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Where's Barry?

Posted By: Fdemetrio

Where's Barry? - 10/10/18 08:12 PM

And not Goldwater, Manilow, nor Obama...
Posted By: Dave Rice

Re: Where's Barry? - 10/11/18 02:44 AM

I've been wondering about Barry, too:

I hope his Cancer has not sidelined him... or worse. His wife also has some pretty serious health issues according to one of his posts a few weeks back.

Sad. He is a pretty prolific writer and performer and for him to be away this long does not bode well for those of us at JPF who did not always agree with him but were inspired by his tenacity.
Posted By: Fdemetrio

Re: Where's Barry? - 10/11/18 03:11 PM

It's like seeing a Geiko commercial, and it runs a thousand times, and then it's not there and you ask, what happened to that commercial.

Barry is alright with me. Wears his heart on his sleeve. Hope all is well
Posted By: Dave Rice

Re: Where's Barry? - 10/11/18 10:08 PM

I understand your "thousand times commercial" comparison. I suspect when an individual is really ill, it impacts their social interaction with others... and is usually responded to negatively by the recipient(s). Just like seeing too many Ads. Like you, I hope all is well for Barry and his family.

While we are on the topic of commercials... TV stations and networks need to be called on the carpet for running too many commercials in breaks. Sometimes, they run six or seven in a row and when they are done, I've completely forgotten what show I stumbled upon... LOL!
Posted By: Marc Barnette

Re: Where's Barry? - 10/12/18 12:07 PM

I've gotten some messages from him privately and on other forums. Nothing major, just reached out to say hello. I think he is okay, dealing with his Cancer, but I can't say for sure. I get notes from people some times for nothing other than they might read something I wrote or saw a video of mine, etc. Like most of the people on forums like these, I have a little contact with, but never too in depth. Sort of like all social media, we pass each other from time to time. I hope he's doing well. If I hear from him again, I'll ask him to drop by.

Posted By: Dave Rice

Re: Where's Barry? - 10/12/18 12:37 PM

Thanks, Marc:

I appreciate you taking time to share that with us. We live in a world where friends are often few and social media is a way to relieve some of that stress. JPF is a great source for filling that void.

Great to hear from you again. Most of us know how busy you are in an ever-changing music world. Wishing you all the best.

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