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Posted By: PeteG

1-800-4-Heaven - 12/08/17 05:05 AM



He lights a candle on her birthday cake, down comes a tear he can't hide.
Little Aimee looks up at him, says Daddy. please don't cry
He says " Honey, I'm alright, just sad your Mommy's gone."
Aimee runs into her room, brings back a little toy phone.

She dials 1-800-4-Heaven, She believes love never ends.
Says. Mommy, can you come home please, let's be a family again?
She dials 1-800-4- Heaven."

Aimee smiles and hands him the phone, he wonders what he should do.
Loves her so much he plays along, says. "Honey I miss you too
But I've got Aimee to help me now, she's more like you every day
When I need to get in touch, she'll show me the way"

"We'll dial 1-800-4-HEAVEN - We believe love never ends.
Makes me feel so close to you, feels like more than just pretend
When she dials 1-800-4-HEAVEN"


Twenty years later, here comes Aimee now, hurrying on her way home
Her husband took the kids to the park, nice to have some time alone
Her thoughts are drawn to an old toy phone, she remembers when
As her eyes fill up with tears, her heart is calling for him.

She dials 1-800-4-HEAVEN- She belives love never ends
Mom and Dad look over us until we meet again
We'll dial 1-800-4-HEAVEN
She dials 1-800-4-HEAVEN

all rights reserved- -Mizzell and Gallatin
(503) 892-2004
Posted By: Calvin

Re: 1-800-4-Heaven - 12/08/17 09:06 AM

Hello Pete,

Quality work here.
A real tear jerker.

Posted By: Barry David Butler (D)

Re: 1-800-4-Heaven - 12/08/17 01:55 PM

This is a beautiful Song and I wish you good luck on it. Barry
Posted By: Michael Zaneski

Re: 1-800-4-Heaven - 12/08/17 06:34 PM

Beautiful song, Pete. Nice demo as well.

I like how tender and sensitive your writing is here, and your twenty-years-later verse could have felt forced, but in your hands it all feels organic and right.

Great work!!

Posted By: PeteG

Re: 1-800-4-Heaven - 12/09/17 01:06 AM

Originally Posted by Calvin
Hello Pete,

Quality work here.
A real tear jerker.


(That's slick Calvin, you got your url inside the quotes) And thank you for your kind words, I take pride in at least having a hand in this creation. --- And now you know what it feels like to have a tear pulled out! (ha ha) . Always the joker, but I sincerely wish you a HAPPY HOLIDAYS ( including Christmas) - I hope somebody gives you a nice present.(smiley face) .....Pete
Posted By: TamsNumber4

Re: 1-800-4-Heaven - 12/09/17 01:47 AM

Hello Pete!!

This is so emotional, a great write and production, I really like the vocal and chorus.So happy to see you!

Posted By: PeteG

Re: 1-800-4-Heaven - 12/09/17 04:44 AM

Originally Posted by Barry David Butler
This is a beautiful Song and I wish you good luck on it. Barry

Thanks Barry, my life has been blessed in many ways, but a little luck with song placement wouldn't hurt, Thanks.....Pete
Posted By: TC Perkins

Re: 1-800-4-Heaven - 12/09/17 05:15 PM

Great song concept! Outstanding artist instincts.

The song is well done, and I especially liked the guitar work. Understated, yet spot on. Everything is well done, and the mix is excellent.

Nice hook. No nits on this one.

Posted By: Nelson

Re: 1-800-4-Heaven - 12/10/17 09:15 PM

This song is beautifully done, Pete.
Excellent chorus and sweet sentiment over all.

Strong production and the lyrics paint vivid scenes.

Posted By: Vicarn

Re: 1-800-4-Heaven - 12/10/17 09:46 PM

This is well thought out and a fine production.

Posted By: PeteG

Re: 1-800-4-Heaven - 12/14/17 02:37 AM

Michael, Tams,TC, Nelson, and Vic - Thank You- each and everyone for listening and commenting. It took a very talented team to put out this recording - my co-writer and producer Terry Mizzell ; the singer, Buddy Jewell; and the musicians at Jay's Place in Nashville. I also put this on my Facebook page and a classmate sent me this comment - ( " Pete, I listened to this song and I could close my eyes and see this ALL HAPPENING . Thatís just how great this song is. We all know someone this has happen to. I can tell your songs are a labor of love for you. Thank you for letting us listen to this." - Donna Boyer.) - Well, that makes it all worth the effort.
Posted By: E Swartz

Re: 1-800-4-Heaven - 12/19/17 02:57 AM


Absolutely beautiful in every aspect--pro demo here.

Posted By: Maroon_Corey

Re: 1-800-4-Heaven - 12/22/17 04:28 PM

I think that there is a market for this song and the quality sounds distribution-ready. I would consider releasing it on major digital platforms and then trying to get it in the hands of some talent on the State Fair circuit to see if they would be willing to perform it.

Hopefully, another artist(s) would later re-record it themselves along with some marketing power behind it. But then again, maybe you have a different game plan for this tune!

Thanks for sharing.
Posted By: PeteG

Re: 1-800-4-Heaven - 12/24/17 01:37 AM

Originally Posted by E Swartz

Absolutely beautiful in every aspect--pro demo here.


Thanks Eddie, very much appreciated. Love that retro photo, you had some serious hair going on there. Best .....Pete
Posted By: Dave Rice

Re: 1-800-4-Heaven - 12/24/17 01:29 PM

Hi Pete:

I really enjoyed this and remember the time when this one would have "charted" on Country Radio Stations everywhere. It is well written and performed. Best of luck with it and thanks for sharing. ----Dave
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