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Find Olympic Skater Pairs

Posted By: Jody Whitesides

Find Olympic Skater Pairs - 02/09/18 04:30 AM

In an exciting twist of how to get music used...

In the next 4 years I'd like to get to know some figure skaters as they can now use much more modern music for their skating programs. I'm sure Ed Sheeran and U2 going to receive a nice financial bump after tonight's competition.
Posted By: maccharles

Re: Find Olympic Skater Pairs - 02/10/18 02:27 AM

This is fucking brilliant, never occurred to me, though the sports angle has come to mind.
Posted By: Brian Austin Whitney

Re: Find Olympic Skater Pairs - 02/10/18 08:24 AM

Jody has been working the sports angle for quite some time, but I doubt a world class figure skater would use a non famous song as the appeal of selected music really helps them connect with judges... but... there's always a first. JPF Award winner Perry Botkin Jr. wrote that song for Nadia Comaneci and it became world famous so it actually has been done (he co-wrote that piano/instrumental only song with Barry Devorzan actually, so perhaps lightning can strike again... they even renamed the piece Nadia's Theme so now you know the rest of the story!.
Posted By: Barry David Butler

Re: Find Olympic Skater Pairs - 02/10/18 02:01 PM

You can write them a personal song. I sent my song BEING DIFFERENT IS BEAUTIFUL to that Ice Skating gay guy now in Seoul but of course never heard anything yet. I find the best thing is to write a song about SOMETHING and send it to those people Pro Life people like pro life songs etc.....Christians love Jesus Songs so send it their way. Just writing another song for us is silly....Write a specific song for specific people...But what the heck do I know. Targeted marketing is the key....I wrote GET OFF THE COUCH AND MOVE and sent it to exercise and dance places. Nothin yet but at least I know that some may be receptive. Trying to write another folk or country or pop song puts us in a terrible disadvantage and just in the general crap pie.
Posted By: RonnieDean

Re: Find Olympic Skater Pairs - 02/14/18 01:48 AM

I loosely know a guy who lives in town here who does gymnastics floor music and sells it to teams. His wife is an attorney and that's what he does. Pretty nice niche if you can orchestrate.
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