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ndroid an

Posted By: ckiphen

ndroid an - 01/16/20 02:33 PM

lyrics/ Carroll Kiphen
music and vocals/ Andrew Arnold
Posted By: Dave Rice

Re: ndroid an - 01/16/20 02:42 PM

Morning, Carroll (and Andrew):

I noticed the "title" on the board... and wondered. (Sleepy or arthritic?) Curiosity can kill but sometimes reward... and I'm glad I took the time. Andy has a unique style... (unique to me) but it would help if you two would tack up the lyric so we can follow along. Admittedly not my kind of music... but I believe it can grow on you.

Thanks for sharing. Very original. ----Dave
Posted By: niteshift

Re: ndroid an - 01/17/20 01:19 AM

Hey Andrew and Carroll,

A very interesting and original tune. I especially like the layering of the first 30 seconds and how it leads into the song.

The dystopian nature of the music fits the theme of android well.

Because of it's unique nature, I can't critique further, but it is well produced, and the arrangement and production are well thought out.

Good luck with it. I enjoyed listening to a very original piece.

cheers, niteshift
Posted By: Guy E. Trepanier

Re: ndroid an - 01/18/20 11:11 PM

Very good!
Well written and well done.
Posted By: ckiphen

Re: ndroid an - 01/22/20 02:57 PM

Appreciate it.
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