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My First Music Video!

Posted By: fanito

My First Music Video! - 04/15/11 08:29 PM

Hi Guys, This is Flo Anito from the Washington DC chapter of JPF. I'm posting here cuz I'm originally from Chatham, NY which is pretty close to Hudson and Woodstock (relatively speaking wink Anyway, I just released my first music video and thought I'd pass it along to you all. Hope you can check it out! We shot it at the Capital CIty Diner in NE, DC and it was an amazing time Please let me know what you think! Here's the youtube link
Posted By: Andy Kemp

Re: My First Music Video! - 04/15/11 10:06 PM

Would you like to post this in a few more parts of the site? lol I think the guitar section is free wink

Ok track quite liked it.
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