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5 Little Monkeys

Posted By: Douglas Murphy

5 Little Monkeys - 10/02/17 12:32 PM

My 2 yr old granddaughter and I sing this song over and over again and so I play with the melody to spice it up for us. Enjoy. smile

Posted By: Deej56

Re: 5 Little Monkeys - 10/05/17 03:50 AM


You know, this is just a simple kind of cool. First off, it’s a great kids tune; something they can understand and get into. But I'm thinking this is more than that--e.g., I hear bits of R.E.M. in this—would just take a little variation between verses and a bridge to mix things up. Of course, if you went all in for early R.E.M., then you'd need to change it up to make sure no one could understand anything your singing--but it would sure sound fine. smile
Posted By: Calvin

Re: 5 Little Monkeys - 10/05/17 08:21 AM

F U N !

Posted By: Douglas Murphy

Re: 5 Little Monkeys - 10/06/17 10:28 AM

Thanks for the listen you guys.

Posted By: PeteG

Re: 5 Little Monkeys - 10/08/17 08:26 AM

Cute Version - my kids played that musical game - good luck with it - sounds like you had fun with it - best -- Pete
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