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Posted By: Dave Rice

MAN OF THE HOUR - 01/05/19 04:00 PM

A feeble attempt to liven things up around here. Where is everybody? crazy
Posted By: E Swartz

Re: MAN OF THE HOUR - 01/06/19 03:19 AM

Good evening Dave!

We're all still around, just in a new year's blase' orientation mode............trying to figure out how to jump start this next year, avoid some similar past mistakes, gear up for some ambitious ideas! The holidays are nice but they kind of make us lazy and a little apathetic ehh? Your Blues number was enjoyable with some nice pi-aner & leslie organ. Nice tune mate!

I went out tonight to watch three bands playing a benefit for a young local guitarist (24 yrs) who died a few days ago from an chest aneurysm. He had no life Ins, so the benefit was being held at a local pub to raise some money--a couple hundred folks showed up donating and getting free music, and the musicians were donating their time as well--a good time, but a sad time as well. The music was pretty heavy rock along with some nice Blues which I enjoyed the latter especially. I haven't been out to the bar scenes too often in the past twenty years much--but it felt very normal, accept the gals don't seem to notice you as much as they did 40 years ago.........hmm, I still noticed you know why I wrote that last song "Time." The truth comes out!

I agree Dave, we need to get the boys & girls back in the JPF saddle! Come on y'all get posting!

Posted By: Dave Rice

Re: MAN OF THE HOUR - 01/06/19 04:39 AM

Hi Eddie:

Young folks in the music scene without life insurance. An all to common story and a sad one. I wish I had the "answer" to the problem. Insurance is way too high. I hope the proceeds were sufficient to provide a bit of relief.

Thanks for listening. I noticed the link appears to work but the SongRamp Website appears to have some problems displaying the lyrics correctly. I sure hate to see "The Ramp" in that shape. Oh well, life goes on.

Later, ----Dave
Posted By: Vicarn

Re: MAN OF THE HOUR - 01/06/19 05:31 PM

Not really a blues fan Dave but it sounds interesting.
One distraction for me was the in your face percussion. Maybe could be turned down or add reverb or both.
But then, maybe that's how you like it.

Posted By: Calvin

Re: MAN OF THE HOUR - 01/07/19 10:01 AM

Hi Dave,

Good job here.
I enjoy what you're doing.
Yes, it's been slow....
I've always got a few small projects going, but can't decide what I want to do with them, I'm sure most would say TRASH THEM, but I'll keep tinkering wit it.

Have a good day.

Posted By: Neil Cotton

Re: MAN OF THE HOUR - 01/07/19 01:24 PM

Good blues right on theme of the blues...

As far as the forum, maybe people are hesitant to put them selves out there...hasn't stopped me. LOL
All are works in progress...I'm pleased to get feedback , good or bad.
Cheers JPF
Posted By: Dave Rice

Re: MAN OF THE HOUR - 01/08/19 04:21 PM

Hi Vic:

Sorry for the tardy reply. Not a "blues fan"... LOL!... I never would have guessed. Regardless, I appreciate you taking time to listen. When I can get around to doing a re-cut of it, I promise to experiment with your idea.

If I could afford it, I would solve the recording problem by having someone with real talent do a demo for me... somebody like you or Zaneski... for instance! After completing and recording 1012 songs and with at least a half dozen still in the "oven"... I would run out of money pretty fast.

I really worry about our declining membership and what appears to be the rise in Spam and Trolls here at Brian's Place but I'm looking forward to your next song-post.

All the best, my friend.... and thanks for your great advice. ----Dave
Posted By: Dave Rice

Re: MAN OF THE HOUR - 01/08/19 04:24 PM

Hey Calvin:

Thanks for listening, Buddy. From your comment, I suspect I'm not the only person here worried about how slow things appear to be at JPF. Maybe it's the "Calm before the Storm?"

Always good to hear from you. Got something cooking for us now?

