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Beholden To Me

Posted By: steve_folk

Beholden To Me - 03/08/18 04:01 PM
Posted By: Travis david

Re: Beholden To Me - 03/18/18 11:17 PM

The music though a basic melody works well. However it drowns the vocal somewhat.
Perhaps a further take?
Posted By: Deej56

Re: Beholden To Me - 03/25/18 04:49 AM


Love the sound on this oneógreat work with the instrumentation, everything really comes together wellóitís one of my favorites that Iíve listened from you. Iím OK with the volume of lyrics on thisóthat is, Iím one to prefer hearing the lyrics, but the fact that they are set back on this one just works. My only suggestion would be to introduce some harmonies on the vocals (think early R.E.M.), which I think could add some depth and nuance. Great tune.

Best regards,

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