Tonight I'm blessed get to play bass for the late Ernest Tubb's 99th birthday celebration on WSM's Ernest Tubb Midnight Jamboree with Ernest's nephew Glenn Tubb (who wrote such songs as "Skip a Rope" for Henson Cargill, "House of the Blues" for Johnny Cash, and "Two Story House" for George Jones and Tammy Wynette.) Glenn's wife Dottie Snow Tubb and ET's long time guitarist, the great Leon Rhodes will be there. Also on the show will be Bobby G. Rice, who had such hits as "You Lay so Easy on My Mind," and the country radio hit of "Sugar Shack," and the wonderful Johnny Counterfeit.

It's at midnight, of course, Central Standard time (Chicago, Mexico City) you can listen to it on WSM Radio right after the Grand Ole Opry or online here:

Or, if you're in Nashville, come on out to the Ernest Tubb Theater at 2416 MUSIC VALLEY DRIVE by midnight. Admission is free.

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It's only music.

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