
Posted By: MFB III

Re: Everything is Fine. - 12/02/20 03:47 AM

Hey, Niteshift...thanks for your input.
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