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Posted By: Deej56

Insurrection - 11/09/17 07:22 AM

Back in college, I was running up against a deadline in my Creative Writing class--I needed to come up with four poems by the next day. Well, I was bone dry come the last one, so I took a cassette tape off my roommate's desk and started writing down the titles to the songs listed thereon. From them, I came up with something like what follows. I say "something like" because I lost the original poem years and years ago. The below is a combination of what I could resurrect from memory, though with added lines, it's much different than what it was.

Yet it still retains some of the "borrowed" song titles from my roommate's cassette tape. Bonus points for those that can name the two bands on the tape!


The roof is leaking:
drops slip through the cracks
and splatter resoundingly upon
the cold stone floor;
scant moonlight peers
through a shattered window—
they glisten with an
unnatural beauty as they fall.

I am still in darkness—
sweating, chilled and shaking—
counting the seconds between drops,
knowing a harsher sound waits to split the silence,
and wonder why.

Beyond the walls they are gathering again
once more to bomb, barrage and break,
while here in the city
true life heroes march on;
their shadows steal beneath the windowsill,
past the crumbled blocks and burned homes,
their footsteps and whispers echo softly over ash and dust—
a single beast moving forward to fight and yet defy.

But I am not moving;
I do not care anymore.
There is blood on the rooftops.

(c) 2014 DJ Lekich
Posted By: lane1777

Re: Insurrection - 11/09/17 04:56 PM

Hey Dee, this is so cool...we did this on a writing forum. took everyones title to poem and lined it out. way cool stuff, never know what you`ll come up with just try it here!
i wish there was a way
opinions needed many years ago
homeless on christmas...and found Jesus
My tom petty Tribute.

A tumbleweed christmas
daily distractions....
called my own phone and left a

Genesis...I think this is one...
Posted By: Deej56

Re: Insurrection - 11/17/17 05:57 AM

Thanks, Lane. You nailed Genesis; the first and last three lines and I think one or two more sprinkled in the rest. The second band is a bit harder. I think the song titles were more prominent in the original version, which, as I said, I can't quite resurrect. One that I think remains is "In the City"; not sure what else survived recollection--maybe not much, so a harder call.

At any rate, thanks for chiming in!

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