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Free Demo (with small donation to JPF)

Posted By: Michael Zaneski

Free Demo (with small donation to JPF) - 10/28/16 06:42 AM

Hi Folks!

Just in case any of you are strictly "lyrics only" and haven't ventured into the General Forum or clicked on the "JPF virtual Telethon" thread, we're having a Fundraiser in the form of a Virtual Telethon..kinda..well..really..we're letting it be "what it is" --and what is it? It's a thread full of funny stories, jokes, testimonials from folks about "what JPF means to them," links..and the occasional reminder that we're trying to help Brian repair JPF. Nobody has been able to join for over a year..that's just the tip of the iceberg..

If you were thinking "hmmm..I'd love to donate to JPF, but I need to get that demo made.."'s a chance to kill two birds with one stone!

Ben Willis, Vic Arnold, and myself, are offering to make a demo FOR FREE, for ANYONE that makes a donation of at least thirty or forty dollars. Ben, for at least a thirty dollar donation, Vic and myself, for at least a forty dollar donation. I imagine this to be on a "first come, first serve" basis, and we can only make one demo each, total. This includes the "musication" of lyrics--aka "putting music to them." (Ben, I'm being a little presumptuous here, but add a disclaimer if you are not a musicator.

I personally prefer and am hoping to make a beautiful demo for someone who is not yet a "client" of mine. I put quotation marks around client cuz my clients are pretty much my friends as well. But if nothing happens and there's just a week left, I may rethink this.

Speaking for Ben and Vic, these are very talented musicians! Demo-makers who can handle most styles. Ben may lean a little towards Folk, Blues and Americana, whereas Vic more towards Folk, Country, and Adult Contemporary. But really these guys can do just about any style well, except maybe for rap and electronica.

I'll try just about anything, but lately I've been doing a lot of Country and Inspirational, and I'm good with any style of jazz and electronica as well..

So if anyone didn't you do!!

We are ready, willing, and able. We are strapping young musicians, here to make your lyric the next Standard sung by Tony Orlando on American Idol. grin

But seriously, each and all will work hard to make you a demo you come away feeling really happy with.

So if nothing more, check out the thread if you haven't, maybe say a few words about what JPF means to you, if the spirit moves you, and keep us demo-makers in mind, if you're so inclined.

Feel free to make inquiries here, or in the Telethon thread, but feel free to PM us as well. smile

PM Ben here:

PM Vic here:

PM me (Mike) here:

Peace and love,

Posted By: Michael Zaneski

Re: Free Demo (with small donation to JPF) - 10/28/16 06:55 AM

Here are links to some of our work:



Me (Mike):


Posted By: Michael Zaneski

Re: Free Demo (with small donation to JPF) - 10/29/16 12:23 AM

Originally Posted by Jody Whitesides
Ok, I have one other offering I will make. I will do one mix of a song for someone who donates $50. This is a hell of a bargain. Hopefully we can do this in the next week before a bunch of projects pile up.


What a fantastic donation from Jody!

Jody will, in his words, "MIX a recording of a song (whether its a demo or something more)" --and to this end Jody is quite the skilled engineer and producer.

If you don't know his work, try here:

And you should definitely go to his IMDB page and take a gander:

For a fifty dollar or more donation he will make you an incredible mix of a song or demo that you've previously recorded. I imagine having musical "stems" or isolated tracks would be valuable in this scenario.

Folks, this is really quite a good deal, considering Mr. Whiteside's skills. He happens to be one of the most talented folks here, and quite an accomplished composer, recording artist, arranger, and performer as well.

PM him here, for terms and more info:

Thanks, Jody!
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