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Justice ----- Update

Posted By: Tom Shea

Justice ----- Update - 02/07/16 01:43 AM

Sorry for being away from JPF for a few months --- Justice is undergoing surgery tomorrow to remove part of her small intestine. After years of many different doctors and six different hospitals we went to the Mayo Clinic. They were wonderful and after 10 days of tests they recommended immediate surgery. Hopefully this is going to result in her getting her life back --- (and even back in the studio).

Hope everyone is good.

Posted By: Scott Campbell

Re: Justice ----- Update - 02/07/16 02:05 AM

Sending positive thoughts your way. Good luck tomorrow.

Posted By: glynda

Re: Justice ----- Update - 02/07/16 02:21 AM

Sending prayers to all of you...bless your heart Justice...

thanks Tom...

Posted By: John Lawrence Schick

Re: Justice ----- Update - 02/07/16 03:08 AM

Wishing you a whole world of good things Justice!

Best, John smile
Posted By: Ricki E. Bellos

Re: Justice ----- Update - 02/07/16 06:25 AM

All good things to Justice, you and all of your family.

Posted By: Colin Ward

Re: Justice ----- Update - 02/07/16 03:10 PM

Oh my. Thanks for updating us. All the best to Justice and the rest of the family. Hope she is good as new after the recovery period.
Posted By: Calvin

Re: Justice ----- Update - 02/07/16 03:20 PM

sorry to hear that, wishing the best for you & your family !

Posted By: MidniteBob

Re: Justice ----- Update - 02/07/16 04:50 PM

Add my "Amen" to what everyone else has said!

Posted By: Dave Rice

Re: Justice ----- Update - 02/07/16 05:09 PM

Prayers sent and I hope all goes well. Thanks for letting us know, Tom. You are in the right place. All my best, ----Dave
Posted By: Michael LeBlanc

Re: Justice ----- Update - 02/07/16 05:28 PM

prayers to Justice and your family Tom!Mike
Posted By: Lynn Orloff

Re: Justice ----- Update - 02/08/16 01:51 AM

So young for all this trouble...will hold to prayer and please update us as to her recovery. Mayo has a very good reputation of course.

Best to all,
Posted By: Everett Adams

Re: Justice ----- Update - 02/08/16 02:31 PM

I echo Lynn's words, so young, but then again, illness is no respecter of age, many young children spend far too much of their youth fighting illness when they should be out playing. All the best for Justice and for you too Tom.
Posted By: Tom Shea

Re: Justice ----- Update - 02/16/16 06:51 PM

Thanks for all the nice thoughts - passed them on to J.

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