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The Worst Thief You'll Ever Meet.

Posted By: MFB III

The Worst Thief You'll Ever Meet. - 06/24/19 05:22 PM

It’s a curse that wears me down
even now as I sit here and sing
Age is a vicious fiend you know
It steals everything……

And my mirrors are lie detectors
Revealing all that I deny
Graying hair and wrinkle reflectors
till the day I die……

But I’m not old yet….
I still have songs that I must write
Between my newest friend called “Pain,”
in the wee hours of the night.

Till my arthritic hands discover
that my fingers are too stiff
To bend the strings and tightly cover
what I used to call a riff……..

The classics are Jurassic
they’re all retiring
And what’s even far more tragic
is they’ll have no new songs to sing….

It’s a curse that cannot be reversed
we are all meant to get old
Cause there’s young musicians in the wings[/align]
who have stories they want told.

And the best that you can hope for
as you fade away to dust
is to leave behind a legacy
full of songs that others must
continue to listen to
while they sit there missing you.

Even as the fiend that they call age
is making them blue too
we all gotta pay our dues…..
In extra wide memory foam shoes.

Former dancers stuck with walkers
trying to flee from death the stalker
former rockers with no offers
filling rocking chairs as paupers
None of us get to choose
all that we lose in the debut
of the aging we’ll all go through……

Art~Whimsically Yours Studio
Matthew F. Blowers III-©-2019
Posted By: Martin Lide

Re: The Worst Thief You'll Ever Meet. - 06/24/19 06:52 PM

Am in a restaurant. Only able to read the lyrics.

Morose subject matter, but fascinatingly well done lyrics. Imo.

Posted By: JAPOV

Re: The Worst Thief You'll Ever Meet. - 06/24/19 11:47 PM

Oh man.... I feel ya' bro! smile

"All great literature is one of two stories; A man goes on a journey,
or a stranger comes to town"....... Leo Tolstoy
Posted By: MFB III

Re: The Worst Thief You'll Ever Meet. - 06/25/19 02:41 AM

Hey Martin and Japov thanks so much for the comments, and the quote. Martin you will enjoy the music for dessert somehere.Japov I enjoyed your made me feel well traveled.
Posted By: Vicarn

Re: The Worst Thief You'll Ever Meet. - 06/25/19 08:40 AM

Splendidly written MFBIII.

Posted By: Gary E. Andrews

Re: The Worst Thief You'll Ever Meet. - 06/25/19 11:26 AM

Focus not on the 'curse' but the 'blessing' of continued acuity, such as it is, and the possibilities, endless, infinite, for new perspectives on a Song Lyric, a new protagonist to go on the journey, a new stranger to come to town, the Singer-Character, the Love-Interest Character, the Unreliable Narrator, the Ghost in the Machine, the mystery, the mistake, the beginning, the muddle, and the end.

Paul McCartney said, "I wrote all my good Songs back with the Beatles," implying he did not expect to write anything 'great' any more.
I disagree. I think there will always be another Song to be written. Despite thousands of years of Songwriting the possibilities have not been exhausted. Someone will write a great new Song. (Maybe. Some day.) And it will reach wide acclaim, not mere 'bubble gum' or 'soup du jour' acclaim, but acclaim that will make it a classic, Jurassic in its own time.

So, why couldn't Paul be the one to write it? Or you? Or me? Or any unknown kid or adult who sits down one day to put in 'fixed form' some Lyrical idea and Melodic inspiration in his or her head that the rest of the world recognizes as entertaining?
Posted By: MFB III

Re: The Worst Thief You'll Ever Meet. - 06/25/19 11:44 AM

Hey Vicarn thanks so much for the splendidly, I gave it my best shot and I do appreciate your commet and listen. Hey, Gary, Thanks for the motivational speech, I think I am going to covermy mirrors with black sheets and write another song today, tomorrow and forever. Best of success to you in your journey, and may the gods favor you with a hit song soon. I'll buy the first copy.
Posted By: Dave Rice

Re: The Worst Thief You'll Ever Meet. - 06/26/19 03:44 PM

Hi Matt:

Loved the lyric. Not so much the production. Don't let this one "slide", though... it has much potential and you have obvious talent. We have a guy here at JPF who does demos (not the expensive kind) and he would absolutely "kill this one for you."

