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Record Room Pt.2

Posted By: Michael LeBlanc

Record Room Pt.2 - 03/08/18 03:33 PM

This is the closet,country,jazz and comedy along with 45's and cd's.

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Posted By: Ricki E. Bellos

Re: Record Room Pt.2 - 03/09/18 01:21 AM

One shelf of your closet has more on it than I have in albums and CDs put together! grin OK, maybe 2 shelves...

Quite the collection there, Mike. May you live long enough to listen to both sides of each of them!

Posted By: Michael LeBlanc

Re: Record Room Pt.2 - 03/09/18 02:13 PM

well Ricki,i started this collection in high school but really turned it up in the last 5 years or so.I'm not sure if i'll ever get to hear it all but i sure am trying. Mike
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