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Something's Wrong

Posted By: RichMac

Something's Wrong - 01/31/18 01:07 AM


Long time since I posted anything here.
So ---- just for fun.
Any comments most welcome.

Posted By: Deej56

Re: Something's Wrong - 01/31/18 06:12 AM


Nice inviting opening . . . pretty sound behind the vocals. Some very clever lyrics here, as well. Really like that last verse starting with “There’s so much light”; nice contrast throughout those lines. To be honest, the last two lines of the second verse could be revisited—word choices like “climate” and “givin’ me the blues”—maybe it's just me (and it usually is), but I think there’s an opportunity to be more creative and specific on those lines.

On the whole, this was a fine listen, Welcome back to JPF!

Kindest regards,

Posted By: lane1777

Re: Something's Wrong - 01/31/18 07:14 PM

what a gentle song, I enjoyed the work, welcome back./ Lane
Posted By: Paul Churchfield

Re: Something's Wrong - 01/31/18 07:59 PM

Nicely done!
I hope you decide to come back more often and soon.
I enjoyed your song!
Posted By: RichMac

Re: Something's Wrong - 02/01/18 12:29 AM

Hi Deej and thanks for the welcome and for useful comments about my song.

I will certainly give more thought to the two lines you mention.
Will try to find a more interesting way to include climate change and past upsets.
Probably won't re record but will slightly alter the live version.
Thanks for taking the time.

Posted By: RichMac

Re: Something's Wrong - 02/01/18 12:33 AM

Thank you Lane for the welcome comments.

I like the gentle description.
Glad you enjoyed this.

Posted By: RichMac

Re: Something's Wrong - 02/01/18 12:37 AM

Thank you Paul for the nice welcome.

If you enjoyed the song then it's job is done.
Now to start on the next one.

Posted By: Dave Rice (D)

Re: Something's Wrong - 02/01/18 01:52 PM

Hi Rich:

Welcome home. I enjoyed my listen. Moving on, I'm told, can be difficult... but I like the way you told the story and offered "hope" at the end. Best of luck with it. ----Dave
Posted By: David Snyder

Re: Something's Wrong - 02/01/18 04:17 PM

Hey don't I know you!!

Hey Rich!

Great song brother. Really well done. Good to see you.

Posted By: RichMac

Re: Something's Wrong - 02/05/18 12:20 AM

Hi Dave.

Thanks for the welcome and for listening to and enjoying my song.
They can be very gloomy so I try to get a cheerful resolution.

Posted By: RichMac

Re: Something's Wrong - 02/05/18 12:29 AM

Hi David.

Yeah. Haven't been here for ages though.
You have always been a most positive influence and I follow your songs with some amazement.
What next?

Posted By: TC Perkins

Re: Something's Wrong - 02/05/18 05:57 AM

There's a ghost walking on my grave and I'm not even in it! Loved that line.

Pretty good song, and the production is decent. I am not a fan of the drums panned to one side but it worked okay.

The music fit the lyrics well. Overall, it's a good write.

Welcome back!

Posted By: kevinism

Re: Something's Wrong - 02/05/18 07:23 AM

Nice gentle song .... an easy listen in the best sense of the words.

Posted By: floyd jane

Re: Something's Wrong - 02/05/18 02:31 PM

A good listen, Richard.

(showing your "softer side" on this one!).

Posted By: Michael Zaneski

Re: Something's Wrong - 02/05/18 03:37 PM

Hi Rich,

Some great lines and thoughts in here like

Maybe the reciever is tuned a touch too fine
And the feelings I'm receiving are not mine

--that gives me chills..

Cool song!

Nice to meet you.. smile

Posted By: Kristi McKeever

Re: Something's Wrong - 02/06/18 10:57 PM

Hi Rich,

I like this song as it has some insightful sentiments and a gentleness about it.

This line gives me much to think about: "There's so much light and so much shade and so much in between"

and "write a song and aim for something higher" is a nice, positive line that is cool because it's like just another part of the day (which is awesome!)

Good work!

Posted By: RichMac

Re: Something's Wrong - 02/07/18 07:20 AM

Thank you TC.

I had forgotten about the drums.
Happened in the merging somewhere and wasn't noticed until nearly finished and I didn't want to redo it.
Thought it wasn't too noticeable.
Glad you think the song is ok overall.

Posted By: RichMac

Re: Something's Wrong - 02/07/18 07:24 AM

Hi Kevin.

For this one I like the east listening tag. And gentle. Thank you.

Posted By: RichMac

Re: Something's Wrong - 02/07/18 07:27 AM

Hi Floyd.

You always find something positive to say.
Thank you.
A quite good friend once described me as a wildly out of balance Libra.
Oh well.

Posted By: RichMac

Re: Something's Wrong - 02/07/18 07:33 AM

Hi Mike.

Thanks for the comments and the greeting.
Delighted to make your acquaintance.

That thing about receiving thoughts and feelings from others.
Hmmm i don't know. Maybe there's something in it.

Posted By: RichMac

Re: Something's Wrong - 02/07/18 07:46 AM

Hi Kristi.

Thank you for checking out the song and particularly the lyrics.
Your comments are very encouraging because your lyrics are so good.

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