I live in Glendale, AZ and am having my first concert... I've played small events with other artists before but this is my first "KingTiger" concert. I am very blessed to have this opportunity and hope that some of you will come and let me share my music with you.

Here's the concert info:

Friday, Jan. 18, 7:00 pm
Free Admission
Pinnacle Community Church
1330 E. Union Hills Dr.
Phoenix, AZ 85024

and here's a flyer with all the details (please print and share). I'll be posting these at the Zia Records store by my house, a couple nearby Starbucks, and a couple indie stores, like TRX2 Multimedia exchange at 35th Ave & Cactus. I appreciate any suggestions on where else to post flyers or anything else I can do to promote this event.

(Click the image for a bigger version)

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I make synthpop and electronica. You can check out samples of my music here: http://kingtigermusic.com