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Posted By: Tully_MacKay_Tisbert

Dukkha - 01/07/19 09:30 PM

This is an instrumental work I composed and released last year. Dukkha is the concept of suffering in Buddhism and roughly translates as a broken axle. The music was recorded with acoustic guitar and guzheng (which is a Chinese zither). Thank you so much for taking the time! I really hope enjoy it and would love to hear what you think!
Posted By: IronKnee

Re: Dukkha - 01/12/19 09:02 AM

Hey there TMT...

Very Pleasant! I enjoyed the musicianship and the instrumental writing, here.
Great work. Lovely, really!

Posted By: Calvin

Re: Dukkha - 01/12/19 10:33 AM

Hello Tully,

Nice to meet you & WELCOME to JPF.
I enjoyed your tune, very creative.

Have a good day.

Posted By: Dave Rice

Re: Dukkha - 01/12/19 09:10 PM

Hi Tully:

Sorry I'm tardy about getting around to welcoming you to JPF... and having a listen to your music. Very enjoyable melody and I can certainly hear influences of Asian Culture. May you enjoy your time with us and hopefully, share some of your experiences with music and the places you have been. Feel free to ask if you need assistance in navigating Brian's massive site.

All the best, ----Dave
Posted By: Deej56

Re: Dukkha - 01/21/19 04:22 AM


First off, welcome to JPF. Iím not big on instrumentals generally, but this was a cool listen. Well put together production. Good listen!

Best regards,

Posted By: Tully_MacKay_Tisbert

Re: Dukkha - 01/22/19 06:34 AM

Thanks a lot guys! I really appreciate it
Posted By: maccharles

Re: Dukkha - 02/13/19 01:54 AM

great playing, and welcome!
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