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I'm Invisible

Posted By: Barry David Butler

I'm Invisible - 02/09/18 01:25 PM

As an aspiring Songwriter do you ever feel like your Invisible. Sort of like you are screaming as loud as you can and all you hear is the sound of your own voice? Did you ever feel invisible in your life as a kid or now or ever? Do people even know you're alive and mean something? I wrote a song once about Older dogs in shelters trying to get noticed over the younger cuter dogs to get noticed when potential adopters come by. Also another one about older children who are orphans trying to get noticed to get new parents. So many in our world just feel like they are invisible and nobody sees or hears them.
Posted By: RonnieDean

Re: I'm Invisible - 02/09/18 02:24 PM

That's does it.

I'm goin down to the shelter to get a gray old mutt.
See ya!
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