Regards, ----Dave
Posted By: Dave Rice

Re: MAN OF THE HOUR - 01/08/19 04:26 PM

Hi Neil:

Thanks for taking time to listen and comment. Slow is really "setting-in" lately... but, as you said... Folks have to "put themselves Out There"... if progress is to be made. Keep up the good work. ----Dave
Posted By: Martin Lide

Re: MAN OF THE HOUR - 01/09/19 12:56 PM

Enjoyed it Dave.

Posted By: Vicarn

Re: MAN OF THE HOUR - 01/09/19 01:37 PM

Hi again Dave.
That was a sweeping statement of mine saying I wasn't a blues fan. I should qualify that by saying I don't like the "generic" 12 bar.
They all sound the same. Yours is not generic and your voice has good tone so in my ears, better. :-)
If you get someone to demo it needs a similar vocal tone imho. Not sure if mine or MZ's has that.

Posted By: Travis david

Re: MAN OF THE HOUR - 01/16/19 01:00 PM

I'm a blues fan so this was indeed music for the soul.
Keep em coming and a belated HAPPY NEW YEAR.
Posted By: Neil Cotton

Re: MAN OF THE HOUR - 01/16/19 02:38 PM

The closed hi-hat was a bit too hot...otherwise a good blues tune....
Posted By: Deej56

Re: MAN OF THE HOUR - 01/21/19 04:23 AM


Good to hear some catchy blues in the MP3 forum—it’s been a while. Really like the piano work in this one—pulls the listener in. Enjoyed the listen!

Also, not sure why things are so slow—for my part, I’ve got nothing going. A number of melodies, but no lyrics . . . I have on g/v I recorded, but not sure I like it much, and another tune I’ve been playing with for what seems like months now with not much progress. Does that count as a slump? smile

Best regards,

Posted By: Moosesong

Re: MAN OF THE HOUR - 01/21/19 05:32 PM

I really like the piano and organ. They go well together and the piano playing is great. Nice song.
Posted By: Dave Rice

Re: MAN OF THE HOUR - 01/21/19 08:32 PM

Thanks, Neil, Deej and Moosesong:

Feedback is always good. I really need to get back into my tiny little "studio" and give this song another try. Problem is... I have so many songs done earlier, needing attention... I'm starting a list for re-cuts. LOL! In a feeble attempt to keep the ball rolling in the right direction... I give priority to new song ideas. I think I've told everybody in the free world I keep a little tiny box full of one-line ideas for new songs and it has a third priority status for writing and recording time. Scraps of paper in a tiny box... sounds like the title for a song! Well, maybe not!

As one ages... the vocal chords begin to slip away (not that I ever considered myself a singer) but it causes me to have to re-cut most songs more than two or three times before I get a semi-acceptable result. Where is that "fountain of youth" when ya need it?

I wish I knew why things seem to be so slow here recently. Maybe the Holidays and all the NFL playoff games? Here's wishing all of you a great week. Maybe the "magic" of JPF will pick up again soon.
Posted By: maccharles

Re: MAN OF THE HOUR - 02/13/19 01:56 AM

yeah, seeeee?....gang is all here, just doing other the lawn, feeding the ardvark, paying the paperboy to take the paper back.
Posted By: Dave Rice

Re: MAN OF THE HOUR - 03/17/19 05:55 PM

Hi Mac:

Sorry I missed your comment. Hmmm... feeding the Aardvark has never been my favorite task... but we do what we must... LOL!

I didn't really want to let folks know I originally started to call this song, "STRIPPER" instead of "Man of the Hour" because the music is played with that sort of "dancing" in mind. A friend of mine from Chicago listened on another site and immediately said, "That's music for strippers!" He's the only one, so far, with the "ears" capable of recognizing the meaning of "Man of the Hour." So, to Neil's comment... the "high hat" will be staying.

Thanks for listening. Looking forward to your next song post.

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