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We've made it down to Paris for the remainder of this tour. We've met some amazing people. I got to hang with one of the leading conservationists who oversees 5 countries in Africa to preserve the wildlife while teaching the locals how to profit from saving their natural resources instead of destroying them. (i.e. Animals to be more precise). Fascinating man who is currently traveling the world doing really excellent work on behalf of what can only be called a win/win/win for animals, the people who live with and around them and the rest of us at large who can enjoy them, learn from them and about them and preserve them for future generations. For my part I am trying to learn what our community at large might be able to do to assist in some way in the excellent work they are doing.

Responsible environmentalism should reward all, rather than punish some. I wish the environmentalist communities in our own country would learn a few things about this approach. Find ways where everyone and everything benefits rather than draconian and vilifying tactics we often see in the west.

It's amazing what you can learn by simply meeting with people face to face and looking for mutual solutions. I remember those days back in the USA. Seems for the time being our leaders are more interested in dividing us than uniting us. If this conservationist took that approach, all would be lost in his world. I think we may soon learn the cost of the divisiveness in the USA and Western World in general.


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