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Can You Remember The Day ?

Posted By: Barry David Butler

Can You Remember The Day ? - 02/09/18 01:19 PM

Can you remember the day you decided you were going to be a Songwriter of some sort. What is your story? AND did you tell your parents? Were they mortified?
Posted By: RonnieDean

Re: Can You Remember The Day ? - 02/09/18 01:54 PM

I was 11. I wrote this song for my step mom who was the best that had some line like "Oh won't cha take me on down to the pool, There's a girl down there and I think she;s cool" ... etc. - As kids under a certain age had to have an adult with em to go down to the community swimming pool in scorching El Toro California. It was a slow finger picked acoustic diddy- and she cried.

I formed a garage band at 13 and that and all that went with it was less than admirable to the parental unit. We But how ya gonna keep em down on the farm.
Posted By: Iggy

Re: Can You Remember The Day ? - 02/09/18 07:55 PM

I remember making up my first song. I was eight and swinging on my swing set watching the legs “pump” out of the ground. My Dad was just told that he/we would be moving. He was given several choices of where we could live. As I swung I began singing:

“This time tomorrow, I wonder where I’ll be.
It might be California or maybe Tennessee.
But anyway we’ll be together oh yeah yeah”

As I got older I always made up songs but didn’t think too much about it. It wasn’t until I was 40 that I decided hey maybe I could do something with all these songs in my brain. I seem to remember most of the family thinking my cheese had slid off my cracker.
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