Happy New Year everyone!

My name is Frank Porter. I am one of the early members of JPF and recall that Albany show at, I think it was Borders Books on Wolf Rd?, with Valerie DeLaCruz and some other fine musicians. Valerie had a local radio show and she played my song, "More Than You Think" on it the morning after the JPF showcase/performance event. The first time I heard my music on air! That was a cool moment and I want to thank Brian and all the JPF folks members for continuing to do what you have been doing now for many years.

I have been busy lately and have some catching up to do. First I have returned to playing solo acoustic shows. I am looking for a bass player that sings to help out on the live shows and possibly become part of a band.

I released a new album (CD) very recently called "Who I Am." No I did not steal that from Pete Townsend's new book. I did not even know about the book until one of my friends asked if I did that on purpose. He was giving me credit for a wise marketing strategy that was purely coincidental.

You can find it on iTunes and Amazon and can listen to it on Spotify, which is a cool online radio station that you program to your tastes. Just do a search.

December was a busy month for me. I was interviewed by Matt Kacar, who is the man behind the Amazon sponsored podcast, www.artistconnectionpodcast.com and a great guy. You can check out the interview at


And on December 15th I appeared on the Television show, "Inside Music Today" I think there may have been another long time JPF member on the same episode of Inside Music Today.

You can view the entire episode for free on youtube here


I will also be performing at The Adirondack Carousel and Arts building in Saranac Lake, NY on February 23rd at a charity show to benefit area food pantries. I live in the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania. I was born in Saranac Lake and it will be the first time I have performed in public in that area in over 20 years! I have a lot of friends up in those mountains and I am looking forward to seeing as many as possible at this show and during my brief visit.

You can also find more information at

Love and Peace to All