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When I look at you

Posted By: ckiphen

When I look at you - 10/05/20 09:37 PM
Randy Hollobaugh/ Carroll Kiphen

When I look at you
Lately I've been thinking, I donít want to be your friend.
Itís time this relationship comes to an end.
I donít feel the same about you. Things are getting strange.
I was wondering if you donít mind, maybe things could changeÖ cause

When I look at you
I start to feel love happening
When I look at you
I finally see youíre more than (just) a friend (to me)

Lately I've been feeling, these changes inside
& when Iím around you, theyíre harder to hide.
Iím tired of denying, what youíre feelin too.
So baby if you donít mind, Iíd like to try kissing youÖcause



.Love came in the picture and changed my point of view.
I can no longer see just a friend, when I look at you.

You've always been a good friend;
Someone I could trust
But something strange is happening
And itís altered both of us.
Iím afraid for you to hold me
The way you used to do.
I donít see the friend I used to know
When I look at you.

Another old one! Randy was my first collaborator.
Posted By: JAPOV

Re: When I look at you - 10/08/20 06:28 PM

That's a really good arrangement! Good marriage of mood and content, congrats! smile
Posted By: TamsNumber4

Re: When I look at you - 10/16/20 12:18 AM

This has a great vocal, melody and production, very catchy. I was only confused on the "Itís time this relationship comes to an end", I wasn't sure if it was ending or evolving, really good listen!!

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