All the best, ----Dave
Posted By: MFB III

Re: The Worst Thief You'll Ever Meet. - 06/26/19 11:20 PM

Hey Dave Thanks for the critique, the production is simply a tascam digital recorder and a 1949 guitar made by a German master. He had 7 trees fall in his yard and he made a
copy of all of the most popular guitars back then out of those trees. I managed to snag this mint guitar, in storage for years for only $15.00 several months ago. I was always more of a vocalist and lyricist, and I have over 850 songs from my music years. I will check out the JPF guy if you drop his name. Thanks so much for listening. i went to your postrs to listen to one of your songs but all I could find were other replies by you to other JPF musiciasns. So i follow you at least. let me know where i can hear some of your songs. ~Matt
Posted By: Dave Rice

Re: The Worst Thief You'll Ever Meet. - 06/26/19 11:59 PM

Hi Matt:

Using only a Tascam DR (I'm guessing hand-held) would be difficult in most recording scenarios. Do you transport the final "cut" into a computer for final editing... or is there even more to your process? Eventually, you have to end up with a WAV or MP3 file (or both) and put a copy on a Thumb Drive or other media. Many people use an eight or sixteen track (some even more) for recording and then "mix down" the tracks including vocal track onto a final version. I won't stray into the subject of "mastering" because it seems to be more art than science... and I don't record that way.

That German Guitar sounds like a real find... and you certainly got a good deal.

Regretfully, I don't post many songs here these days but if you will delve past the first page... I'm guessing on maybe page three you will find what I consider to be one of my signature songs... performed by the demo artist I suggested. The name of the song: "I Remember Autumn" and I sent my version of the song to the demo artist so he could get a general idea of why I needed a better vocal. At last count, it had more than 12,000 "plays" here at JPF.

After you've found it and listened, send me a PM (personal message) and I'll provide you with more details.

I do have a song posted today called, "I Lost My Love in Lodi." Regretfully, that's my vocal.

All the best, ----Dave
Posted By: MFB III

Re: The Worst Thief You'll Ever Meet. - 06/27/19 12:24 AM

Hey Dave...The digital is a table top model and I export the recording from it to my computer, where I run it through an MP3 converter app and the post it on Audacity to fine tune it and then post it online.

The most amazing thing about the guitar is that the master crafter did something I have never seen on any other guitar. He cut some kind of groove in the gears of the tuning pegs so that they click when you reach what we all know as the standard tuning points for a guitar. So I simply turn each peg till it clicks and the guitar's in tune. I might even consider a patent on his mechanism and take it to shark tank...LOL!

I will check out your latest song and write a comment. And i definetly have to move past page 3. I should know better I think I have way over seventy three pages or more of posts here. Thanks Again. ~Matt
Posted By: Dave Rice

Re: The Worst Thief You'll Ever Meet. - 06/27/19 01:18 PM

Morning, Matt:

I was a bit amazed to see that "I Remember Autumn" had moved to the top of page 7 with considerably more listens than when I last checked. Sorry if I accidentally sent you on a wild goose chase! LOL!

Regards, ----Dave
Posted By: MFB III

Re: The Worst Thief You'll Ever Meet. - 06/27/19 01:28 PM

Hey Dave, it's already gone from page 7.Finding a song on the post board with all the moving around they do is like trying to pull a water balloon out of a tub full of Astroglide...LOL -I will find it though eventually.
Posted By: Dave Rice

Re: The Worst Thief You'll Ever Meet. - 06/27/19 02:17 PM

Posted By: JaneK

Re: The Worst Thief You'll Ever Meet. - 06/27/19 10:05 PM

The lyrics you wrote are so true, and more true if you are an older woman. The lyrics are very good.

I pulled up your reverbnation page but my browser is too slow to play the music. I am going to do that right now.

Keep on writing, don't quit. I'm certainly not, even if people say your too old, who cares!

Of course, I didn't feel that way until I started doing the internet music thing.

Posted By: MFB III

Re: The Worst Thief You'll Ever Meet. - 06/28/19 08:31 AM

Hey JaneK thanks so much for your comment, and your right,
age holds no barrier to the expressions of music. Much success to your music
There is a lot of joy in sharing with others the grafitti from your soul.
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