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Stan Good...

Posted By: John Lawrence Schick

Stan Good... - 10/11/18 10:36 PM

AKA Tampa Stan. Wow, it's been 5 years since Stan passed away (since Oct 12, 2013). I still think of you Stan. We miss you.

[Linked Image]

Best, John smile
Posted By: maccharles

Re: Stan Good... - 10/12/18 02:04 AM

Stan was a bright spot. "Hidee" and all.
Posted By: niteshift

Re: Stan Good... - 10/12/18 06:35 AM

Hey John,

5 yrs already ? I recall sitting around the pool on a beautiful day, and placing a call to his son on his passing. We laughed at his wit, humour, and kindness for others.

RIP Stan, and a *big guy hug* in songwriting heaven.

cheers, niteshift
Posted By: John Lawrence Schick

Re: Stan Good... - 10/12/18 06:49 PM

Yes, he was a very special person Nite. Tampa Stan the Clock Man: [Linked Image]
Posted By: Dave Rice

Re: Stan Good... - 10/12/18 11:52 PM

While we are on the subject of dearly departed JPF members, I hope most of you remember Graham Henderson. Another of our great Aussie members who was supportive to those of us struggling to "find our way" in music... and was never afraid to "stand his ground" against things he disagreed with. As a guy with a Radio Show in that little place southwest of Perth, he would sometimes play our songs... cruddy as they were and I always appreciated his character and kindness. ----Dave
Posted By: Gavin Sinclair

Re: Stan Good... - 10/13/18 02:25 AM

Looks like I have wandered into the digital equivalent of a cathedral here, where you can still feel the presence of those who have gone before. Quite a community you guys have built over the years!
Posted By: Dave Rice

Re: Stan Good... - 10/13/18 03:04 AM

Hi Gavin:

It's a strange phenomenon when we reflect on members who have either passed on or have moved on. Cathedral, maybe... but a society of imaginary friends because most of us never actually met. Kindness and moral support are really meaningful when an individual is begging to serve a pseudo-apprentiship in a gaggle of talented, not so talented and semi-talented singers, songwriters and musicians. The knowledge and friendship they added to our otherwise dreary lives were so important.

In a world becoming snide and snarky for a myriad of reasons... JPF is really a sort of haven (with a few exeptions) and I, for one, value the resource it represents. Brian has done us all a massive favor with his generosity.

You, my friend, have proven you have the right stuff to become one of the "Cathedral Chanters"... LOL!
Posted By: Roy Cooper

Re: Stan Good... - 10/13/18 05:32 AM

A good man was Stan

R.I.P my friend

God Bless
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