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Runaway Train

Posted By: Marvin Adcock

Runaway Train - 12/08/19 12:57 PM

The speed of life can be like a runaway train, and the ticket's only good one way, one time.
Wrote this with my Lexington friends J.P. Pennington (of the band Exile), and John Bizzack. Thanks for listening!
Posted By: lane1777

Re: Runaway Train - 12/08/19 06:00 PM

that was a very good listen, I enjoyed it. liked the lead guitar.... Lane
Posted By: Dave Rice

Re: Runaway Train - 12/08/19 09:17 PM


I always enjoy your songs. Great co-write here and your vocalist did you proud! Catchy lyrics and a toe tapping melody. Thanks for sharing. You are writing in some pretty high octane company, my friend... and that's always a good thing. Best of luck with it. ----Dave
Posted By: glynda

Re: Runaway Train - 12/09/19 07:07 AM

What can I say..great lyrics..great music..great all around..another brillant fanstatic song from you..loved it..

Posted By: Marvin Adcock

Re: Runaway Train - 12/09/19 11:12 AM

Thanks Lane, Dave and Glynda for your thoughts. Much appreciated my friends!

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