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Anyone else here a cook-a-holic like me?

Posted By: TC Perkins

Anyone else here a cook-a-holic like me? - 11/20/15 04:17 PM

I am a creative soul and I love cooking (especially coming up with my own dishes) almost as much as I love writing and playing music.

Anyone else here into cooking and improvising dishes? I'd be interested in hearing about your creations if you do.

Posted By: Cheyenne

Re: Anyone else here a cook-a-holic like me? - 02/29/16 01:17 PM

HI T C Maybe its hard to find someone who cooks
specialties on here, personally I try my hand at
many different arts from Self Building and Renovating
my own homes and cutting down trees with a chain saw

Kick Boxing and marathons , No I am not a muscular
Amazon , But I find all these manual activities
actually help my song writing,
You obviously have a musical trait as well nice to
here about someone who combines living a real life as
well as writing

Best Wishes
Posted By: Jim Colyer

Re: Anyone else here a cook-a-holic like me? - 03/20/16 11:50 PM

I live by myself and do not cook. Therefore, I eat out every meal unless I bring something in.
Posted By: PopTodd

Re: Anyone else here a cook-a-holic like me? - 09/07/16 03:11 AM

One of my own creations:


1 lb. bag of shredded broccoli and carrots
1 ripe, large-sized avocado
2 Tb. apple cider vinegar
1 Tb. dijon mustard
1 Tb. orange juice
1 tsp. sugar
1/4 cup crumbled gorgonzola
1/2 cup dried cherries
Salt and pepper to taste

Mash avocado in a large bowl.
Add vinegar, mustard, sugar, and orange juice and whisk all ingredients together until smooth.
Add shredded veggies to mixture and toss until coated.
Add crumbled gorgonzola and dried cherries and toss until well combined.
When plating, garnish with a few dried cherries, if desired.

Total prep time: About 10 minutes.
Posted By: TC Perkins

Re: Anyone else here a cook-a-holic like me? - 11/19/16 09:20 PM

Originally Posted by PopTodd
One of my own creations:



Total prep time: About 10 minutes.

If it has avocado in it, I'm all in!


One of my favorite things to make is what I call a "southern curry" - it's a cross between Southern and Indian/Thai and I make it a little different every time. I almost always use chicken though for the meat.

Start the main pot cooking homemade chicken stock from a chicken (make sure to include the bones).

Sautee some veggies in a skillet with some of the spices. I always put in an onion and fresh garlic but the other veggies can include celery (incl. the heart), carrots, peppers, etc. - whatever floats your boat. Hot peppers are a must for me but you don't have to use them. Habaneros and Thai peppers are good but any kind will work. You can use any oil but I like olive or sunflower oil.

Then you just put the veggie base from the skillet into the stock after you strain it, and add back the decent chicken meat (the scrappy pieces go to the dog!). Then you let it simmer for awhile (at least an hour or so). Most of the spices go in after you combine (except the salt, paprika, pepper, garlic). Citrus can make a great addition, too. Lime is my favorite but lemon works, and orange is pretty good, too (the juice, although you can put in the pulp if you want). Coconut milk is optional but I use a can or two almost every time. I don't really measure; I ballpark it, then taste test a couple times as I go.

Key spices:
Salt (don't be shy with the salt!)
Curry (bunch - a tblspoon or two for a big pot)
Chili powder (bunch - a tblspoon or two for a big pot)
Fresh garlic (sautee with the veggies, one whole bulb chopped finely)
Fresh ginger (one root grated, super important to give it that Thai zing)
Tumeric (you can use a fair amount, 1/2 tblspoon is a good starting place for a big pot)

Other spices (optional):
Pepper (dash or two)
Basil (dash - you can use a fair amount but dont overdo it)
Thyme (pinch)
Rosemary (pinch)
Paprika (any amount - you can use alot if ya want)
Anise (pinch)
Cayenne (depends how spicy you want it)
Bouillon (a cube or two if you want to enhance the chicken flavor)
Light brown sugar (palmfull - offsets the citrus and the hot for some balance)

The whole idea is to improvise, and have fun with it. You really can't screw it up as long as you don't dump tons of spices in before you get an idea what tickles your palette. Since most spices go in after you combine, you can be conservative the first couple times and taste/add until you like it.

The last step is to put flour and milk into a jar, shake it up, and add (I use a strainer but you dont have to) to thicken it just like gravy. Make sure you aren't boiling when you do this. I add my citrus/coconut milk at this point if I decide to use it.

It's really pretty easy:
1. Boil chicken (that has already been cooked - leftovers are perfect) to make stock.
2. Sautee veggie base in a skillet
3. Combine chicken meat, stock, and skillet contents
4. Add most of your spices and simmer for awhile
5. Turn it down/off and add citrus/coconut juices when it is not boiling anymore, then thicken if needed with your flour/milk goop.

Remember to taste test as you go!


Posted By: Brian Austin Whitney

Re: Anyone else here a cook-a-holic like me? - 06/17/17 12:44 PM

We used to be hooked on the cooking shows but I think the fad is fading a bit with over saturation. I think home improvement type shows and real estate flipping are taking their place.
Posted By: Brian Austin Whitney

Re: Anyone else here a cook-a-holic like me? - 01/29/18 03:06 PM

Youtube has way too many cooking shows!
Posted By: RonnieDean

Re: Anyone else here a cook-a-holic like me? - 01/29/18 05:58 PM


A food thread. I like food.
Posted By: Brian Austin Whitney

Re: Anyone else here a cook-a-holic like me? - 01/30/18 08:54 AM

Me too.. much to my own disadvantage....
Posted By: RonnieDean

Re: Anyone else here a cook-a-holic like me? - 02/01/18 09:35 PM

I had to go on the first diet of my life. So I went Atkins because it suits carnivores like me.
Got down to a reasonable weight but they're not calling me Scrawny Dean Anderson like they used to yet. :-)
Posted By: Brian Austin Whitney

Re: Anyone else here a cook-a-holic like me? - 02/22/18 11:29 AM


I need to start something as well.. I dookay for a while but often find myself out to dinner or pressed for time and getting fast food and getting off track. How is Atkins working out for you?

Posted By: TC Perkins

Re: Anyone else here a cook-a-holic like me? - 02/23/18 01:13 AM

I have been doing intermittent fasting. Great way to eat what you want and stay at a reasonable weight. Does this mean you go nuts on donuts and icecream? LOL, no, but you can cheat from time to time and not have the weight gain.

High fat, low carb is the way to go (mostly good fats, though). The whole low fat thing is BS. You can go on youtube and find many many nutritionists and medical doctors who talk about this. Couple this with a fasting period every day of 8-16 hours and you will lose weight (gotta get that insulin low in order to lose fat - a biochemical fact). A ketogenic diet (Atkins is ketogenic) is a good idea, Ronnie, and it does work. I lost some weight this year EASILY doing the intermittent fasting thing, and lowering carbs. The great thing is you feel like you are EATING which is sustainable compared to eating rabbit food which just won't last for most people.

I have incorporated this into my cooking, and, except for a wee bit of hunger during the fasting phase here and there, it is REAL food that I get to eat until I am full. No measuring, counting calories, and all that stuff. I try to make healthy choices most of the time but I don't beat myself up if I eat pizza or eat ice cream once in awhile. The best thing is you can live with this long term - it's not really a diet.

There are some great videos on youtube about intermittent fasting, and ketogenic diets. Check it out.

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