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The World I Dreamed Of- new mix

Posted By: PeteG

The World I Dreamed Of- new mix - 10/01/17 07:56 AM

I'm glad I saved this song from the trash bin - I like it better over time. Hope you enjoy it. I know the vocals especially in the verses are low in volume - really i did every thing I could to pump them up - but could not find the original vocal tracks. Really you should have heard what I started with. Hope this new mix pulls the vocal out better!!

The World I Dreamed Of

Storm clouds have gathered they are blocking out the sun
Our time is ending when it should have just begun
The mellow night is stagnant without a song
Have I been sleeping with this coming all along


It's not the world I dreamed of, for you and me
It's not the way I wanted things to be oh,oh,oh,oh,oh

Making denials as we try to wash our hands
Our tears are hidden by the shifting of the sands
Who will point their fingers, who will take the blame
Does it really matter when the story stays the same

repeat chorus


We have some chips and as we button up our hearts
We beg and whimper as we watch the final ship depart

Chorus x2 and ending

copyright 2006 Pete Gallatin
Posted By: Douglas Murphy

Re: The World I Dreamed Of - 10/06/17 11:53 AM

Vocals are lost a bit in the mix. The backbeat is catchy and the lyric reads well.

Posted By: PeteG

Re: The World I Dreamed Of - 10/08/17 11:09 PM

I put up a new mix to try to pull the vocals out better- Thanks for your comments- Best ....Pete
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