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Posted By: Marvin Adcock

Seventeen - 09/23/18 11:45 AM

This is a love story told from a little different perspective, and possibly if Don Williams was still with us this song might have a shot at being cut, but with the current flavor of country music I doubt it would have much chance today. That being said....this is one I wrote about myself, so it is very personal. Thanks for listening!


Written by Marvin Adcock

I'm amazed how age has seemed to creep up on me
It was only yesterday I was seventeen
Wearin' jeans that fit, oh where'd I get all that strength
It got away from me the further I got away from seventeen

There's not much I haven't tried since I was seventeen
I'm not as confused as I used to be or as naive
But I'll never understand just how a man who's lived like me
Could ever keep a woman like her past seventeen

I wonder what happened to the friends I had at seventeen
And if they became all of the things that they dreamed
Do they hold every hug a little longer, and believe like me
That when they close their eyes they feel inside like seventeen

Jokes aren't as funny as the old ones were
I've never gotten used to being called sir
Today I'd rather spend my time with her...
The woman I've loved since I was seventeen

I'm amazed how age had a way of creepin' up on me
It was only yesterday I was seventeen
But I wouldn't trade all the gray or memories
Cause then I would miss the life I've lived since seventeen

But I'm still amazed how age seemed to creep up on me
Posted By: Dave Rice (D)

Re: Seventeen - 09/23/18 01:49 PM

Morning, Marvin:

I really like this one and I agree, Don Williams would have "charted" with it... but there are numerous artists who could do the same with "Seventeen." Best of luck with it... always remember, the ""wheel of musical taste" continues to turn... and this "era" of music will regain popularity again. Thanks for sharing. ----Dave
Posted By: 9ne

Re: Seventeen - 09/23/18 10:14 PM

You always present a professional sounding recording Marvin-and this doesn't disappoint. It may be just me but I like to follow the lyrics along with the song.
(It'd be nice if you posted them)
Lots of good here, but I wish this had a BIG chorus.
Posted By: Marvin Adcock

Re: Seventeen - 09/24/18 10:02 AM

Thanks Dave and Mike for listening, and I edited the post and added the lyrics Mike.

Posted By: RainyDayMan

Re: Seventeen - 09/26/18 10:47 PM

I love that opening verse. I'm not a country fan in general, but I am a fan of this.
"It got away from me the further I got away from seventeen" is so smoothly put (and sung).
The melody is great and the sound quality excellent. Loved the fiddle work.
Like Mike, I was hoping for a big chorus after the second verse, and maybe repeated at the end.

The bridge is fine, but for me its the weakest point of the song. I get that it has to be different, and in its own right it's nicely done, but stylistically, it doesn't seem to integrate well with the rest. Not a big problem, but maybe the difference between good and great.

It's a really good song!
Posted By: Marvin Adcock

Re: Seventeen - 09/28/18 09:56 AM

Thanks RDM, I appreciate your thoughts very much!

Posted By: Moker Jarrett

Re: Seventeen - 09/30/18 09:32 PM

I hope all is well.
I enjoyed my listen to your "Seventeen".
I wrote an "Eighteen" a ways back.
As writers it's fun to get some of the thoughts and memories down in artistic format such as a song. Well done.
Posted By: Marvin Adcock

Re: Seventeen - 10/01/18 09:50 AM


Thanks for listening and commenting. Seventeen was a long ways back, but I vividly remember those days and writing about them keeps them immortal.

Posted By: Mimmo

Re: Seventeen - 10/02/18 05:00 PM

To be seventeen again...Great song.

Posted By: Marvin Adcock

Re: Seventeen - 10/03/18 09:50 AM

Thanks Mimmo for listening. I appreciate it.

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