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Make me an Offer

Posted By: M_Glenn_M

Make me an Offer - 10/28/17 04:51 AM

This was done after meeting an old friend in a pub who had lost his wife to illness.
He told a sad tale of not being able to live in the same house or town so sold it all and came back to his childhood home.


Verse 1
I'm holding a yard sale
Trying to let go
Of 30 years of dust, For one must Move on,
Or so I'm told,
Move on
Let go

It's been a year now
Since you went away
So in a torn vinyl chair,
in cool morning air
I sit here today
And say Move on, Let go

Chorus 1
Make me an Offer
for these rings of gold
That I can no longer
bear to hold

Make me an Offer
For this empty home
I can no longer
live here alone

Verse 2

This was our life laid out
here in the morning sun
I still hear Echos of laughter
where children used to run
But they moved on,
they moved on

The Vultures in volvos
and old pickup trucks
browse carelessly asking me
Will you take a buck
Chuck this memory
so you can Move on,
Chorus 2
Make me an Offer
for these empty arms
They can no longer.
Keep you warm
Make me an Offer
For this empty heart
cuz I know someday, someday
It will tear me apart.
Posted By: JonDurham

Re: Make me an Offer - 10/28/17 05:37 AM

This was a really cool listen for me man, glad I got to hear it. The sound made me feel like 1976. Smooth vocals, smooth melody, definitely not too "clean" and I hate clean. Harmony was nice and not crowded. Sad, sad freaking story but related well: "This was our life laid out, here in the morning sun".

Thanks, will listen to it again.
Posted By: M_Glenn_M

Re: Make me an Offer - 10/28/17 05:10 PM

Thanks for the comment Jon.
Posted By: Dave Rice

Re: Make me an Offer - 10/28/17 06:12 PM

Hi Glenn:

Glad I listened. "Make Me an Offer" reminds me of the fate awaiting all of us... regardless of who goes first. You have some really good lines in this sad topic song but I reacted to "Vultures in Volvos" most. Thanks for sharing and causing some serious thought. Well done. ----Dave
Posted By: lane1777

Re: Make me an Offer - 10/28/17 06:48 PM

I agree with Dave good song, and well written, really liked the music and vocals in this. Lane
Posted By: M_Glenn_M

Re: Make me an Offer - 10/28/17 10:59 PM

Thanks very much guys. Glad you enjoyed it.
Posted By: Ricki E. Bellos

Re: Make me an Offer - 10/31/17 02:31 PM

Sad story, well told, Glenn. I liked your singing style and the stripped down feel, the starkness of it going straight to the heart. The only nit I have is with the narrator addressing first the missing spouse, then the general public, then both in the same chorus. I'd say pick one or the other, for me it would be the latter, but that's just me. smile Well done.

Posted By: M_Glenn_M

Re: Make me an Offer - 11/02/17 08:34 PM

Good point thanks Ricki. I do that a lot.
Posted By: Nelson

Re: Make me an Offer - 11/03/17 04:21 AM

Damn it GlenÖ
This oneís a real stunner, man.
Itís such a wonderfully touching write and a devastatingly heart wrenching performance.

Love the musical arrangement and as always your vocal performance leaves me speechless.
You have the kind of expressiveness that brings the house down, leaving the audience dumb struck.

An inspiring piece of work
Posted By: Mackie H.

Re: Make me an Offer - 11/03/17 04:51 PM


This one drives home a personal vibe that could be in each of us!

A fine song!

Posted By: E Swartz

Re: Make me an Offer - 11/04/17 02:02 AM


I really enjoyed this song--great conceptual story and nice melody, good performance. Your vocals remind me a bit of Joe Walsh, have you ever been told that?

Not sure if you are open to crits, but I'll hand out a "minor" grammar sug. Since this song is pretty much all in past tense, I would recommend vs 1 saying "since you've gone away" keeping it past tense; and in vs 2, keep it saying "used to run," -- as is, it's present tense. Not a big deal, but it can be noticed, which can disconcert/ and since we're not talking slang, consider using the proper grammar, which helps the natural story flow better -- IMO. If not willing to take back into production--not a big deal, but food for thought.

Enjoyed your gritty vocals--nice job!

Posted By: Paul Churchfield

Re: Make me an Offer - 11/08/17 12:52 PM

Glenn, I really enjoyed this song. Lots of great furniture used. Well done. Great guitar work. Your voice sounds like Joe Walsh. Nice job!
Posted By: Deej56

Re: Make me an Offer - 11/09/17 06:12 AM


Love your voice on this one; and the raw live and vibrant sound of this tune. Some nice specifics throughout the lyrics that resonate. If I had a top twenty list of tunes Iíve heard on JPF since I've joined (and it would be a tough list), this one is well in the running and more. Are you a performer? If this song is any indication, youíre killer live.


Posted By: Michael LeBlanc

Re: Make me an Offer - 11/09/17 10:26 PM

Alright,Glenn!Some great lines on this one.As always,i like your vocals and a nice delivery.
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